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Tuesday Was a Big Day for Climate Panic. Run for the Hills! by The Elephant's Child

Tuesday was a big day for all things climate. One Blythe Pepino who appears on CTV’s ‘Your Morning’, on Monday announced that since she has some power and privilege and has no children, no dependents, she is not going to give birth, to put pressure on our governments to “make the big changes we need for our survival” since the IPCC warned that the window to prevent catastrophic climate change is just 11 years.” Well, that should persuade the governments of the world.

“Extinction Rebellion” protesters turned out over the New York Times failure to provide enough coverage of the climate crisis. 70 people were arrested as they staged a “die-in” and disrupted traffic in front of the Times building.

In Oregon, Republicans left the legislature for other states to avoid having to vote on Governor Kate Brown’s unfortunate climate legislation.

With the Governor now threatening to use the state police to force Senators back to their chamber, it would be a good time to look at the cold, hard facts of what this bill will and won’t do.

The very basis for the bill is based on severely flawed science, the increased costs would be economically harmful and successful implementation would have virtually no effect on temperature. 

Here in Washington State, Governor Jay Inslee, 2020 presidential hopeful, is basing his entire campaign on “climate.” He said today that as president he can stop the influx of migrants at the border by solving the climate crisis. He claimed on MSNBC that the cause of the influx is the so-called climate crisis. Uh huh. His carbon tax will be damaging to the state, and accomplish nothing at all.

Climate scientists are appalled. Climatologist Dr.Judith Curry who notes that she has”devoted four decades to conducting research related to extreme weather events and climate change…The sense that extreme weather events are now more frequent or intense, caused by manmade global warming is symptomatic of “weather amnesia.” Her website is http://www.climate etc.

But the glaciers are melting (no they are not, they are growing) in Greenland, Iceland, Glacier National Park. Colorado just had a big dump of fresh snow. AOC knows nothing about the climate, she has become “click-bait” for the nutty things she says. Tom Steyer is a true believer, and a climate alarmist. The earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years, and is currently in a cooling phase.

Go to ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project) and subscribe for a once weekly report in your e-mail about the climate news of the week. Visit Climate Depot, Dr, Roy and Watts Up With That – listed in the sidebar. Become an informed consumer of the news. The UN’s IPCC is not a reliable source for climate information. I keep pointing out that Christiana Figueres, the General Secretary of the IPCC announced some time ago — that “the goal of environmental activists was not to save the world from ecological calamity — but to destroy capitalism.” It is frightening the numbers of people who get all panicky because of a character like AOC or Tom Steyer, and don’t try to inform themselves by consulting real scientists.

Here’s what is actually going on:

Renewable energy is a myth. Wind turbines don’t produce enough energy because the wind is too intermittent. Sunlight is too diffuse. Both sources of energy require 24/7 backup from a conventional power source such as fossil fuels, natural gas, hydropower, or nuclear power. You wouldn’t like the society that would result from the loss of all that energy.

The New York Times Is Trying To Rewrite Their Own Climate History by The Elephant's Child

The New York Times, legendary “paper of record” is now attempting to rewrite their own history of what they have said about climate in the past. Not that anyone believes it is the paper or record these days. But it is an interesting correction to their reporting and making claims that are the exact opposite of reality. Revealing and Interesting.

The First Democrat Debates Are Coming Up by The Elephant's Child

Tuesday. Nancy Pelosi announced that she wants President Donald Trump in jail. Joe Biden spoke in Iowa this afternoon and said that Donald Trump represents an “existential threat” to the United States – and that the president “thinks he’s being  tough when someone else is feeling the pain.”

“Any beginning econ student at Iowa or Iowa State could tell you that the American people are paying his tariffs. The cashiers at Target see what’s going on — they know more about economics than Trump.”

Breitbart went on to say that Contrary to these claims, tariffs on China have not affected consumer prices for at least a year. Breitbart’s John Carney wrote in May that some Chinese imports have actually decreased in price after President Trump enacted new tariffs.

Democrats have always been given to calling Republicans “Hitler” and whatever noxious names they can think of, but this time around they have really gone round the bend. It’s a little harder to understand because Hillary was such a lousy candidate, and they don’t seem interested in her at this point at all.

Democrats waved the flag of tariffs and doom around over the Mexico deal, but Trump knew what he was doing, and I suspect he understands about free trade as well.

Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, criticized President Donald Trump today for turning the United States into a country that looked more like Russia.

Russia nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia, and repression of the press are both highly disturbing in that country and disturbingly ascendant in our own country.

He claimed that rising white nationalism was more dangerous than radical Islamic terrorism.

In the past decade, more Americans have been killed in America by right-wing extremists than by those inspired by Al Qaeda and ISIS,” he said. “We need to acknowledge this threat too, and redirect appropriate resources to combat right-wing extremism and violent white nationalism.

I don’t know what the problems with “white nationalists” and “right-wing  extremism” are in South Bend, but perhaps that small Indiana city is more violent than we knew. This is apparently going to be a remarkably ugly campaign season. There are what — 24 Democrats out to challenge President Trump, unaware of the thriving economy, people back to work, wages going up, but Democrats have such a poisonous idea of Trump so far from reality that it is going to be unpleasant. Did you know that President Trump accepts no salary as president, and donates it to government needs or to charity?

Have you seen lots of violent white nationalism? Nationalism is not a dirty word, what they mean by right-wing extremism, I’m not sure, undoubtedly it means wanting control of our borders when Democrats had in mind planting illegals in districts where redistricting would give them control of the district for all upcoming elections — as Obama and Eric Holder planned.

There will be 6 debates held in 2019 and another 6 held in early 2020. but exact dates and locations have not been announced. Rachel Maddow has been announced as a moderator. Prepare yourselves.

Adventures Don’t Always Go as Planned! by The Elephant's Child

We are all ordinary human beings, with all the flaws and inconsistencies inherent in that designation. Some of us have PhDs and certified high IQ’s but that doesn’t begin to strip us from the all too frequent possibility of being absolutely wrong more than just part of the time.

Our founding fathers were men who thought deeply about what good government might look like. No hereditary kings, for while some might be good, there were always some lemons in the bunch, and they didn’t like the idea of a ruling class either. They tried to devise a government composed of ordinary common citizens who would serve for awhile, and then be replaced by other common citizens intent on doing good government. All in all they haven’t done too badly, but the ruling class part never worked all that well. Ambition and the perks of power fall into the flaws category.

Bet you didn’t know that the term “Founding Fathers” was coined by Judson Welliver, “literary clerk”( speechwriter or ghost writer) for Warren Harding in 1921.


Started this piece on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Went to my older son’s house for brunch, fell on the step up from his patio to the kitchen, fell on my face, or rather on my right knee, which ended up in a trip to the emergency room and a stay in the hospital. Back home tonight, but still not very mobile. They removed  several cups of extra fluid from my knee, and said I could go home. (I exaggerate. but that’s what it felt like). Nothing broken, just very bruised. I will resume tomorrow.

The Greatest Threat to the World Today by The Elephant's Child

The Greatest Threat to the World as we know it, is not Russian influence, nor climate change, devastating diseases like Ebola sweeping out of Africa, it’s not even the machinations of Donald Trump. It’s an idea. An insidious idea that is sweeping out of our citadels of learning into the greater society. And the damage it has done and can do is incalculable.

The idea is a simple one. You shouldn’t have to listen to ideas with which you disagree, or that make you uncomfortable. That is so clearly idiotic that it seems impossible that one could not only accept the idea, but act upon it. Yet students in what we have long respected as centers of learning are protesting and rioting to prevent themselves from hearing ideas with which they are unfamiliar and which might disturb them by challenging their comfortable ways of thinking.

What the hell, one might ask, did they think education is? How do we learn, grow, improve? How are we to cope with a challenging world if we are not open to engaging with ideas that are new to us. How are we to recognize our own errors and misunderstandings?

The lists of speakers, experts, and fine minds who have been “disinvited” is long and growing. Many have not been disinvited, but protested or rioted against. There’s Charles Murray, Betsy DeVos, Heather McDonald, Clarence Thomas, Ben Shapiro, Henry Kissinger, Jason Riley, Doris Kearns Godwin, Laura Bush, Michael Bloomberg, and Camille Paglia — in no particular order or inclusiveness, and there are lots more.

We have a remarkable dereliction of duty from college administrators here. I have read of no cases of misbehaving students being sent home. This may date me, but when I was in school, many students were sent home for a semester, and able to return when they got their heads on straight, and it wasn’t for anything as dramatic as ordinary riots and protests.

There’s also what I call “cultural contagion,”and others refer to as “copy cat” stuff. Think of the way that Vietnam War protests swept through the nation’s campuses. Of course then there were a lot of young men of military age in the universities. But today they are protesting speakers in the U.K. as well. We have “Big Brother”in Silicon Valley who is bragging, or at least admitting, that they changed the outcome of the mid-term election. If you do not have long experience with encountering other ideas, will you have the knowledge and experience to resist the influence of manipulated search results? How will you recognize when and how the media distort the news? How will you know what you yourself believe and whether or not you have the knowledge to defend your ideas? Speak out, stand up to be counted, and if you have college age kids, make sure they understand what education is and how one acquires it.

Let’s all worry about Climate Change, and not notice major federal malfeasance by The Elephant's Child

The Democrat controlled House of Representatives is aiming to pass the “Climate Action Now” bill which is designed to prevent the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. The bill is known as the Climate Action Now Act. Nancy Pelosi called William Barr a liar on Thursday. She even accused the Attorney General of committing a “crime”when he testified to Congress about a memo he issued outlining the main conclusions found in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Well, no he didn’t, and Mueller said that everything Barr reported was accurate, he just wished that he had included more. The Wall Street Journal said:

The real reason for Mrs. Pelosi’s slander is what else Mr. Barr said the last time he was before Congress. He said that spying on a political campaign was a “big deal,” that he thought the FBI did spy on the Trump campaign in 2016, and that he intends to find out what happened and why. Democrats want to intimidate him to drop this or discredit him before he can release his findings. …

There are also criminal referrals from Congress. These include one regarding dossier author Christopher Steele from Senate Judiciary Members Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.); one on former Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr from the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s Mark Meadows (R., N.C.); and another from Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) of the House Intelligence Committee that includes eight people whose names are not public because the referral involves classified information.

Also potentially illuminating will be a pending report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz into possible Justice and FBI abuses of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants.

There are layers and layers of deception and cover-ups and political prospects for the 2020 election involved. Democrats remain furious that Trump won the election, and they can’t seem to reverse it, or annul it, or change it. One would think that by now they would grasp that the people are a little dubious about letting one party stay around too long. They even regard the federal bureaucracy as something of a problem rather than our “ruling class,” as they seem to think of themselves. Democrat leaders on the left coast and in New Mexico and Colorado, by contrast, have enacted or are considering legislation to tax fossil fuel use; restrict coal, natural gas, and oil development; or mandate ever-greater amounts of renewable energy be imposed on ratepayers. On the East Coast, Democrat leaders in Massachusetts and New York have erected government roadblocks to new natural gas and oil pipeline construction. Democrats in these states are in the grips of climate change fever, passing legislation that will cost their states jobs and revenues, increase the price of energy for residents and businesses, and undermine Trump’s push for U.S. energy dominance (perhaps their true goal), all in the vain hope of controlling the weather 100 years from now.

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez got a lot of media attention with her Green New Deal proposals, which seemed to be important because she got a lot of media attention, so all sorts of politicians have jumped on the proposals. New York Mayor DeBlasio is going to turn New York City into a Green New Deal City (good luck with the blackouts and soaring costs) and Beto O’Rourke said that we don’t have 12 years until it is all over—but only 5 years to Armageddon. So there you are. Heartland noted that:

Democrat leaders on the left coast and in New Mexico and Colorado, by contrast, have enacted or are considering legislation to tax fossil fuel use; restrict coal, natural gas, and oil development; or mandate ever-greater amounts of renewable energy be imposed on ratepayers. On the East Coast, Democrat leaders in Massachusetts and New York have erected government roadblocks to new natural gas and oil pipeline construction. Democrats in these states are in the grips of climate change fever, passing legislation that will cost their states jobs and revenues, increase the price of energy for residents and businesses, and undermine Trump’s push for U.S. energy dominance (perhaps their true goal), all in the vain hope of controlling the weather 100 years from now.

The climate has been changing for millions of years. It has been much warmer in the past and there have been ice ages as well. Warmer is better, as CO² and sunshine make the plants we depend on for food grow. There was the Little Ice Age from around 1300 to 1850 in two stages.

Eighteen hundred and froze to death”was the saying. 1816 was a year in which famine occurred in New England, remembered as “the year without a summer”, and “the poverty year”— a year in which average global temperatures were estimated to decrease by 0.7º F. -1.3ºF.  James Madison was president.  In April of that year, Mount Tambora errupted in a series of explosions that were heard hundreds of miles way.  A volcanic column of ash, pumice and debris shot into the air and fell to the earth, killing around 10,000 people. That was not caused by “climate change.” Nor was “climate change” responsible for the forest fires in Northern California this last year. That can be blamed on PG&E and poor forest control.

The CO² levels are currently the highest in the past 3 million years, but it hasn’t affected temperatures at all, as it is actually cooling, and we are entering another minimum with fewer sunspots.

Well, The Title’s Certainly True by The Elephant's Child

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