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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” by The Elephant's Child
January 11, 2021, 1:59 am
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Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, 1859

What a strange time. Everybody is upset, speech is censored, picked apart, banned,. and nobody seems to remember the very first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It states simply:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Of course everyone would immediately jump on “peaceably to assemble” rather than “the freedom of speech” part. We  have had a pretty steady diet of protests and riots, especially since the death of George Floyd, who did not, as protesters believed, die of police brutality, but from a significant overdose of fentanyl, enough the autopsy said, to have killed him several times over. That unleashed vast demands all over the country to “defund the police” but then the death toll in cities where police were restrained increased dramatically.

Statues have been defiled and torn down, anything named for anyone who had anything to do with the Confederacy, military bases named for Civil War generals, have had their names changed. The Civil War ended 155 years ago, so we need to refight it currently? Then there was the big New York Times accusation that Slavery was brought to the United States in 1619 and has been a blight on our country ever since, but that turned out to not be true either. We seem to have a larger problem with unfamiliarity with history, which reflects rather harshly on our school systems.

There is a current vogue for “fact-checkers” though no one seems able to quantify what qualifies someone to be a “fact-checker” and most of them seem not to know what they are talking about anyway. The problem is Big Tech’s promotion of websites where people can express their opinions and share them with like-minded friends, except it didn’t work out that way, and anyone expressing an unpopular opinion had to be banned and it went on from there to the point where unpopular opinions must be banned and the websites that allow it must be banned, and the people who open their mouths publicly must also be banned. 

There have been riots and demonstrations in most major cities, some from communist activists like Antifa and some from looters hoping to get a newer computer, and some who just thought rioting was great fun. Businesses have been destroyed, closed down, and most governments at every level have seen it as their job to restore order, control the Covid epidemic, and shut everything down. Locked-down people are getting restless and and governments are stepping in to keep them in, with varying degrees of success. The pandemic rages on. The Presidential pandemic advisor announces that he’s just been operating with guesswork anyway.

There is an important election as the President’s first term comes to a close. Probably no president has ever been so consistently attacked and demonized on a daily basis, from the initial attacks for “Russian collusion”. Why is anyone surprised that he resents it, when he is trying to make America great again, and to a significant extent succeeding? Economy growing, employment up, taxes down, regulation down. The election, and questionable votes all over the place. Way too much mail-in voting, lots of dead people voting, my favorite that I read about was a gentleman born in 1824. That should have raise a few red flags in a hurry. Reports of clear voter fraud.  Reports of Big Tech interference and influence. Rumor. Innuendo. A few articles plaintively ask “Where did Trump tell anyone to storm the capitol?” and “Exactly where and how did Trump incite the mob?”

Twitter has “permanently” banned Trump’s personal account, but doesn’t dare ban the account of the President of the United States. Parler, which is a conversation website like Twitter, has been put out of business by its web hosts. The media has forgotten anything they learned about scruples or honor in journalism school, and no longer can be trusted for any honest information. And breaking into the capitol has not occurred since, well, the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s a video of protesters trying to break into the Supreme Court to protest the seating of Justice Kavanaugh.

Most of the blather going on is nonsense. Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s sad when so many ill-informed Americans decide that demonstrating and protesting is more important than studying-up and learning about what is really involved. But then I am not the demonstration type. Never been to one, nor had any desire to do so. I do write some pointed letters to those with whom I am particularly displeased, or even to those with whom I agree. Sometimes I even get answers.

It’s becoming clear that we need some restraints on Big Tech. The Cato Institute has pocket copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for sale, inexpensively, and also available at Amazon. Good gifts. As are good history books. More information is the solution, but people have to want to become informed.


Enough With the Outrage! by The Elephant's Child
January 9, 2021, 10:18 pm
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Democrats have worked hard to portray the riot and invasion of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. as caused exclusively by President Donald Trump’s outrageous ideas about a “stolen” election, and encouraging his supporters to riot and invade the Capitol.

In case the Democrats haven’t noticed, there have been major riots, looting, business destruction all over the country since George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, in most major cities. Portland’s beleaguered mayor has finally surrendered and asked for the National Guard to come in and save him from Antifa. Calls for defunding the police have dropped off somewhat as killings have increased, but really grasping cause and effect seems beyond the media’s powers. It’s much easier to just report what some minor celebrity said.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is right out in front, trying to raise outrage and, if possible, destroy the president. Ever since her outrageous demonstration in the house of tearing up her copy of the President of the United State’s State of the Union address on live television, she’s been looking for a chance to impeach him, or censor him or destroy him, without much success. He has done a remarkably good job for the economy, for business, for the environment, and for peace in the Middle East by opening embassies in Israel. Talking over relations is much better than fighting, and the Israelis are grateful.

Joe Biden’s plans, as they gradually appear, are terrifying. He believes firmly in a nonexistent climate crisis, and will put the economy in recession by banning fossil fuels needlessly, promoting electric cars, for which there isn’t enough electricity, promoting windmills and solar arrays that cannot produce the energy needed by a modern industrial society, at enormous crippling cost. It has been far warmer in the past to no ill effect, and there is no evidence that climate change is a big deal, except to autistic Swedish children.

Biden wants to eliminate charter schools (teachers’ unions don’t like them) which have young black kids matching the accomplishments of some of the most exclusive school districts. He wants to go after the gun companies so guns can no longer be manufactured. He doesn’t think anyone should have one. And he is using the language of “The Great Reset” which is absolutely terrifying. “Build Back Better” is the key phrase. If you are unsure of what The Great Reset is, enter those words in the blank over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar.

The problem with President Trump is that he might come back in 2024, and an Impeached president cannot run again. They have to prepare for the future. Now Nancy Pelosi has had the brilliant idea of trying to remove Trump’s ability to control access to the nuclear codes, apparently because she is afraid he might drop a nuke on the House chamber? Who knows? That one even confuses the legal scholars. Anything to strike terror into the hearts of susceptible Democrats, I guess. They not only have to destroy President Trump, his ideas, his supporters, and any remaining program so it does not reappear. They have been seriously terrified at his success over the last four years, and over their inability to get rid of him.

John Hinderaker has a nice overview at Powerline, which you might enjoy. You might notice that I even borrowed a bit of their headline.

What especially annoys me, is that Nancy Pelosi, who has a net worth of something over $40 million and a salary as Speaker of $223,500. tacked in her use of her “own” military plane to transport her home and wherever she needs to go on the taxpayer’s account instead of paying it herself, so she doesn’t have to mix with the common folk at airports. That seems a bit crass.

Let’s Talk About the Difference Between Republican Government and Democrat Government by The Elephant's Child
January 5, 2021, 5:20 pm
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. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

The important purpose of winning an election for Democrats is to win control. Control of the government? What do they have in mind that is so different than what Republicans want? Of course both parties want control, but Democrats want control of the purse strings. They want to funnel taxpayer money to causes that will support Democrat aims, which is mostly more control. Republicans, on the other hand, want more freedom. What Republicans have in mind is usually removing regulations, removing the heavy hand of government so the American people will have more freedom to grow and prosper. Free people will invent new businesses, get rich, and the economy will blossom. Democrats basically regard “the Rich” as the enemy, and want to take their wealth away to give to the less fortunate. AOC just made up a bunch of tee shirts which she is selling for I think it was $58 each, that say “Tax the Rich”. Democrats admire her for being outspoken and for “the squad” who also try to be outspoken. Republicans are generally amused by her ignorance.

In the old country (mostly England, but Europe too) young people were stuck in their family’s class. If The family raised sheep, or cabbages, their offspring could expect to raise sheep or cabbages, rather than hold office or enter a profession. There was a reason why so many were willing to cross a vast ocean to populate a new world. Class was important, and you didn’t get to step out of it. The miracle of America was the opportunity to rise, to be what you were willing to work hard to become.

Democrats, consumed with their right to be in control, expect to improve society by taxing away more of the money of the rich and giving it to the poor to improve their lot. It is not just taxes, of course, but regulations. To quote The Hill today, “president -elect Joe Biden is building a team of seasoned government professionals who can help him embark on an aggressive regulatory agenda once he takes office. “

Biden has already drawn in experts with deep government and regulatory backgrounds to head some of his agencies. Many of those who will serve in his White House or Broader administration have worked in multiple previous administrations. You thought it was all about Trump’s tweets, didn’t you?

“They will have a heavy workload. Under the Trump administration, various departments have rolled back a suite of environmental laws, set up barriers to immigration and weakened a host of discrimination protections at various agencies. “

“Democrats are pushing Biden to waste no time in beginning a regulatory process that can take years. Seton Motley, writing at Red State, wondered if anyone had considered that what he wants to do Constitutionally requires preceding legislation from the Legislative Branch. He added:

Speaking of Trump’s agenda:

The Trump Transition: Away from Enormous, Terrible, Top-Down Government
Trump Cuts 22 Regs for Every New One
Donald Trump Celebrates Record Success in Cutting Regulations

Oddly enough, enormous terrible top down government does not grow an economy nor help the people to prosper. Ten Reasons Trump Economy Is Best in Fifty Years

They are Trying to Change Our History to Serve Their Own Purposes. by The Elephant's Child
January 5, 2021, 12:07 am
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“The 1619 Project” published in the New York Times purported to demonstrate that Slavery arrived in America in 1619, even before the Pilgrims, and to prove in this super-sensitive age just how dreadfully awful we Americans are, once again. Interestingly, it’s the folks in history that were dreadfully awful which excuses us. That turned out to be pure bunk, but ever since George Floyd died while being restrained by police, racism is a hot button. His death, which may have been attributed to a Fentanyl overdose, rather than to police restraint, ignited the “Black Lives Matter” movement., which in turn has lead to statue toppling, riots and demonstrations, and the whole “woke” thing. Boston just removed a statue of Abraham Lincoln who fought and won a war over freeing the slaves, apparently because Lincoln wasn’t really “woke” enough.

The 1619 Project referred back to the first English settlers in the Chesapeake Bay part of Virginia, who were supposedly offered slaves to work their fields and thus introduced slavery into America. A quick dive into my history books claims that Portuguese traders sold a group of indentured servants (who unable to afford the cost of their transportation to America were “indentured” until they paid off the cost of their passage). Not quite the same thing as slavery. A great many early settlers came as “Indentured Servants” to pay off the cost of their travel. Some were laborers and some were even teachers. Attempting to associate it with slavery is incorrect, but convenient for those who always want to prove that slavery is a uniquely American fault.

Who would have thought a couple of years ago that we would be talking about being “woke”? Not exactly sure just what the definition of being “woke” is, but it’s something in the realm of being “super-sensitive.” A while back the New York Times drummed up “The 1619 Project” which supposedly described the arrival of slavery in the United States. I thought that was bunk, and I was correct. English colonists under Sir Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert arrived in the late 16th century to found a colony, settled later at Roanoke Island just off the present-day coast of North Carolina for the “Virginia Company”.

Some 100 Pilgrims arrived in New England on the Mayflower in September of 1620. That’s Myles Standish, William Brewster and Squanto. In this super-sensitive age we are required to examine our heritage for offense to the Native Americans, who were undoubtedly mistreated by the Pilgrims, because it is quite necessary to find fault with our forbears. If we hadn’t invaded the peaceful American continent, and mistreated all the natives, then who would we blame for what?

Here’s an interesting take on the Pilgrims from National Geographic. Try to imagine yourself on the vast Atlantic Ocean on a small sailing ship with your fellow religionists and their families, their household goods, and all their livestock, sailing into the unknown, hoping you would survive.

If you start, on the other hand, with the simple fact that human beings often have a hard time getting along (take note of any family you know) and we have made rules and laws and courts and Constitutions to help us get along, we’re really not doing too badly at all. Read some history, recognize the nature of being human, and mellow out. Life is not always easy, but full of disappointments and grief, as we grow up, we learn, to some extent, to manage.

They have made a reconstruction of the original Mayflower, that you can see if you are on the east coast near Boston, or you can even build a model, but imagining the reality of that original voyage into the unknown is something else entirely. Lots of information online, and lots of pictures. It will enrich your life a little to study up on that voyage, and see just where we have come from.

Today, the “woke” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, has removed any words suggesting gender from official usage lest it offend or denigrate those who are attempting to change their gender. No more “mother, wife, woman, grandmother, female, etc.” lest it somehow offend. I would strongly suggest that you resist. This is just getting silly. But then if we are engaged in battles about general “wokeness” we won’t have time to object and fight lavish spending of taxpayer funds devoted to encouraging more illegal aliens to vote for Democrats and fighting a nonexistent climate crisis. Go figure.

Nancy Pelosi Has Been Reelected as Speaker of the House. by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2021, 9:44 pm
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Nancy Pelosi is back in the news. She has been reelected as Speaker of the House, not without some strenuous objection, well-deserved. Silly stuff. She has attempted to eliminate anything “gender” from the basic rules, oh, like “mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, ” that sort of thing, because it might offend the transgendered, and we are so extraordinarily sensitive to the teeny possibility that someone might take offense, that we must remove such temptations. Sheesh! At any rate Chuckie Schumer has announced his support for making the bathrooms in all American schools gender neutral as Joe Biden apparently desires. I suspect that millions of American mothers will have some objection to inviting the boys into the girls’ bathrooms, but I could be wrong.

I believe that transgenderism is a psychological problem rather than a physical problem. Granted, it is exceedingly difficult for those suffering from it, but mutilating the body does not solve anything, nor change anything. Some are able to successfully change their lives, some are not. Catering to the problem as if it is common and widely occurring is a mistake.

But back to Speaker Pelosi. Her home in San Francisco was attacked with paint, graffiti and a dead pig, supposedly by Antifa. Who knows?

She continues to carefully select silk scarves that match her clothing for the day as substitutes for coronavirus masks. The CDC has warned that silk scarves don’t work, and there is the prospect that some people out there might unfortunately imitate her use of scarves, but I suspect that most people are not apt to copy the House Speaker anyway.

How Do You Use the Internet? by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2021, 7:50 pm
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I want to ask about how you use the internet. Particularly in the area of the news. If you have a computer and use it regularly, I assume that it has become your major source of news, or perhaps your only one. Have you discontinued your subscriptions to your local newspaper? How about magazines, have you cancelled your subscriptions as an unnecessary extra cost? Where do you go on the internet in your search for what is going on? How many news sources do you visit regularly, and are there some that you visit just occasionally?

That interests me because the situation out there is so fluid. The most obvious fact to me is that Google’s advertising on the internet is not bringing in the funds they thought would be forthcoming. There’s a limit to the number of tee shirts with cute sayings that will appeal. The first reaction was to separate some of the more titillating news off as a “plus” to be paid for separately, not necessarily as a subscription to the whole website. That apparently worked to some extent, so they are working at shifting to subscriptions entirely. I don’t know about you, but I normally visit about 20 different websites each day. (I’m retired, so I have more time than you do).

Paying for a subscription to 20 websites is not going to happen. So apparently we are returning to the way it used to be a lot of years ago. You will subscribe to a full-service website that substitutes for your big state newspaper as it used to be, and maybe a couple of more, and get your news from the radio? Different people have different budgets for such things, but it indicates a less-informed public, does it not?

Think about the historical progression of the news. Once we had “town criers”, news was carried from one community to another on horseback. No radios, telephones. The news was passed from one person to another,with about the accuracy you can imagine. It could have been days or weeks before you discovered who won the battle or what tremendous event happened and when. Remember the pony express, and carrying the news around the Horn on sailing ships. Granted, some days it seems as if having a little less news would be desirable. The “Media” has become an enormous operation consumed with partisanship. Everybody now probably has their own list of reporters never to be listened to. Journalism is no longer a widely respected occupation, is it?

My sense is that this is a really unfortunate development. How about you?

A Most Unusual Day! by The Elephant's Child
January 2, 2021, 11:35 am
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We were without power all day, yesterday. We had no power when we got up around 8:00 a.m. and it was a day of trying to cope. No radio, no telephone, no computer. Made the assumption that it was a broad outage, the city? The county? We had the example from California’s incompetent governor and power outages, and our governor has already been honored with the designation of the worst governor in the country for fiscal management of his state (from Cato’s annual survey of the nation’s governors) The power came back on, 8 o’clock at night — so 12 hours without power.

A drive around the neighborhood indicated that the outage was centered in just our neighborhood, some kind of construction goof-up where they are building a new house. Helps to show you just where your inadequate supplies are inadequate. Battery shortages, out of some sizes, need more kerosene. A generator would be nice, but worth it? I suspect that we are not the only ones unprepared for outages. Because we had assumed that it was a broad outage, city? county?, we should have driven around earlier but didn’t.

Most regions of the country have their own special threats. New York City currently has snow. In a big city that is a guaranteed mess, lots of accidents. Washington State has earthquakes, forest fires, and our own specialty, volcanoes.

We have a long range of mountains with a number of inactive volcanoes, which occasionally awaken, as Mt. St. Helens did a few years back. Most of our spectacular mountains are dormant volcanoes, and slumber peacefully without giving anyone any trouble. California has way more earthquakes, occasionally a spectacular one. And of course there are the manmade disasters as well. We’ve had quite a run of those in the last few years. Nashville is recovering from a bombing. Other cities from riots, fires, and protests, which are useless, silly, and unnecessary. Lots of businesses destroyed, people’s lives ruined, but they expressed their indignation at something or other. I continue to believe that a lot of the protesters are simply out protesting because it’s fun and there’s a good chance of looting and taking home some goodies for free.

Seattle has arrested 4 Antifa members who were attacking a Seattle business. Portland’s mayor has asked for state and federal help in controlling and vanquishing Antifa. Must have been hard to admit defeat. When you are unsure about an individual or organization, go to where you can find out who and what they are. Invaluable.

Do use me as a warning flag, and a reminder to check your own emergency supplies. Do you have the right size batteries for all your flashlights? bulbs? battery powered lamps? Kerosene lamps? One doesn’t think about them until they are needed, and it’s much nicer to be prepared than not. Amazon has a nice array of battery-powered lanterns, designed for camping, but I sure wish I’d had a couple yesterday. Mostly under $20. My daughter-in-law, who works for City Light, reminded me of all the potential causes of power outages, ranging from rats, bats, squirrels on down through copper wire thieves and falling trees, without even getting into our construction foul-up. Naturally, more of this stuff happens in the winter with bad weather, snow, and rain. Floods are for the Spring meltoff, but they can be troublesome too.

Control and What it Means, Unfortunately. by The Elephant's Child
December 30, 2020, 10:42 pm
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We seem to have a remarkable number of groups out there struggling to be in control. Nothing is what it claims to be. Do keep a sharp eye on “The Great Reset” which pretends to rescue the world from climate doom, but is actually a bid to eliminate capitalism. And, of course, Capitalism is what has made America great.

This is a serious concern, for Joe Biden has been using the language of “the Great Reset”, which is “Build Back Better” which he says frequently, It perhaps sounds good, but”The Great Reset” would lead to a depression, probably greater than than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Roosevelt didn’t know how to respond, and according to economists made the depression seven years longer than it needed to be. That was a ghastly time, and ruined many lives.

In the old world, there were often sharp class distinctions, and if your father was a sheep herder, that’s all you could hope for. You were born to a certain class, and the upper classes didn’t want any competition. Kings were always getting overthrown, and they didn’t want the peasants getting restless.

What has made America different is what I have called “the right to rise.” You don’t see it mentioned much or even acknowledged much, which is unfortunate. Sometime late last year, a young black high school senior was written up in the press. He was from Cleveland, if I remember correctly, and he had been walking three miles every day to the public library where he could get homework help. That netted him admission to some 22 colleges, including the one he most wanted to attend. Lots of sneering about his walking 3 miles. But the point is that you can work hard and rise. Become what you dream of becoming. There are not a lot of places on this earth where you can do that. Jeff Bezos started with an idea and a car trunk full of books. The young man from Cleveland will probably be found in a few years, running some major corporation and getting rich.

Jason Riley, who happens to be black, writes for the Opinion Page at the Wall Street Journal, has a book out entitled Please Stop Helping Us. Highly recommended and available, of course, at Amazon.

Biden’s climate plan will not address gender and racial inequality by The Elephant's Child
December 28, 2020, 2:29 pm
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This was an actual headline at The Hill, and whoever wrote it should be spanked and sent to bed without any supper. According to the 2010 census (this year’s will not be available for a while) 76.3% of the American population are white, 13.4% are Black/African-American, 5.9% Asian, 1.3% American Indian or Alaska native, 18.5% Hispanic or Latino, 60.1% White alone, not Hispanic or Latino. and .02% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian. All of the blather about “white supremacy” just reflects that 60.1% of Americans are white but not Hispanic or Latino. Doesn’t refer to “superiority” at all.

Gender is a different matter. One is born with a defined gender, and attempts to change that seem to be a matter of psychology rather than actual transformation. The sticking points seems to be preferred bathrooms, and the problems that causes for those who are not confused about their gender, and of course sports. The “gentler sex” usually does not have the muscle and strength of a man and is at a disadvantage on the playing field. But lumping it in with racial inequality seems somewhat not just unfair, but inappropriate. Unless facilities choose to add “gender neutral” bathrooms, which isn’t going to go down well unless there is an alternative, attempts to cater to “preferred gender aren’t going to work and the onus will fall on those who are attempting to change their gender. Treating this as some kind of racial inequality simply will not work. Changing how the world works to cater to a tiny minority isn’t going to work either. School districts probably shouldn’t be trying to cater to every new, new thing that comes on. Forbearance and courtesy will help, but not all problems have easy solutions.

Lord Christopher Monckton Wrote a Letter to the Lancet on the “Climate Crisis” by The Elephant's Child
December 28, 2020, 12:08 pm
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I am certainly not a climate scientist, but I do study up and read everything I can to try to understand what is going on.

Lord Christopher Monckton, who was a close advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote a letter to the Lancet on the “Climate Crisis” which the Heartland Institute has made public. He does know what he is talking about. It is not long and very worth your time:

The grave error of physics that created a climate ’emergency’

It was all a big mistake. Concern about dangerous global warming arose from a grave error of physics dating back to 1984. No one had noticed until now because climate scientists had borrowed feedback mathematics from control theory, another branch of physics,without understanding it.The control theorists whose science climatologists had borrowed had not realized how it had been misused. An international team of eminent climatologists and control theorists, gathered by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, spent years hunting the error. Their 70-page scientific paper calculates that, after correcting the error, manmade global warming will be only one-third of what climate scientists had predicted. There will be too little global warming to harm us. Small, slow warming will be a good thing overall. There is no climate emergency. There never was. The trillions wasted on destroying jobs and industries can now be spent on the world’s many real environmental problems. Global warming is not among them. As a result of the error, climate scientists had thought that, though only about 1 C° –a quarter of the global warming they were predicting from doubling the CO2 in the air–came directly from the added CO2, that 1 C° of direct warming would trigger another 3 C° of extra warming, called feedback response, mostly from more water vapour–a greenhouse gas–carried in the air the CO2 had warmed. Fig. 1(a) Erroneous and (b) corrected makeup of the natural greenhouse effect. They had thought the natural greenhouse effect–the difference between the emission temperature at the surface without airborne greenhouse gases and the surface temperature in 1850, at the start of the industrial era–was 32 C°. Of this, they had thought 8 C° was direct warming driven by the pre-industrial green-house gases, to which the remaining 24 C° was feedback response (Fig. 1a). They had made two mistakes, one small, one very large. Their small mistake: they had forgotten that without greenhouse gases in the air there would be no clouds to reflect solar radiation harmlessly back to space, like a mirror. The true emission temperature – the temperature that would prevail at the surface if there were no greenhouse gases in the air at the outset–would be about 12 C° larger than they had calculated. Thus, the true natural greenhouse effect was not 32 C° but 12 C° smaller, at just 20 C°. Their very large mistake:they forgot the Sun was shining. For very nearly all of the pre-industrial feedback response until 1850–the extra warming all of which they thought had been triggered by non-condensing greenhouse gases (gases other than water vapour)–was actually triggered not by those gases but by the Sun’s warmth. In effect, they added that solar feedback response to, and miscounted it as part of, the pre-industrial greenhouse-gas feedback response, which they overstated by 3200%.

The remainder of Monckton’s letter can be found here. It’s not long, but invaluable. Joe Biden is a true believer in the “climate crisis”. He intends to make it his initial issue of prime importance. Billions of dollars worth of wind farms and solar arrays which will not produce the energy required for a modern society. He intends to make John Kerry (John Kerry!) his guru for rejoining the Paris Climate Accords which are meant to allay the nonexistent warming that’s supposed to do us all in. The Earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years, and will probably continue doing so. There are cold winters and mild winters, hot summers and mild summers. We had a vast experiment with a project in the Southern California Desert called Solyndra. An enormous array of solar cells were designed to reflect their heat on a tower that was to produce all the energy needed for a big percentage of California. Cost billions, didn’t work, killed thousands of birds, Enter that name in your search engine and see what comes up.

Japan has just committed to switching to electric automobiles in around 3 years. Mr. Toyoda, president of the Toyota Car Company, spoke out, pointing out that Japan does not have enough electricity to support all electric cars, not even close. We can get in remarkable amounts of trouble by not investigating carefully, or as I usually refer to it as “doing your homework.” It’s not what you know that’s going to get you in trouble, but what you don’t know that you don’t know.

The Christmas Truce of World War One by The Elephant's Child
December 25, 2020, 3:26 pm
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Joe Biden Apparently Wants Open Borders by The Elephant's Child
December 23, 2020, 9:48 pm
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Joe Biden has explained that he really, really believes in climate change. I’d lay odds that he has never read a single scientific article about the problem, which doesn’t seem to actually be a problem. It has been much warmer in the past. He also really, really believes in opening up the borders to welcome more illegal immigrants. Headline in American Greatness: Under Biden, the Term “Illegal Alien” may Become Illegal. Now he’s even talking about tearing down Trump’s border wall. ( Illegal Aliens can easily be persuaded to vote Democrat) A big influx of illegals hits the poorest American workers hard.

“Illegal alien” has been targeted for elimination by the anti-borders Left for several years now, and that effort will kick into high gear in a Biden presidency. One of their favorite lines of attack is the mantra “no human being is illegal,” as if identifying a person’s legal status is equivalent to dehumanizing the person. There has also been much effort to classify the term as a racial slur. This is Political Correctness 101  intended to get people thinking based on emotions, not facts.

This attack on language is a modern-day version of “newspeak” from Orwell’s 1984. Violent rioters are actually peaceful protesters. Confiscatory tax rates are “investing in our children’s future,” and illegal aliens are “undocumented immigrants.”

Do read the whole thing, it’s not long. The TDS people have been trying to blame “separation of families”, and “children in cages” separated from their parents on Trump, but that was entirely the Obama Administration. Obama even had shoes printed up, for the kids who came without shoes, with his picture inside, I guess so they would know who gave them their first shoes?

I also know someone who is convinced that the Democrats get significant donations from the Drug Cartels to look the other way at the drugs coming over our southern border. During this Covid Crisis, drug overdoses have climbed significantly as a cause of death. Whether that can be blamed on lockdowns or increased availability of drugs I have no idea. We have a lot of governors and mayors issuing orders about how to manage the Covid Crisis without much information or expertise backing up what they are doing. Pay close attention, and lets get rid of the incompetents next time.

In the meantime, the Border Patrol is doing an outstanding job under difficult circumstances. Child trafficking is a real problem, and not all the people who are trying to get in would be a particularly good addition to our society.

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