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Time to Write to Your Congressmen Again! by The Elephant's Child
August 16, 2021, 11:58 pm
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Congress cannot seem to help doing things with big pricetags, some of them rather startling. As I frequently mention, the federal government has no money of it’s own, which doesn’t stop them from thinking of our tax dollars as their own available funds. And that is why we really do have to ride herd on them carefully. This headline, however, from National Review, startled me.“House Democrats Pass Bill to Pay for Abortions around the Globe with U.S. Tax Dollars.”

I don’t know if you are pro-abortion or anti-abortion, but the idea that we just have to pay for the rest of the world’s abortions seems a bit much! What can they possibly be thinking? There are many Americans for whom abortion is deeply offensive, for many on a religious basis. And it is a serious matter not to be treated lightly. We vote for our senators on a statewide basis, but the representatives on a district basis, so we have a little more control over the representatives. Do they think the world is getting overpopulated? And if so, who appointed them?

I cannot imagine why they would think this a proper use of tax dollars. If you are offended, let your representatives know. If you don’t know how, scroll down a ways, I explained in an earlier post just how to write to your congresspeople. They get back in Washington DC and politics seems to stop being responsible to the wishes of their districts, and more just a political thing. subject to party politics rather than their states and rather than what is correct for the nation. Granted, they are only human, just like the rest of us, and imperfect, but really!

When they are in the nation’s capitol, they are inclined to start thinking of themselves as more important than they are, and more entitled than they are, and we have to keep an eye on them! And let them know that we are, indeed, keeping an eye on them.

It’s Panic Time At Planned Parenthood! by The Elephant's Child

Planned Parenthood is in full panic mode. The organization’s involvement in the trafficking of aborted baby organs has gained so much attention in the news, and in Congress, that Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, felt compelled to appear on ABC’s This Week on Sunday to defend the organization.It didn’t really go well.

Richards claimed repeatedly that the videos that have been released were heavily edited, but the full versions were released at the same time as the condensed versions. Richards also claimed that Planned Parenthood does not receive any financial benefit for “donating” fetal human organs for biotech research. She claimed it was just the cost of shipping the fetal material to the research institutions. But their own officials make it clear that this is not so. Medical sources say the need for fetal specimens for “research” is outdated and stem cell research is concentrating on adult stem cells, though some haven’t updated their research methods.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-26-at-6.41.14-PM-489x650It has also been reported that Planned Parenthood is advertising for paid demonstrators — “Activist Jobs”to “earn $1,600 – $2,500 a month to oppose attacks on healthcare access, expand reproductive rights and keep birth control affordable.”

Planned Parenthood has hired the Democratic SKDKnickerbocker PR firm to handle the public relations effort surrounding the growing organ trafficking scandal.

The group has circulated a memo to reporters and producers late Monday to discourage them from airing the undercover videos, claiming they were obtained under false identification and violated patient privacy. If you wonder why some liberal outlets are avoiding the story completely — that’s why.

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