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One small victory in the war on Christianity (and reason) by American Elephant

Jesus Christ

In their never-ending war on all things Christian in public, the ACLU has been gunning for an unassuming portrait of Jesus Christ in a small city courthouse in Slidell, Louisiana. The portrait, which depicts Jesus presenting the New Testament has hung above the words, “To know peace, obey these laws,” for more than a decade.

The ACLU filed suit claiming the portrait violated the non-existent, “separation of Church and State,” clause of  the Constitution.

In an effort to compromise, the city added portraits of 15 of history’s other most prominent lawgivers including those of Mohammed (who is shown holding the Koran), Charlemagne, Confuscius, Moses, Hammurabi, Napoleon, Sir William Blackstone and King Louis IX of France.

Naturally, that wasn’t good enough for the ACLU — Jesus, and only Jesus, had to go. They pressed on with their lawsuit.

“We did not file this lawsuit because the ACLU is anti-religion,”… said Vincent Booth, president and acting executive director of the Louisiana ACLU chapter. [read more]

Clearly not. If they were anti-religion they would have sued to remove the portrait of Mohammad as well. Clearly, they are just anti-Christian. (This is news to anyone?)

A Federal Judge ruled against the ACLU yesterday:

“The court today recognized that the First Amendment allows public officials, and not the ACLU, to determine what is appropriate for acknowledging our nation’s legal and cultural heritage,” said Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Christian legal group Alliance Defense Fund, in a statement Friday.

“The ACLU’s sole and stated objective in this case was to have the Jesus painting removed. But the Constitution does not prohibit public buildings from memorializing great figures from our history.”…

“It’s sad that we’ve reached a point where such images have to be defended,” ADF’s Johnson said. “The ruling today is believed to be the first-ever federal court decision to specifically review and uphold as constitutional an image of an adult Jesus on public display.” [read more]

Finally, reason has prevailed. (HT/Reformed Chicks Blabbing)

…and two steps back:

The battle goes on:

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