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Can You Answer a Simple Question? by The Elephant's Child

Well, no. No I can’t. But please vote for me anyway.

I Apologize! Isn’t That an Old Song? by The Elephant's Child

I’m sorry for the erratic blogging over the last week or so. Complications of life that you would not enjoy hearing about — boring, annoying, but not even mildly interesting. Here’s a little humor to brighten a Sunday morning:



An Appropriate Cartoon by the Talented Michael Ramirez by The Elephant's Child

TOON12115FINAL.gif.cmsTo see more of Michael Ramirez’s caustic (but funny) work, go to Investors Business Daily every weekday.

The Aussies Are Shouting “Down With Progress” What? by The Elephant's Child

In New South Wales, Australia, the government is currently considering a multi-million dollar bailout to the Taxi Industry — Taxi drivers are having trouble competing with new modern alternatives like Uber.  The Coalition of Obsolete Industries believes in that case, the government should also be compensating and subsidizing ALL obsolete industries. Down with progress! Save our obsolete jobs! Subsidize one, subsidize all!

Can you recognize the obsolete industries they are championing?

Hint to protesters: When  you’re creative and interesting, you get more people to sign your petitions, and end unnecessary bailouts. Competition is a good thing.

A Comment on Today’s Culture: Historically Inaccurate, but Pointed. by The Elephant's Child


A Little Horror Story! by The Elephant's Child


(h/t: Vanderleun)

All About Refugees and World Poverty…and Gumballs by The Elephant's Child

Facing the real facts.

(h/t: Vanderleun)


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