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Big Government, And Why It Doesn’t Work. by The Elephant's Child

There is a mindset in politics, everywhere, that if we just had more encompassing governments, not so many small jurisdictions wanting to quarrel with each other, with more enlightened, well educated people in charge, then there would be more peace, fewer wars. Everybody would get along. World Peace.

The enlightened folks in charge would work out the problems in their meetings — but we’ve tried that. There’s the United Nations and the European Union, and all sorts of humanitarian organizations, and unsurprisingly– new scandals reported, the latest with Oxfam. The problem seems to be that non-governmental organizations are, by definition, unaccountable to the public that funds them. Zero Hedge reported on “Humanitarian Aid becoming a Euphemism for Oppression.”

But the drive continues for more government to be managed and controlled by the more qualified folks with more important degrees from more important schools. ( Usually promoted by those with more important degrees from more important schools) Why, in the wake of all the failures of larger and larger organizations would anyone think world government a dandy idea? It really is pretty clear that the best government is the smallest one, closest to the people. At least you can fight it out in person.

Democrats are usually obsessed with the idea that what Republicans do when they attain power is to give big tax cuts to the Rich, who don’t need tax cuts, because they are rich, and it’s just Republicans paying off their undeserving supporters. Democrats believe that you win elections and get power (their only goal) by giving goodies to the people whose votes you want. They simply do not understand that when Republicans give tax cuts, they give them to everybody, because people who pay way less taxes get smaller tax cuts. It is called Capitalism, and is the glory of a free people following their own dreams.

When you cut the taxes of business owners, they have more money to hire, invest, grow and invent—which they do, and as a result the economy grows and more people have jobs, and the nation prospers. Democrats are congenitally unable to understand this simple idea, perhaps because they are so busy hating the captains of industry and “the rich”. You will notice that members of Congress who become very rich do not complain about their tax cuts, but take an important vacation junket to some interesting foreign capitol where they can write off the trip by meeting with some officials.

President Trump may not always explain tax cuts in the most favorable terminology, but he has the right instincts, and knows what he is doing. Just look at the decline in the unemployed, and in the users of food stamps. I’m sure Democrats would be astonished to learn that people really do like to work at an honest job, and earn their keep, and they don’t like to be on food stamps. They appreciate the help when they need it, but the need embarrasses them.

Tucker Carlson Takes On the Ruling Class by The Elephant's Child

I don’t know about you, but I am getting terminally fed up with Racism, sexism, white privilege, nationalism and all the other ‘isms and insults that are passing for news and facts in the media and in our nation’s capitol.

We have supposed candidates for the highest office in the land who are  apologizing for their white privilege. The governor of my state is running on climate . He doesn’t seem to know a thing about climate, thinks a changing climate is responsible for hurricanes, California wildfires, drought, tornadoes, and as far as I know, earthquakes and floods, and the orcas.

The “Green New Deal,” a sappy, quite impossible, national program dreamed up over a weekend by AOC’s Justice Democrats was signed on to by almost all potential Democrat candidates, proving nothing so much as the fact that the whole bunch of them know nothing. Absolutely nothing, and should be barred from political office of any kind at any time.

Democrats went certifiably crazy when Donald Trump was elected, along with a significant number of Never Trump Republicans. They have been throwing every vile insult at the elected president daily. Much of the problem seems to be that he did not have the qualifications that the Ruling Class considers essential for a president, either being a governor, or having served in the military. In other words, “He’s Not One of Us” We have a ruling class that cannot seem to manage the affairs of government, are handing off much of their jobs to federal agencies to manage, and are now demanding a raise in their pay. For What?

They are particularly interested in abolishing the Electoral College, so they apparently have no understanding whatsoever of why the founders created such a thing. If they do not understand that, Congress should shut down for a week and invite some of our most esteemed historians in to give them a quick course in the nation’s founding. And give them a significant list of required reading s well. If they feel no underlying deep need to be well informed on the matters that my come before them, perhaps we should come up with something like the SAT which would determine whether or not they are qualified to run for office.

So there!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Behind the Scenes Story by The Elephant's Child


Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal’s column today had a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the South by Southwest event in Austin.Texas on the 9th of March. His first sentence was brilliant:

Something called “socialism” is in the air. Should we worry? The answer is yes, if you can stop laughing.

That pretty much sums up the situation. When A O-C appeared on the scene, Republicans couldn’t get over the nuttiness of her comments. We couldn’t quite believe the things that were coming out of her mouth. I suspect that all the Republican attention alerted the media to someone with real ‘click bait’, and the more we paid attention, the more they gave her their attention and column space and news coverage. In other words, we created a monster. Does the fact that Republicans find her astonishing in her ignorance, mean more approval from the Democrats? Has their guaranteed distaste for anything conservative meant that they like anything that threatens us? Analyzing the Left is a task I have long assigned myself, but I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is, quite literally, impossible. There is no possibility of replacing energy from fossil fuels with solar energy and wind energy. Nationally, with all the emphasis on solar energy, solar plants generated just 0.3% of U.S. power in spite of investment of millions of dollars and mandates that require solar panels in some areas. But I have explained several times previously the impossibility of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Just scroll down for any number of explanations. It is physically impossible. There is hot the possibility of enough alternative energy to replace fossil fuels, it would destroy the country financially (which is the goal for some), and little things like eating, heating our houses, transportation would all be impossible.

Frank Hawkins has investigated the “Rasputin” behind Ocasio Cortez at American Thinker. Shall we say “the plot thickens”? This seems to be one of those underground operations that sprouts all sorts of other organizations. It’s pretty clear that Nancy Pelosi has lost control of this group. Where it goes from here remains to be seen, but it is very troubling. Do read the whole article and watch the video, and see what you think.

Playing Games With Language, Nasty Political Games. by The Elephant's Child

Sheep Flock

Are you familiar with the term “Intersectionality? It is defined as “the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, gender, as applied to an individual or a group. In other words it is modern or post-modern (whatever post-modern is) gobbledygook.

“Diversity” has become the byword in our colleges and universities, our schools and offices and workplaces. Which means when photographed, all races and at least two sexes must be portrayed, or you get a bad mark and must remedy it for the next photo. There is supposedly some advantage to have representation of all races roughly in proportion to their representation in society. We have read of Asian students with really high test scores being turned down at Harvard, because they have too many Asian students with really high test scores. Why would it not be in Harvard’s interest to have the most brilliant class in the country? To have a reputation for high scholarship? It is more important supposedly to have diversity. Why? In any case, Asian students are suing.

We live in a culture of victimhood. Look at the Jussie Smolett case. Here is a good looking young black man with a prominent role in a successful TV series, and he came to believe that he was not enough of a victim to get the attention to which he felt entitled. He was reportedly receiving a million dollar salary, but believed that if he was the victim of a racial attack — what? More attention, probably, bigger salary? why? And he has learned the hard lesson that trying to fool the courts with a phony attack reported to the police is not a good idea.

But what has gone so haywire in our society that being a victim seems desireable? Why are we having a “International Women’s Day”?Or for that matter, why do we have a big “Women’s March?” What is the nonsense about “toxic masculinity” and “white supremacy”?

Do you choose your friends and close associates so that you have a diverse mixture or race, class, gender, and ethnic origin? Of course you don’t. In theory, we all arrive as squalling babies, are raised to a standard where we can be expected to survive on our own. From that point on, it’s up to you to make of yourself what you choose. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s all about the pursuit. People make different choices, some good, some unfortunate.

How did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you have some of the same friends that you had as a kid? How did they decide? Do you wiah you had made other choices?

Howard Schultz, president of Starbucks was raised in the projects, and has managed to do fairly well, and may even run for president. Jeff Bezos, I think, was adopted, built a business in his garage, and he has done all right too. Do you think their success was just a happy accident.

Do we need more instruction into how to pursue happiness, or even how to decide what we mean by happiness? How did we end up here?

Congressman Darrell Issa’s Exit Interview with Sharyl Attkisson by The Elephant's Child

California businessman Darrell Issa came to Washington DC in 2001. Now he joins a growing list of key Republicans in Congress calling it quits. He’s led many high profile investigations into corruption and fraud. Along the way, he says he’s seen many changes – not for the better. For one, he says party politics and money interests increasingly dominate the Capitol Hill agenda. And believe it or not, he’s not just talking about Democrats.

Darrell Issa was one of the good congressmen. At some point, I guess, you are just ready to give up the battle. He will be sorely missed.

Not Intentionally anti-Semitic ? by The Elephant's Child


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi carefully announced today that Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn) recent claim that her pro-Israel colleagues are motivated by  “dual loyalty” to the U.S . and Israel was not “intentionally anti-Semitic.”

Well, of course it was. Ilhan Omar is an observant Muslim. Her customary head covering is an indication, and the religion is deeply in opposition to Israel. That is not something new. It is very unlikely that she will change her beliefs. Might be a good idea to assign her to some other committee than Foreign Affairs where she will continue to do damage to the illusion that our good friends and allies in Israel will not  be continually offended by anti-Semitic remarks and votes in the U.S. Congress.

Democrats of the Jewish faith will continue to be offended. Maybe some will even choose to leave the party, one might hope. We could talk about beliefs and manners and prejudice, or not. Probably no one will change their minds about much of anything. We’ve just had an example of anti-Catholic prejudice in the case of a judiciary appointment. Freedom of Religion is a Constitutional guarantee. If you harbor deep prejudices, keep it to yourself or try to get over it, or just try to avoid situations where you will offend others. We re not much on prejudice here, though one would have a hard time pushing that idea in the face of all the daily cries of “racism.”

This Is Our Moment! (didn’t someone else say that?) by The Elephant's Child

Our very own Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has finally finished his big announcement video and published it, so he can now hopefully get the attention to the fact that he is running, that he didn’t get when he just said he was running, and nobody paid any attention at all while they slobbered all over the previous 20 or 30 who are also running.

He is running on CLIMATE, in case you didn’t grasp that subtle moment in his brand new campaign video, above. Most of the others in this vast bunch of Leftist losers have already signed on to AO-C’s Green New Deal. Somehow, saving us from the ravages of  changing climate will create a more ‘Just’ world. Not sure how that works, but I guess they think that means that either everybody will get hurricanes like Florida’s or Florida won’t get them any more, like the folks here in Washington State, and the folks in New York won’t have to suffer devastating wildfires like northern California did. Is that what he has in mind for climate justice? No idea.

Let’s start with the fact that the climate scientists who measure the temperatures of the earth with satellites and weather balloons to give us the official measurements of earthly warming and cooling, say that over the last 40 years of measuring, the climate of the lower troposphere has warmed by approximately 6/100ths of one degree Centigrade. A one or two degree warming is roughly equivalent to the warming seen most Spring days between 10 a.m. and noon.

Lefties don’t seem to study anything, but just regurgitate what somebody else of the right political persuasion told them. Inslee went down to see the Northern California area devastated by wildfire that Jerry Brown said was caused by global warming–except that all the scientists said it wasn’t, and the Forest Service said it was mismanagement of the forest and too much uncleared dry undergrowth, and the power company has gone bankrupt after it was learned that sparking of some connection was what initially started it all off, and they’re going to get sued by everyone. But, you see, it was all because of climate change, and by golly, that’s what Jay Inslee is going to run for the office of the Presidency of the United States on.

He did try to get a carbon tax passed, but neither the people nor the legislature wanted any part of it. I should also mention that the carbon in the atmosphere is CO² — the same stuff we exhale every time we breathe. It it not a pollutant but a benign gas that is a natural fertilizer for plants, from the smallest blade of grass, to the world’s forests, and is greening the earth, feeding the hungry. Surely you remember photosynthesis from high school biology?

Neither wind nor solar energy can produce enough energy to even begin to power the United States economy. Wind is intermittent and seldom blows at the right speed to make those huge turbines turn, and much of the time it just doesn’t blow at all. The sunlight is too diffuse. It produces small amounts of energy, but powering an economy isn’t going to happen. Ivanpah, the great project in California’s Mojave Desert ended up as a total flop, producing only 40% of the promoter’s promises. Write Ivanpah in the blank over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar if you want more information. The only climate neutral source of energy at present is nuclear energy, and everyone seems to be afraid of nuclear energy, so there you are.

Climate change does not cause hurricanes, floods, forest fires, tornadoes, or any other disasters. It’s a matter of temperature. The Medieval Warm Period 900 to 1300  was the finest weather known to man, and produced a bounty of food, wine grapes grew in England, wheat grew in Sweden, and the Vikings named Newfoundand “Vinland,” and the Norse settled Greenland.

Beyond all the climate misunderstandings, Governor Inslee has another small problem. The Cato Institute, the Libertarian think tank, does an annual Fiscal Policy Report Card on the Nation’s governors to judge how they did at managing the fiscal policy of their states: spending, taxes, responsible mangement using statistical data to grade the governors on their taxing and spending records. The governors who cut taxes and spending the most, get the highest grades, whereas those who increased them the most receive the lowest grades, The report is here. Governor Jay Inslee has the distinct honor of coming in dead last with a resounding F, the worst governor in the country at fiscal management of his state. I don’t know Gov. Inslee, never met him, but as you can see, don’t agree with him on much of anything.

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