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Uncommon Knowledge and Historian Andrew Roberts on “The Storm of War” by The Elephant's Child

The Storm of War by British historian Andrew Roberts is a new history of the Second World War.  Host Peter Robinson, a Hoover Institute Research Fellow, is a wonderful interviewer, and Roberts is a fascinating subject.  He explores the incidents and events that led up to the war, how easily it all could have gone differently, and the huge mistakes that changed the course of the war.  It was a close-run thing.  Churchill and Britain bought time for the Allies to rearm, having been convinced that the First World War was indeed the war to end all wars, and military preparedness was unneeded.

Roberts has had access to a private collection of papers and diaries from the war that had not previously been available, and what he learned from those was the impetus for what might be questioned as why another history of the War when there have been so many? It is a new and fresh consideration of motives and events.  I have many books on the war, and I watched this interview absolutely enthralled.  Enjoy.


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