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It’s a Farce, But They Want to Express Their Concern About Economic Inequality by The Elephant's Child


The World Hypocrisy Forum of the ultra rich will enter its final day in Davos, Switzerland on Saturday. Volunteers created an array of 193  three foot high snowmen complete with carrot noses and coal eyes, each draped in a scarf representing one of the 193 countries recognized by the United Nations.

When the world’s wealthiest citizens, heads of state, businessmen, and movie stars fly into a Swiss ski resort on their 1,700 private jets to see and be seen for the purpose of creating a better world by expressing concern about the problems of climate change, poverty and economic inequality while taking helicopter rides, a few ski runs and relaxing in the spas, and noshing on $43 hot dogs at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère — you simply have to laugh. Can they possibly not recognize — but of course they can’t.

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan CEO. said “Family first, country second , and JP Morgan—it ‘s the best I can do for the world. You don’t want a weak JP Morgan-or else”according to Twitter.

Billionaire Jeff Green who amassed a multibillion dollar fortune betting against subprime mortgage securities, said the U.S. faces a jobs crisis that will cause social unrest and radical politics.

“America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence,” Greene said in an interview. “We need to reinvent our whole system of life.”

The pretentious, pompous, World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland. Everybody took selfies with the cute snowmen.

Funny Headline of the Day! by The Elephant's Child

From Breitbart:


The influx of private jets is so great, the Swiss Armed Forces has been forced to open up a military air base for the first time ever to absorb all the super rich flying their private jets into the event, reports Newsweek.

“Decision-makers meeting in Davos must focus on ways to reduce climate risk while building more efficient, cleaner, and lower-carbon economies,” former Mexican president Felipe Calderon told USA Today.

Davos, which has become a playground of sorts for the global elite, is expected to feature at least 40 heads of state and 2,500 top business executives. Former Vice President-turned-carbon billionaire Al Gore and rapper Pharrell Williams will be there as well; each plans to discuss global warming and recycling respectively.

It’s always fun to poke fun at the hypocrisy and total lack of self-awareness of the Davos attendees. It’s a gathering for the well-off to see and be seen, and accomplishes nothing. There will be at least 40 heads of state and 2,500 top business executives. Al Gore and rapper Pharrell William will both be there to discuss global warming and recycling. Admission price for Davos — roughly $40,000 a ticket. The extremely rich in attendance will be discussing how to combat “income inequality.”

Inflation: Hiding and Disguising It So You Won’t Notice by The Elephant's Child


Inflation is reckoned to be around 1.3% or nothing significant. Women who do the bulk of grocery shopping would probably disagree. But inflation is disguised in the grocery store in many different ways, some noticeable, and some that are downright sneaky. Packaging that seems to be the same size, same price, if you look closely will contain only 12 oz. instead of the previous 16 oz.  See sugar, granulated, and flour, all-purpose. Some cereal boxes were as tall as usual and as wide across, but thinner.

Baker’s Unsweetened Baking Chocolate was up-front and brazen about the whole thing. Bars were uniformly 8 oz. Suddenly, the new box was headlined “NEW! 4 oz Easy Break Bar. Same great chocolate”with a little illustration showing how easy it was to break the bar apart. Only problem was that you were getting half as much for the same price.They have now removed the “New” line, whether because of objections or only because they thought you’d had enough time to get used to it, I don’t know. I have more respect for companies that don’t try to fool you.

Facial tissues are 1 ply thinner, as are most paper napkins. But did you notice this one? Toilet tissue, probably depending on the brand, has gotten about an inch narrower. You only notice it by paying attention to how the roll fits into the fixture. Sneaky!

Inflation is measured on a specific basket of commodities. I don’t know what items count. Certainly the drop in the price of gas is deflationary. I don’t know when the drop in transportation costs will be reflected in the price of groceries. But the droop will be reflected throughout the economy.

An interesting side note: Larry Kudlow reported this weekend that the drop in the price of gasoline, graphed, was matched exactly by the graphed rise in business at fast food restaurants.

More Silly Regulations Exposed! What’s In That Hot Sauce? by The Elephant's Child

Gringo-Bandito-Collage-BottlesFederal regulators all too frequently send out silly decrees. What may have seemed necessary in the cubicles of a federal agency often causes consternation in the offices of the maker and distributor of the product, as well as unnecessary expense. We find the regulators are usually way out of line, and we are deeply pleased when the victims strike back. A recent victim is Gringo Bandito, a maker of a hot hot sauce. They were notified that they are required by federal law to list the nutrition facts of its hot sauce on the bottle. Unfortunately it is unwise to strike back at federal regulators.

Just below the list of disclosure of calories, carbs, fats and protein, Gringo Bandito included a note:

“Hot Sauce really doesn’t have nutritional value. It’s vinegar and peppers, for God’s sake. What did you expect? Why are you even trying to determine the nutritional value of hot sauce? Just enjoy it!”

There are a few products where the nutritional value may make a difference, and the purchaser may actually read the list. In most cases there really isn’t room on the label so the type gets small and condensed — and becomes unreadable, even with a magnifying glass. Yet the regulation has been complied with and the manufacturer cannot be fined. Such is the world of federal regulation.

“Can’t Stop the Cavalry” by The Elephant's Child

I’m a sucker for tuba music. This song comes in many versions, this one was made seven years ago for the troops.

Another Day in the Life of a Border Patrol Agent, Not Quite a Day Like All Days. by The Elephant's Child

Jose Manuel Marino-Najera is suing the Border Patrol. It seems he sustained dog bites after entering America illegally with a supply of drugs. He apparently became an illegal immigrant after he chose to have coyotes (human smugglers) help him get across the U.S. border with Mexico. To get their help, he allegedly had to agree to carry a large bag full of marijuana for the drug cartel.

The coyotes band of illegals made it into Arizona and reportedly decided to get some rest under a tree while recovering from alleged dehydration. Marino-Najera and his fellow illegals fell asleep and were awakened only when a Border Patrol dog arrived on the scene and began the job he was trained for—sniffing for drugs.

Marino-Najera claimed a Border Patrol dog was “mauling” his hand when he woke and saw the agents. He alleges that the U. S . Border Patrol agents ignored his cries and shouts for help —allowing the dog to” tear apart” his hands for “several minutes.” His lawsuit claims the Border Patrol agents did not call off the dog until they walked over to arrest him. Because the dog was aiding the Border  Patrol in their law enforcement duties, Marino-Najera claims that he deserves compensation from the federal government (us) for his injuries.

Bill Riser, the attorney assigned as public defender, maintains that Marino-Najera is entitled to sue because the injuries occurred on American soil. He claimed the illegal act of border crossing, coupled with being a mule for drugs had no bearing on his client’s standing to file a lawsuit against the Border Patrol.  Another in a long list of interesting claims by public defenders. You can’t make this stuff up.
(h/t: Weasel Zippers)

Thanksgiving Leftovers: A Few Questions. by The Elephant's Child
November 29, 2014, 10:38 pm
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The White House menu for Thanksgiving dinner was published. The usual roast turkey, ham, cornbread stuffing (to each his own), and macaroni and cheese?  Is this a common side dish? Macaroni and cheese to me was always a budget dinner, but nothing special.

Cornbread stuffing seems to be a Southern specialty. Had it once, didn’t like it.

They also had six kinds of pie. Six!

Different strokes for different folks.

The New York Times published a list of the “Thanksgiving Recipes Googled in Every State.” The recipes are included, and it is fascinating to see the regional differences. Many look and sound delicious, and many sound just weird. Frog Eye Salad seems to be a favorite among Mormons. You have Dirt Pudding, Hot Brown, Ooey Gooey Bars, Pernil, and Cherry Yum Yum. Great fun and some of them really sound good.



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