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You Must, You Must, You Must Divest, Because… by The Elephant's Child


Friday is apparently the kick off for “Global Divestment Day,” though it is a two day event. Climate activists will try to stir up a lot of college kids and campus hangers-on into marching and carrying homemade signs to scare college administrators into acceding to activists’ demands to sell off any fossil fuel-related equities in their endowment portfolios, because — sustainability.

Where to start? If you ever hope to get a job in the American economy or any of the industrial world’s economies, you should be aware that those economies run on fossil fuel. There is, for the foreseeable future, no other choice. Wind and solar energy don’t produce enough energy to be of any significant use, and to produce any energy at all require 24/7 backup from conventional power plants fueled by — fossil fuels. Climate activists have been lying to you for years. Wind is intermittent. Solar is too diffuse. The major greenhouse gas is not CO², but water vapor, more familiarly known as clouds. You are not doing something positive for the climate, you are being used.

Divestment of fossil fuel stocks could significantly harm an investment portfolio. Investing in something that everyone needs is usually a good idea, as opposed to investment in things like Solyndra (bankrupt) or the giant Ivanpah solar array (losing money and killing birds in very large numbers). So you want to march to make your university’s endowment to collapse? Bright idea. Your college costs will just go up sharply.

If you pay the college regularly, take out enough student loans, and in general behave yourselves, you still have no say whatsoever about the college endowment. The endowment is built of the savings and investments of many generations of previous students who have expressed their gratitude to their alma mater by leaving them some money. If you study hard and really learn, you may eventually with hard work, become rich, and able to add to your university’s endowment.

The reason you have been admitted to a college or university is in the hope that over four or more years the faculty can drum enough information into you that you can hope to get an entry-level job if you do manage to graduate. You are there because you don’t know anything yet, and the school and your parents are hoping that some of it will take.

You are messing up that faint hope by investing your time and your parent’s money in marching and drinking and smoking pot and trying to be activists about some cause which you don’t understand, but feel very passionate about. Social Justice is crap — there is no such thing. Justice refers to the body of laws and the Constitution of our country. If you spend more time in the library and less time in the streets, you may be able to avoid encountering the justice system, which would be wise. And do try not to embarrass your parents.

Strange Liberal Fundraising Tricks! by The Elephant's Child

Harry Reid glum

John Podhoretz wrote a while back about Democrat’s fundraising efforts:

It’s been years in the making, but all the hard work has paid off: “Koch,” as in the surname of the energy-billionaire brothers David and Charles, has become the liberal “abracadabra” of 2014 — the magic word that mesmerizes liberals into parting with their money and giving it to Democrats.

What’s especially interesting about it is how conscious Democrats appear to be that they’ve helped create this two-headed monster to scare their own people into coughing up dollars they might not give otherwise.

“Koch” now joins “Rove” and “Newt” in the Liberal Fund-raising Hall of Fame — in the very exclusive Demons of the Right-Wing Wing.

No one has been more indefatigable at smearing and demonizing the Koch brothers than Harry Reid.  Most Americans have never even heard of them. The Koch family mining and energy business is privately held. They do not seek the limelight. They are libertarian in outlook, and although they do give to some Republican causes, they spend far more on civic institutions and cancer clinics, and libertarian causes like the Cato Institute.

When they donate to Republicans, they are far from the largest donors. The fear of the Koch brothers dates back to an ultra-partisan hit piece by Jane Mayer, who tried to make the ridiculous case that the Tea Party was a sinister creation of these horrid fossil-fuel plutocrats. Harry Reid has become so absurd in his accusations that the Kochs are causing global warming, killing people that people are beginning to wonder if Reid is losing it.

When the Kochs donated a $100 million cancer clinic to New Your Presbyterian Hospital, SEIU goons turned out in a large group to protest. The Brothers have shocked journalists by—talking back, correcting shoddy reporting and  refusing to allow reporters to lie about the Kochs as the subject of a news story. They  have even taken out ads lambasting reporters who distribute false information.

In a move that is guaranteed to enrage the left, the Koch brothers have donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the foremost source of financial support to African-American students. The donation will provide nearly 3,000 merit-based awards to African-American undergraduate, graduate, and post doctoral students seeking scholarship assistance. The donation will also help fund 37 historically black colleges which have struggled with financial shortfalls in recent years. This donation is not a one- time gift, but the continuation of a long association between Koch industries and the UNCF.

According to a new George Washington University poll, 52 percent of likely voters had never heard of the Kochs. The poll also found that more Americans have a negative view of Harry Reid (35 percent) than of the Koch Brothers (25 percent). For Democrats, fundraising emails that bash the Kochs bring in three times as much money as those that don’t. Democrats are deeply afraid of the Tea Party! They demonstrate and even carry signs.


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