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Suggested Reading for Clarifying the Mind by The Elephant's Child
  • From Victor Davis Hanson:”The New Nihilism:” Summing up the Democrats’ response to President Donald J. Trump, and his many, many accomplishments. Not a pretty picture.
  • From Steven Camarota of CIS: “On Immigration, Trump Needs to Focus on the Numbers” For all the talk about the border, the biggest issue is not welfare or illegal immigration per se; it is the total number of immigrants settling in the country ,legally or illegally. Democrats focus on amnesty, Businesses push for ever more guest workers, and the media happily supports both. The national interest and his political future depend on the numbers.
  • From Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner:Border apprehensions jump 84 percent, 606,000 expected this year” a surprising surge. Again, it’s the numbers.
  • From Andrew R. Arthur of CIS:Notes on a Deal I Haven’t Seen: The Pitfalls of Compromise” The fundamental issue behind all of this is the request for crucially needed infrastructure along the border. I mean fences, walls, barriers, drag roads, cameras, sensors and any number of other tools needed by the 18,600 Border Patrol agents who man the 1,954-mile southern border.

We assume that the illegal border-crossers come from Mexico and Central America, many come from the Middle East as well.


Look Who Is Running for the Democrat Nomination by The Elephant's Child


Daniel Greenfield wrote today that “The Mayors of the Worst Cities In America Are Running for President”, and like the excellent investigative journalist he is, provided the proof, which is painful.

Newark is the most dangerous city in New Jersey, Tallahassee is the most dangerous city in Florida, and South Bend is the most dangerous city in Indiana. But instead of fixing their failed cities, the current mayor of South Bend, and the former mayors of Newark and Tallahassee want to run for president.

Mayor Peter Buttigieg has announced that he is forming an exploratory committee for a 2020 run. Media reports have focused on the potential that he might become America’s first gay millennial president (Democrats love those ‘firsts’) instead of his record of heading a city since 2011 that has double the national and statewide violent crime rates, Hispanic poverty rates are 10% higher than the national average, Black households have double the poverty rate and Asian-American incomes are halved. The poverty rate is 24.7%. South Bend has a little over 100,000 residents but there were over 100 criminal shootings, and gangs like the Latin Kings and Gangster Disciples thrive.

In January 2019, just as Buttigieg was prepping his presidential run, three shootings in one week killed two teens and left a woman paralyzed from the waist down. In one summer week, the casualties included a 12 and a 13-year-old. In March, 6 people were hurt in one shooting spree.

Andrew Gillum. former Tallahassee mayor, defeated in the Florida gubernatorial race, now wants to run for higher office. The poverty rate for Tallahassee is 28.4%. 1 in 5 adults in the county have trouble reading. The highest number of murders in history last year and the highest crime rate. Tallahassee has ranked as one of the worst places to live in America.

Cory Booker first won national attention as the mayor of Newark, the worst city in New Jersey. He promised to turn the city around, but while garnering nation attention with his Twitter account and viral stunts, did nothin for the city. Newark is one of the country’s murder capitals and has been listed as the most violent city in the state. Also a worst city to live in. 1 in 4 residents live in poverty in the 3rd neediest city in America.

These three Democrats are joined by our own governor here in Washington State. The Libertarian Cato Institute has ranked the nation’s governors on their fiscal management of their states, and Jay Inslee, who has just announced his run for higher office, came in dead last with a resounding F grade. Oregon’s governor was next to last, but she doesn’t seem to be running.

The Democrats may outdo the Republicans last time in numbers of candidates running for the presidency. You might want to remember the qualifications of these three former mayors.

This Is A Strange Political Season, Even Stranger Than We Think by The Elephant's Child


Here’s the mess the Women’s March left behind, for someone else to clean up.

Have you just become accustomed to being called “racists”, or “fascist,” “white-supremacists,”? So it doesn’t bother you much any more? I wrote, back on February 8, 2017:

Headline from Breitbart: “Exclusive—Women Nationwide Cut Up Nordstrom’s Cards, Plan Boycotts After Political Decision to Drop Ivanka Trump Line.”  It would have been cheaper to hire some extra guards.

This is a strange political season. Democrats were absolutely confident that they could expect another four or eight years in charge of the government and the country, with Hillary. Because people seemed to like President Obama they thought it was a home run. They didn’t pay attention to the vast numbers of people who believed the country was going in the wrong direction. Democrats lost not just the White House, but straight down the line to city councils. And they lost to a man with an orange complexion and funny hair who often said rude things.

Two years later, and the Democrats are still crazed, and Republicans still wonder what is the matter with them. We do not think in the same way. We even have some “Democratic Socialists” who yearn for a classless fully egalitarian society – a golden age where everyone is equal and we don’t have billionaires and zillionaires keeping all the money for themselves. They really believe that Medicare for all is a possibility, that the minimum wage should be raised by the government so everyone has a living wage. AO-C really believes in free college for everyone, and she graduated with a degree in international affairs and economics?

Democrats don’t think economically. Their politics begins with hatred of the rich, probably left over from the first days of the union movement. They don’t understand that the buying and selling of goods and services provide an unemotional report on what is happening in the economy. They don’t understand that cutting the taxes of the rich frees up money to invent, create, hire, and expand. And they do not understand that raising the minimum wage leaves no place for the the beginner with no training, who doesn’t know how to work. AO-C, when asked how we would pay for her ideas, says we’ll just pay for it. Print more money.

The Left has a propaganda shop, with wordsmiths who devise the most useful language to use in all political discussions. You have probably seen the videos of many Democrat politicians all saying exactly the same thing in the same words at the same time. Propagandists choose the words most likely to sway the minds of the public.

The illegal immigrants turned DACA “kids” by the Obama administration are always described as “kids” though some are in their late 30s or 40s by now. Always “brought here through no fault of their own” and always “Dreamers” who dream of a college education and to become Americans. A large percentage are school dropouts, many still do not speak English, few have gone to college, and the fraud rate pertaining to age and identification is as high as 40% or more. ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has been demonized to such an extent that many believe that they abuse little children. and, of course “rip them from their mothers arms.” That’s how the language is used to affect emotions, or in other words propaganda. ICE is simply a necessary police force, and there to keep us safe.

The Left is engaged in an all-out war on the Right. Their best weapon  yet is “de-platforming.” They threaten in one way or another those who support conservatives with their advertising. Here in Seattle, conservative talk radio, the station that carries Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved and Mark Levin has lost its national advertisers and now carries mostly ads from conservative companies, weight-loss, patent medicines and very local businesses, plus a lot of public service ads. They have been very successful with this tactic, even getting major banks and credit card companies to refuse to do businesses with gun manufacturers.

The success with advertisers has spurred them to go farther with the credit card business. Their success with Facebook, Twitter, Google and now Microsoft is with labeling conservative thought and ideas as “Hate Speech,” White Supremacy” and/or racist if they can find anything to so label, and it is succeeding beyond all expectations. CNN. The New York Times, and the Washington Post are happy to go along.  It’s Partisan Politics in full-on attack mode.

The all-out attack on the Covington Catholic High School boys is a warning about their attack on Catholicism, and religion in general, in preparation for a full-on attack on Trump’s potential nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ginsberg should she choose to retire, for Barrett is Catholic. They are not going to have Ginsberg replaced with a Conservative, and now they are trying to impeach Justice Kavanaugh. They are sure that he must have lied to Congress.

It seems that Republicans mostly just assume that the Left has gone nuts with their hatred of Trump, without understanding the depth and breadth of the attack. It’s getting extremely dangerous out there, and our Republicans in Congress don’t seem to understand what is reallly going on.

The Media Misses Badly. And A Lesson in Successful Advertising by The Elephant's Child

This has been a day of extraordinarily bad behavior by the Left, provoked, as Joy Behar admitted, by Catholic kids wearing MAGA hats because the women on The View hate Trump and want him gone. A wee bit of Honesty.

It’s hard to remember that only a couple of days ago, the controversy was all about Gillette Razors and their attack on men and “toxic masculinity.” Turned out that the art director was a radical feminist well known for her hatred of men. The puzzle was why on earth a famous razor company  would approve such a commercial, but it seems that many businesses in our current climate have never learned the lessons of time and experience and do not have the sense to recognize that a wise business dealing with the American people does not choose to do politics instead of business, nor chooses to alienate half the country and all of their customers.

A competitor recognized the opportunity presented. And good for Barbasol.

And even a watch company saw a chance to speak out at Gillette idiocy!

Companies invest a lot of money in their advertising, hoping to please potential customers. Consider this a lesson in how it is done.

Not Exactly A Day Like All Days, Thank Goodness! by The Elephant's Child

If you want to see pictures, they are here:

What a thoroughly weird day. We had a Women’s March yesterday in the nation’s capitol and some other places, but only the DC one matters. That’s where you get the speeches and the press obligingly takes pictures of the most outrageous and vulgar signs. This one was even more excruciatingly embarrassing than the last one. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke in response to the major speech by the President of the United States. The newest and youngest of the 435 members of the House of Representatives felt called upon for a response.

Republicans made her a celebrity, so now we apparently have to live with it. Republicans were shocked by the inanity and wrongheadedness of what she said, and listened closely for the next stupidity. The media promptly started paying attention, and that is how celebrity gets made these days. I think it was Chris Buskirk who said that what she clearly was not stupid, it’s just that what she believed was completely wrong. Scott Adams warned that because Republicans found her threatening, she was dangerous and we must not underestimate her. She really just confirms what is the direction of the Democrat Party — neither knowledge of nor understanding of free-market capitalism, and an embrace of socialism instead.

I think the Left started off back in the day when Democrats were trying to start unions, with a viscous hatred for the “Captains of Industry,” Corporate bosses or CEOs.  College professors loathed them, for they made way more money than they and their fellows did, and they didn’t even have PhDs! That’s just my theory. Thus they have no interest in capitalism, free-market or any other kind, and they do not understand it because they loathe it. Listen closely and it pops up all the time. I often quote Christiana Figueres, General Secretary of the UN’s IPCC– supposedly the last word on world climate, who admitted that the goal of the environmental movement was not to save the world from climate doom, but “to rid the world of Capitalism.”

The United States is the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world, and we can’t seem to sell anybody else on free-market capitalism. Of course Obama could never manage anything over 2% growth, but that was not the norm. Donald Trump has restored growth, restored prosperity, restored jobs, and naturally everyone loathes him, and cannot say things vulgar enough about how much they hate him. Go figure.

A lot of people dumped their support for the Women’s March because of the Anti-Semitism of the leaders, and their connections. They support the BDS movement, and of course Linda Sarsour,a leader of the march is a Palestinian-American, and the march isn’t much about women anyway, and women are doing just fine.

The other big event of the day was that a group of boys from a Covington, Kentucky, Catholic Boys School were here for the March for Life on Saturday, in which their school traditionally participates. They were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for their bus, and a bunch of Black Supremacy Activists started yelling at them, then a elderly Native American activist worked his way through the crowd and started playing his drum right under the nose of one of the boys.

The young man smiled at the activist, maintained his poise, asked their counselor for permission to do the school yell. His parents should be proud of him. Twitter got into the event, and disgraced themselves and their pretensions of fairness, and the whole thing became an “event,” falsely portrayed, and the kids were being called awful names, getting death threats, and even their principal and their church assumed that they had done something wrong — they had not. It will all blow over, the kids will be proven to be without fault, and to have behaved extremely well under great provocation.

The current leftist meme is that the poised young man who smiled in response to someone drumming right in his face – was “smirking.” And clearly “smirking” is a “face-crime.” There are no depths to which the Left will not descend.

Just another ordinary day. I’m not sure just how many more ordinary days like that one we can handle.

Heather MacDonald Explains the “Diversity” Fraud! by The Elephant's Child

If you wonder why some new college graduates seem a little under-educated, you can blame it on the “social justice” people, and their loony ideas. There is no such thing as “social justice” and “Diversity” is bunk. The diversity that matters is diversity of ideas, freedom of thought, but that is not what they are after. They want conformity, they want you to fall in line, do as they say, and vote for them and all their rotten ideas.

Heather MacDonald is a national gem. She researches the stupid ideas, and applies logic. Something the Left fears.

p.s. Why do you think the publicity hog, gun banner David Hogg got accepted to Harvard with lower SAT scores than are the norm for those who are admitted? Harvard is already being sued because they block Asian students for having too high SAT scores.

The “Green New Deal” and Other Lefty Fantasies by The Elephant's Child


Supposedly Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “‘Green’ New Deal” is quite popular among the new far-leftists in Congress. Democrats remain enamored of the memory of FDR. Some believe that he saved the nation from the Great Depression, (he didn’t). But anything with the term “New Deal” will be more popular on the Left. Young Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has a veritable wealth of ideas that are just plain wrong. She is not stupid, as so many claim. She just has a lot of very, very bad ideas. Money is not a problem – “We’ll just pay for it.” she says. Raise taxes as high as 82% on the wealthy? Fine. Her Green New Deal would cost 8,000 times as much as President Trump’s Border Wall request, according to Tyler O”Neil at PJ Media.

The “Green New Deal” will cost approximately $49,109 trillion in the first ten years, enough to fund Trump’s border wall 8,616 times over. The president is requesting $5.7 billion for the wall.

PJ Media calculated the cost of the “Green New Deal” by integrating each of the cost aspects involved in a Power the Future analysis and calculating their cost for the U.S. over about ten years — and in one case through 2050.

According to Ocasio-Cortez, the “Green New Deal” will force America to transition to an economy run from 100 percent renewable energy. Christopher Clark, a physicist who has studied rapid deployments of renewable energy, told The Hill that building this kind of generating capacity would cost “at least $2 trillion.”

Her idea for “renewable energy” probably does not contain nuclear power, for there seems to be a lot of resistance to building new nuclear power plants, although California’s small Diablo Canyon nuclear plant produces more energy than all of California’s many solar farms and wind turbines put together. The website for the left-wing think tank Data for Progress explains:

The goals of the Green New Deal are nothing short of radical. As the website for the left-wing think tank Data for Progress explains, the Green New Deal aims to “transform the economy and the environment in ways that achieve sustainability, equity, justice, freedom, and happiness.” Achieving happiness has never been easy. Even harder will be the Green New Deal’s aim of completely eliminating the use of coal, oil, and natural gas by 2050.

How all this happiness and energy legerdemain will be achieved is anyone’s guess. Supporters are particularly vague about how they would find the hundreds of billions — or even trillions — of dollars needed to attempt such a plan. Nevertheless, there is one unassailable fact about the Green New Deal: It is not green. Indeed, the entire notion of an all-renewable-energy system is the antithesis of environmental protection and scenic conservation.

Promoters seem to assume that there are vast tracts of vacant land, territory that is just waiting to be covered with renewable energy projects. To fuel the U.S. economy, would require state-sized empty territories to be covered with nothing but wind turbines and solar panels. (All that territory where the Deplorables live) It would require stringing tens of thousands of miles with new high-voltage transmission lines. Vox featured an explanation of the Green New Deal, and the feature was the kind of solar plant that proved to be essentially worthless at Ivanpah, in the Mojave. Doesn’t work. Didn’t produce the energy required, killed birds by the thousands.

Two researchers from Harvard published a study that looked at energy-production data from 1,150 solar projects and 411 onshore wind projects. Meeting U.S. electricity consumption would require 12 percent of the continental U.S. land area for wind— or an area more than twice the size of the state of California. Not going to happen.

Here are some notable facts. Environmentalists and climate change activists want to believe in themselves as “social-justice warriors” fighting for the good, but the policies they promote would seriously harm people, especially the poor and disadvantaged. They are anti-human.

Here is a graph from a panel organized last month by the Heartland Institute, and the European Institute for Climate and Energy. Dr, Craig Idso , Founder of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change said:

[R]adiosondes’ [balloon] measurements shown in blue reveal that the actual warming rate is three times smaller than that predicted by the models [red bars show warming that should have occurred from 1979-2017, as predicted from 102 different climate models].

See the important graph here: It explains how and why the average of climate models has vastly overestimated the warming. Some climate scientists thought they could put the climate of the world into a computer, and get a program that would correctly predict the future climate. GIGO: garbage in garage out. But that became the “Scientific Consensus”.  They knew a few facts, added some estimates and some guesswork, and a significant bunch of mistakes, and lo and behold: “Science”
Do Read the Whole Thing

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