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What is this “Social Justice” Thing? by The Elephant's Child

Everybody, or at least all Liberals, seem to talk about “Social Justice” all the time, but what do they mean by that? What is social justice?

We have a Constitution that has served us well for 228 years, and in all that time has been amended only 27 times. We have laws and courts that, for the most part, administer the law fairly, and when it isn’t fair, we try to fix it. Leave it to the Left to come up with a whole new kind of “justice” that will better serve their feelings. Now they are trying to expand social justice to environmental justice and economic justice. Make everybody absolutely equal except for us important people in the progressive aristocracy, who will administer the justice. It is of course, hogwash.

Jonah Goldberg explains the hidden agenda behind the words, and it is not either noble nor caring, and turns out to be something that is clearly — not just at all.


Raising the “Social Cost” of Carbon? Hidden In a Minor Rule. by The Elephant's Child

Now that we have established, once again, that the climate models cannot predict anything, and that increases in CO2 don’t cause warming temperatures, but warming temperatures cause increases in CO2 — Obama has quietly raised the ‘carbon price’ to combat climate change.

This was buried in a little-noticed rule on microwave ovens. [Now what are they doing to our microwaves?] It is a change in the U.S. government’s accounting for carbon emissions that can have wide-ranging implications for everything from power plants to the Keystone XL pipeline.

The increase in the so-called ‘social cost’ of carbon to $38 a metric ton in 2015, from $23.80 adjusts the calculation the government uses to weigh costs and benefits of proposed regulations. This is meant to approximate the losses from global warming such as flood damage and diminished crops. “Cult science!”

And “cult science” leads to “cult math.” Anything from new mileage standards to clean energy loans will seem more valuable in its cost-benefit analysis.  Environmentalists, or cult scientists, can use the cost-benefit analysis to fight projects that they oppose, like the Keystone XL pipeline , or any coal mining on public lands. That these projects would create thousands of highly paid jobs, and plentiful cheap energy can now be attacked on the basis of cost-benefit analysis based on false figures. The cult science folks won’t give up easily.

As we learn that climate damage is worse and worse, there is no direction they could go but up,” Laurie Johnson, chief economist for climate at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said in an interview. Johnson says the administration should go further; she estimates the carbon cost could be as much as $266 a ton.

This sort of thing is supposed to be opened to public comment, but the Obama administration often does things behind closed doors. That’s why they are so embroiled in scandals. Expect it to get worse. Obama will attempt to get what he wants through executive order and regulation.  The EPA will have all sorts of rules coming up to deprive us of cheap efficient power and force us into dependence on expensive, inefficient wind and solar.

Obama is determined that one of his great accomplishments will be saving us from the rise of the oceans and beginning the healing of the planet. The attempt to force us to rely on “clean energy” from wind and solar will collapse, because the technologies won’t work — wind is too intermittent and solar is too diffuse, and we an only make them useful at all by supporting them with ordinary energy.

Yes, There Are a Few Things He Forgot To Mention. by The Elephant's Child

The campaign just completed was one of the most dishonest I can ever remember. Obama’s standard campaign speech was one big whopper after another — so of course he claimed a mandate from the public for his desire to tax “the rich.” (I won!)  Democrats are always sure that will work perfectly to bring in lots more revenue because rates were higher under Bill Clinton and he had a surplus. Right? The dot-com bubble has apparently slipped stealthily away down the memory hole.

Obama not only did not tell anyone what he intended to do in a second term, he tried valiantly to prevent anyone from finding out. • “Obama Administration Hid Record Food stamp Numbers Until After Election” but now that the election is over, things are either being announced or leaking out. •”Interior Department Blocks Access to 1.6 Million Acres of Oil in the West“•”FBI Agents were Outraged That Obama Decided to Delay Petraeus’ Resignation” • “Report: EPA Delaying Job-Killing Regulations to Aid Obama Re-Election“• “Hours After Obama Victory—Administration Backs UN Arms Treaty.” •”State Department grants senators 2-day access to Benghazi documents while they’re out of town.” •”Ten Little-Known Consequences of a Second Obama Term.”• “War Plans for Mali Leaked.“• “Russia Demands U.S. Flexibility on Missile Defense” •”Obama To Defense Contractors: Skip The Pink Slips.”

You heard all these policies and regulations being debated and explained by the Obama campaign, didn’t you? And you knew all about Valerie •”Jarrett’s Secret Talks Raise Questions About Obama’s Intentions,” and •”Obama Administration Hid Secret Meetings With Iran From Israel,“and •”Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline: took 19 hours to respond.” And to cap it all off, there’s •”Al Qaeda Weighs In on the Post-Election Landscape.”

So you see the campaign was all about whether or not we wanted Obama to tax the rich and not tax the rest of us, and about what a really horrible person Mitt Romney is.  So of course we gave Obama a “mandate” to raise taxes on the nasty rich people, and it’s just a surprise that  he sort of forgot to tell us about the rest of this stuff. I wonder what else he forgot to tell us about?

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