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Please feel free to use these graphics & photoshops to mock Democrats and promote conservatism — that’s what we made them for after all.  Tweet them! Share them! Post them far and wide! All we ask is that you give us credit and link love.  And sorry, but they’re  for non-commercial use only. [click pictures to enlarge]

Obama Days Without Terrorist Attack

Safety First! Days Without a Terrorist Attack. From Obama Fails His Most Important Job.

Abject Propaganda

What AP really stands for.

Booker T Washington Republican

Booker T. Washington, Republican.

North by Northwest

Drone by Northwest. From Secrecy, Conspiracy, Rumors and a Lack of Transparency.


From Feinstein Tries to Ban 150 Types of Guns; Public Rushes to Buy Them.

Pelosi Cassandra

Nancy Pelosi as Cassandra from Dr. Who.

From President Obama’s Really, Really Bad Math.

From A Joke in Search of a Punchline.

From I’m rather having fun with this.

From Anything but the issues.

From Irony Defined.

From Bambam Needs a New Campaign Slogan.

Al’s new gig ain’t goin so well. From This is Leaning Forward?

Newt & Nancy 2012 from Caption Contest.

Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama as Dr. Evil and Mini Me, from Welcome Back, Carter.

JournOlist, We Collude, You Comply.

Obamaturf from Astroturfing for Obama.

MSNBC, the place for pallor.

Obama V

Don’t ask any questions that would portray him in a negative light, from “V” the Mini-Series Being Re-Written…

John Conyers from Rampant Democratic Corruption.

abc NEWS 2

The new ABC News logo, from the Ministry of Truth.

The Doctor Will See You

“The Doctor will see you…next year’ from Obamacare.

Nancy Pelosi Liar Liar pants on fire

Nancy Pelosi, Liar Liar Pants on Fire.


The Schmuckster from The Fix is In.

Your tax dollars at work (and your children’s and their children’s and their…) from New Obama Stimulus Logo.


Joe Depot from Lies, Mistatements, Obfuscations and Joe-foolery.

Obamazombies from Dawn of the Dead.

Dawn of the Democrats from Vote Fraud Triple-Play.

American Elephants in the Olympics.

Michael Bloomberg's New York

Michael Bloomberg’s New York, from The Mayor of Simpleton.

Obama Socialism.. Obama Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here ..Obama Big Brother is Watching You

Truth in advertising.

NBC Olympics China

Just whose side are they on?

Nancy Pelosi Book Without Power Nancy Pelosi Book Surrendering Power Nancy Pelosi Book Abusing Power

Tales of Totalitarianism from, Saving the Planet — At Freedom’s Expense.

Jimmy Carter Barack Obama Energy Policy

From JAMES EARL OBAMA: 30 Years of Democrats’ Energy Obstruction.

The official New York headquarters of the Barack Obama Campaign

The official New York headquarters of the Barack Obama Campaign, from In the Tank!

Obama Kerry 08

Obama/Kerry 08 Campaign Sign from The Passing of the Spatula.

Barack Obama Liar Liar

From Obama Lies His Ass Off — Blames it on Republicans!

Barack Obama with Foreign Policy Adviser Winnie the Pooh

Barack Obama with his Foreign Policy Adviser, Winne the Pooh, from Winnie the Pooh and Ahmadinejad Too!

New Democrat Party Logo Donkey

The new Democrat Party Logo, from Democrat Party Calls for Seizing Refining Industry.

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Good Job!

I am also a photoshop expert! 2 conservative ones!! I was feeling very lonely!

Also webmaster for



Comment by Dolores

Well, thank you very much for the compliment, Dolores. But I can see your expertise easily outstrips mine. I am just a beginner.


Comment by American Elephant



Comment by Connor Trimble

Brain washed fox zombies…. Amazing


Comment by Connor Trimble

Well, thank you Connor, I don’t know if the Photoshop is “Amazing” or not, but it’s is pretty good if we do say so ourselves.

But no, the zombies are clearly Obama supporters and since we all know Obama and his supporters viciously oppose the mere existence of even one network that does not regurgitate official leftist talking points, and thus would never even consider watching or reading a source that actually presents the views of both sides, it becomes patently obvious that the Obama Zombies are not open minded enough to watch FOX News. But you are correct that they are brain washed.

And I’m sorry to hear that you are racist. It’s very brave of you to confess. Alas, it is so common on the left, it’s hardly unexpected. But, as they say, admitting you have the problem is half the battle! Keep coming back to American Elephants and we will do our best to cure you of your hate and racism! We may even be able to teach you to write in complete sentences and formulate email addresses without expletives!

Thanks for visiting American Elephants!


Comment by American Elephant

please i don’t hate republicans its just you guys lie so much and are so hypercritical it is funny.


Comment by Connor

We “lie so much” that you cant provide any examples?

Unlike you, when we accuse people of lying, we can actually prove it.

Why dont you cite where we’ve lied and back it up, and while you’re at it, you can explain how it is that you concluded that we are racists when we know that we are not?


Comment by American Elephant

this whole page is utter *#&*!*##* obama has done nothing but help the nation recover from 8 years of bush look deep inside and see what republicans are realy doing making abortion elegal even in cases of rape and incest not to mention the 23 percent tax on allmost every thing o and increasing taxes for middle class and cutting millionaires taxes


Comment by logan a responsible democrat

Sorry, logan, You are deeply misinformed. Obama has spent more in his first year and a half than the cost of the entire Iraq War. Democrats falsely claimed that Bush tax cuts were only for “the rich” but that was false. The bottom 45% of taxpayers no longer pay taxes. The middle class got a much bigger tax cut that the so-called rich. I say “so-called” because over 45% of small businesses organized as sole-proprietors, partnerships or sub-chapter S corporations who report their taxes as individuals ARE “the rich.” You might look for a book at the library called “The Millionaire Next Door,” it would help you to know what you are talking about. Abortion is legal. Roe v Wade was improperly decided by a Supreme Court that found something in the Constitution that was never there. Republicans believe it should be a state matter, and as far as I know have never demanded that it be banned in cases of rape or incest.

I have no idea what 23% tax you are talking about. Most people who pay taxes pay closer to half their income in taxes. Republicans want to lower your taxes. Democrats plan to increase them. Obama believed in Keynesian economics, which has been a complete failure. Unemployment, just before the Democrats took over the House of Representatives in 2006 was 4.4%, Real GDP was 3% a year, The S&P 500 was 7% higher than when Bush took office. And the average person was making 9% more in real terms than before Bush took office.
These are facts. You can look it up.

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

[…] Photoshops […]


Pingback by Obamacare Strikes Again « American Elephants

[…] American Elephant created this Photoshop revolving around the “We Can Solve It” PSA. Clearly they misconstrued the ad […]


Pingback by Michelle Malkin » Gingrich Regrets That Everybody Misconstrued His Pelosi Climate Change Ad

It’s laughable, in a sad way, how the statist drones (i.e. Connor & Logan) so easily and unwittingly confirm the “Obamazombie” mindless follower caricature, especially when they so vigorously, yet futilely, attempt to repudiate it.

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to live in their brains for a day. Frightening prospect.

For a historical refresher, Mssrs. Logan and Connor, watch here:

Cuba sings songs to Fidel Castro as does North Korea to Kim Jong Il… not exactly role models but excellent examples of totalitarian regimes with gullible, beguiled, and yes, enslaved masses.

Wake up, leftist zombies!


Comment by heir2freedom

I had never seen that one before. It will probably give me nightmares! I know what you mean about laughable. Look for Tom Wolfe”s essay— “Radical Chic.” I just reread it, and it explains (sort of) a lot.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Do you want another piece of art for your collection? This is a parody I did on Michelle Obama’s gardening book in October, 2011. No credit is needed.


Comment by @dapper1

Love it, Dapper! :^)


Comment by American Elephant

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