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In 1982’s Poltergeist, Steven Spielberg and director Tobe Hooper reintroduced the world to the haunted house. One reason the movie is so spectacularly spooky is because that haunted house is no longer the deserted, dilapidated Victorian on the hill — it’s right smack in the middle of the modern housing development. It’s the house just down the street, or it’s the house right next door, or it could very well be the house you’re in right now.

A few bizarre yet amusing supernatural events quickly turn into all-out paranormal war on the Freeling family in a classic horror film that still thrills and chills just as much today as it ever did.

Poltergeist somehow eecked out a PG rating (it may have been before PG-13 was invented), but the truly scary nature, language and brief drug use make a PG-13 rating seem more appropriate.

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