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Tucker Carlson Takes On the Ruling Class by The Elephant's Child

I don’t know about you, but I am getting terminally fed up with Racism, sexism, white privilege, nationalism and all the other ‘isms and insults that are passing for news and facts in the media and in our nation’s capitol.

We have supposed candidates for the highest office in the land who are  apologizing for their white privilege. The governor of my state is running on climate . He doesn’t seem to know a thing about climate, thinks a changing climate is responsible for hurricanes, California wildfires, drought, tornadoes, and as far as I know, earthquakes and floods, and the orcas.

The “Green New Deal,” a sappy, quite impossible, national program dreamed up over a weekend by AOC’s Justice Democrats was signed on to by almost all potential Democrat candidates, proving nothing so much as the fact that the whole bunch of them know nothing. Absolutely nothing, and should be barred from political office of any kind at any time.

Democrats went certifiably crazy when Donald Trump was elected, along with a significant number of Never Trump Republicans. They have been throwing every vile insult at the elected president daily. Much of the problem seems to be that he did not have the qualifications that the Ruling Class considers essential for a president, either being a governor, or having served in the military. In other words, “He’s Not One of Us” We have a ruling class that cannot seem to manage the affairs of government, are handing off much of their jobs to federal agencies to manage, and are now demanding a raise in their pay. For What?

They are particularly interested in abolishing the Electoral College, so they apparently have no understanding whatsoever of why the founders created such a thing. If they do not understand that, Congress should shut down for a week and invite some of our most esteemed historians in to give them a quick course in the nation’s founding. And give them a significant list of required reading s well. If they feel no underlying deep need to be well informed on the matters that my come before them, perhaps we should come up with something like the SAT which would determine whether or not they are qualified to run for office.

So there!

More Open Jobs Than People to Fill Them by The Elephant's Child

American employers posted nearly 7.6 million job openings in January — one million more job openings than there were unemployed people looking for a job.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that the unemployed had the right skills for the jobs where they live, nor that the open jobs were where the unemployed live, but as a general report on how the economy is doing, it’s very encouraging.

Not, of course, to the Left. They’re busy blaming President Trump for the mosque attack in New Zealand. But then the Democrats have always hated all Republican presidents. With Donald Trump, they’re just somewhat more extreme than usual. Democrats don’t understand capitalism. They are sure that Republican tax cuts just go to the rich, as a payoff to their friends. Freedom is an alien concept.

The Last Children’s Crusade Was in 1212. Didn’t Turn Out Well. by The Elephant's Child


According to the people who actually measure the temperature of the planet with satellite and weather balloon for NASA, over the last 40 years the earth has warmed approximately 0.25° Celsius or 2.2° Fahrenheit. According to Anthony Watts, a 2° F. warming is roughly equivalent to the warming seen most spring days between 10 a.m. and noon.

So naturally the kids have been skipping school today to demonstrate and march to save them from the catastrophic warming of the earth because we  are all going to die in 12 years if we don’t eliminate fossil fuels and save the planet with wind turbines and solar cells. Never mind the annoying fact that the wind does not blow all the time, sometimes not for days, and wind turbines shut down completely when it gets cold. The sun, even the kids might have noticed, sinks beneath the horizon every night.  And there are clouds, often lots of clouds. The big solar arrays just don’t produce enough electricity to run much of anything. The European nations that got all excited about solar have pretty much backed off because it doesn’t work.

Have you heard of “The sustainability agenda” This is from a report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) in Britain.

The impetus to put the environment and sustainable development at the centre of the education agenda can be traced back to the early 1970s. In these early days of the modern environmental movement, the UN’s Stockholm Conference of 1972 concluded that environmental education was ‘essential in order to broaden the basis for…enlightened opinion and responsible conduct’. By1976, such ideas had taken hold,and an international conference on
environmental education was held in Belgrade to plan the way forward. At its conclusion, the Belgrade Charter was issued, stating that the aim of environmental education was the development of a world population that was educated about the environment, had ‘strong feelings of concern for the environment and the motivation for actively participating in its protection and improvement’.

Children as political tools

This revolution in the purpose of education appears to be not only concerned with changing the way children think but also about changing the behaviour of adults, using their children as a lever. The chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri has suggested that a focus on children is the top priority for bringing about societal change, and that by ‘sensitising’ children to climate change, it will be possible to get them to ‘shame adults into taking the right steps’.Pachauri’s ideas are echoed in UNICEF’s manual on climate change education, which, it is claimed, is about helping children to become ‘agents of change’. The EU, meanwhile, has funded schemes aimed at promoting the standard, narrow ideas about climate change and its causes in schools. Their explicit wish is to ‘link students in both primary and secondary schools across Europe to discuss, engage and commit to undertake actions to limit the change in climate.’

The whole report can be found here. It is British, but the general push is quite international as you may have noticed in the “Green New Deal.” Long, but interesting.

Food For Thought by The Elephant's Child
March 14, 2019, 4:32 am
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Is the Situation at the Border a National Emergency or Not? by The Elephant's Child


Another day and another vicious murder by an illegal immigrant in California, a sanctuary state. 300 illegals were apprehended at the Texas border, In Arizona, another bunch was caught with 160 pounds of meth and fentanyl. In Texas, there are 200 cases of mumps in detention. In February, the Border Patrol dealt with 600,000 illegals, the highest number in a decade. Illegals have been told that having a child with them, will help them to apply for amnesty. The child may or may not belong to the illegals, and once the illegals have applied for amnesty and get a court date (at what point they will disappear never to be seen again). The child or children will be circulated back across the border to help another group apply for amnesty. We have 300 dead Americans each week from heroin. 200,000 criminals are responsible of 100,000 assaults,30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 murders.

In our Congress, our elected representatives can’t seem to understand why President Trump would have the nerve to declare a National Emergency, and the arguments seem not to be about the plaintive cries from the Border Patrol for help, but about the niceties of national emergency declarations, and just who is in charge here.

If you feel the urge to comment, don’t comment on articles you have read, comment directly to your elected representatives. Go to or, and follow the directions to find your very own elected person. If you are, like me, represented entirely by Democrats, go find the person you want to influence. If it is your own rep, you can also comment at their office in your home state. They don’t particularly want to hear from you, but your attention matters, and they really do pay attention to the attention they get. They work for us, they just forget that until reminded. They have highly-paid cushy jobs and they want to be returned to office.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Behind the Scenes Story by The Elephant's Child


Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal’s column today had a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the South by Southwest event in Austin.Texas on the 9th of March. His first sentence was brilliant:

Something called “socialism” is in the air. Should we worry? The answer is yes, if you can stop laughing.

That pretty much sums up the situation. When A O-C appeared on the scene, Republicans couldn’t get over the nuttiness of her comments. We couldn’t quite believe the things that were coming out of her mouth. I suspect that all the Republican attention alerted the media to someone with real ‘click bait’, and the more we paid attention, the more they gave her their attention and column space and news coverage. In other words, we created a monster. Does the fact that Republicans find her astonishing in her ignorance, mean more approval from the Democrats? Has their guaranteed distaste for anything conservative meant that they like anything that threatens us? Analyzing the Left is a task I have long assigned myself, but I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is, quite literally, impossible. There is no possibility of replacing energy from fossil fuels with solar energy and wind energy. Nationally, with all the emphasis on solar energy, solar plants generated just 0.3% of U.S. power in spite of investment of millions of dollars and mandates that require solar panels in some areas. But I have explained several times previously the impossibility of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Just scroll down for any number of explanations. It is physically impossible. There is hot the possibility of enough alternative energy to replace fossil fuels, it would destroy the country financially (which is the goal for some), and little things like eating, heating our houses, transportation would all be impossible.

Frank Hawkins has investigated the “Rasputin” behind Ocasio Cortez at American Thinker. Shall we say “the plot thickens”? This seems to be one of those underground operations that sprouts all sorts of other organizations. It’s pretty clear that Nancy Pelosi has lost control of this group. Where it goes from here remains to be seen, but it is very troubling. Do read the whole article and watch the video, and see what you think.

Playing Games With Language, Nasty Political Games. by The Elephant's Child

Sheep Flock

Are you familiar with the term “Intersectionality? It is defined as “the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, gender, as applied to an individual or a group. In other words it is modern or post-modern (whatever post-modern is) gobbledygook.

“Diversity” has become the byword in our colleges and universities, our schools and offices and workplaces. Which means when photographed, all races and at least two sexes must be portrayed, or you get a bad mark and must remedy it for the next photo. There is supposedly some advantage to have representation of all races roughly in proportion to their representation in society. We have read of Asian students with really high test scores being turned down at Harvard, because they have too many Asian students with really high test scores. Why would it not be in Harvard’s interest to have the most brilliant class in the country? To have a reputation for high scholarship? It is more important supposedly to have diversity. Why? In any case, Asian students are suing.

We live in a culture of victimhood. Look at the Jussie Smolett case. Here is a good looking young black man with a prominent role in a successful TV series, and he came to believe that he was not enough of a victim to get the attention to which he felt entitled. He was reportedly receiving a million dollar salary, but believed that if he was the victim of a racial attack — what? More attention, probably, bigger salary? why? And he has learned the hard lesson that trying to fool the courts with a phony attack reported to the police is not a good idea.

But what has gone so haywire in our society that being a victim seems desireable? Why are we having a “International Women’s Day”?Or for that matter, why do we have a big “Women’s March?” What is the nonsense about “toxic masculinity” and “white supremacy”?

Do you choose your friends and close associates so that you have a diverse mixture or race, class, gender, and ethnic origin? Of course you don’t. In theory, we all arrive as squalling babies, are raised to a standard where we can be expected to survive on our own. From that point on, it’s up to you to make of yourself what you choose. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s all about the pursuit. People make different choices, some good, some unfortunate.

How did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you have some of the same friends that you had as a kid? How did they decide? Do you wiah you had made other choices?

Howard Schultz, president of Starbucks was raised in the projects, and has managed to do fairly well, and may even run for president. Jeff Bezos, I think, was adopted, built a business in his garage, and he has done all right too. Do you think their success was just a happy accident.

Do we need more instruction into how to pursue happiness, or even how to decide what we mean by happiness? How did we end up here?

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