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The World Needs a Powerful and Prosperous America Where Individual Liberty and Freedom are the Driving Forces. by The Elephant's Child

Britain’s Telegraph, by Nile Gardiner. Headline; The midterms may have saved a superpower: Americans say no to US decline.

Tonight’s emphatic conservative House victory in the US midterms is a powerful rejection of President Obama’s handling of the economy and his Big Government agenda, including his controversial healthcare reform plans. The conservative revolution has been largely spurred by disenchantment with the federal government, and a strong belief in limited government, lower taxation, and reduced public spending, as well as a desire to return to America’s Founding principles.

The Telegraph again, by Benedict Brogan.  Headline “Can David Cameron turn America’s weakness into a strength?”

Until yesterday, our ministers were under strict orders to avoid all references to America’s gargantuan deficit and to Barack Obama’s failure to address it. When Mark Hoban, the Treasury minister, dared to suggest last month that the US had taken the wrong decisions on fiscal policy, a jittery White House was on the phone to Downing Street in an instant. Why was a British politician helping the president’s enemies?The midterm elections show that Americans don’t need the Limeys to tell them something is terribly wrong with their economy, and possibly with those in charge of it. The Republican surge, and the Tea Party insurgency, have left America’s friends asking searching questions about the United States, and about how Britain should adapt in an age when the relationship may be special, but is no longer the only one that matters.

The Foreign Office is already calculating the ways in which Mr Obama’s weakness could undermine progress on all manner of fronts, from the Middle East to trade talks. In No 10, they worry not only that the US economy is in deep trouble, but that American government in all its forms is seizing up, even entering a period of long-term decline.

Der Spiegel, by Gregor Peter Schmitz.  Headline: A Settling of Accounts with Mr. Perfect.

The Democrats suffered a debacle at the polls in the US on Tuesday — and President Barack Obama is to blame. Once celebrated as a great communicator, the president has lost touch with the mood in his country. Now, he must re-invent himself. But can he succeed? (…)Obama, the great communicator, turned into the country’s lecturer-in-chief. His reforms required a vision to give them an overarching structure. But instead, Obama preferred to go on about the failures of his predecessor George W. Bush, who had long retired to his ranch in Texas. Or else he analyzed how the impact of the global recession would have been far worse without him and his economic rescue team.

His advisors seem to still believe that the public just doesn’t understand how much good Obama has achieved, from health care reform to tougher regulations for the Wall Street gamblers.

Thought you might find interesting what they’re saying in other countries.  Nile Gardiner added:

After the immense damage of the last two years, the midterms have offered the United States an opportunity to reverse course and get back on its feet. The world needs a powerful, successful, dynamic and prosperous America, where individual liberty and freedom are the driving forces, rather than the overbearing deadweight of federal government. The American people have spoken, and the White House must be held to account.


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