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The President Wants To Change The Subject. Please! by The Elephant's Child

The beleaguered Obama administration is anxious to change the national dialogue. Enough with the Benghazi, IRS, and Veterans Administration scandal talk. No more distractions about foreign policy and Russia, Crimea,
Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Israel, China.

Let’s change the subject to ‘The National Climate Assessment.’ If you are going to be scared, be scared about ‘Climate Change:’ “Due to Climate Change, THE WEATHER IS GETTING MORE EXTREME. Temperatures are rising across the United States. Temperatures from 2001 to 2012 were warmer than any previous decade in every region.”

Well, no it’s not. There has been no warming whatsoever in seventeen years and 9 months. None. The sun has gone quiet. It snowed this weekend in the Rockies with 5″ in Denver, and heat waves elsewhere. It’s called weather. Climate is a statistic about worldwide temperatures.

The president fulminates about carbon pollution, but carbon is not a pollutant but one of the building blocks of life. If you eliminated carbon, you would eliminate life. Those who object to the politicization of climate are referred to as ‘deniers,’ or the slightly better ‘skeptics,’ and regarded with horror by the true-believers. Here is the “Skeptic’s Case” — Climate Change in 12 minutes from Dr. David Evans.

and another is the 50 to 1 video:

Which examines the true cost of climate change. Can we stop it? What is the cost? Or can we just adapt to whatever change there is as untold generations have? And what is the right temperature anyway?

Or if you have  time for an hour-long movie, here is The Great Global Warming Swindle, aired on BBC in 2007 which is way more interesting, but longer:


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