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When Animals ATTACK! (Your Head) by American Elephant
June 11, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Taking resembling your pet to the extreme.

What would you do if the woman in your life showed up wearing one of these? (click individual models for a larger view) (h/t OmgOwned)

Environmentalists: loving Nature to death by The Elephant's Child

Baby Orangutan and Baby Tiger Rescued in Indonesia

Al Gore has managed to scare the bureaucrats with his global warming hysteria. Ordinary people are a bit more dubious — with good reason. Legislators, city councilmen, members of congress are rushing to be seen as leaders in the fight to stop global warming. Aside from changing their light bulbs, recycling, and perhaps buying a Prius (just wait til they find out how much those new batteries cost) what can an individual do?

If you are a bureaucrat, and there’s a good fad handy, you regulate it.

According to the European Union’s climate change goals, two percent of all diesel must be vegetable oil, rising to 5.7% in 2010 and 10 percent by 2020. This makes the demand for palm oil, which is used in bio-diesel, guaranteed to increase.

This demand is met to a great extent by clear-cutting rain forests in Indonesia, to make way for palm oil plantations. As the rainforests disappear, the great apes — the orangutan — starve. They are hunted, burnt, and mutilated by workers trying to protect their crops. A charity, Borneo Orangutan Survival, now has more than 600 mostly orphaned orangutan babies. The center director estimates that they are rescuing only one-fifth of the apes. (Remember, conversely, the reason for not drilling in ANWR is supposedly to avoid annoying the caribou.)

In Europe, due to poor planning, there seems to be a shortage in the years’ grain crop. Last years’ was sold off, and land that was expected to be available has been turned over to production of bio-diesel and other industrial uses. Prices are soaring.

The fact is that there is not enough farmland in cultivation to fill both the world’s stomachs and the world’s gas tanks. There are dreams and there are pipe-dreams. It’s not always easy to tell the difference.

The EU has announced a tax of more than $70 for each return trip airfare, a tax on jet fuel for flights within the EU — doubling the cost of many budget airline flights in the belief that aviation is the fastest growing source for “greenhouse gasses.”

Naturally, all this is happening just as the case for man-made global warming is beginning to crumble. Can we regain a little common sense before environmentalists have destroyed too much woodland and wildlife?

Poor kitty! by American Elephant
August 7, 2007, 7:22 am
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poor kitty

We’ve all seen and read stories in the news lately about the rise of dog-fighting in America; horrific acts of evil perpetrated on animals for entertainment’s sake, brought to light by the indictment of Falcons’ quarterback, Michael Vick. Honestly, I hope he goes to jail.

Cock-fighting is also on the rise. Roosters with razorblades strapped to their legs, trained to fight to the death; conditioning that makes it impossible to rehabilitate the birds. Even if they are rescued alive, the roosters must be put down. That these evil contests are on the rise says something very sad about our society.

But animal cruelty manifests itself in many ways. Not all of them as blatantly heinous. If you’ve ever watched Animal Planet, you’ve seen the kind of cruelty I’m talking about–neglect. Dogs left chained up so long that their collars are digging into, and being grown over by their skin—injured animals left to suffer without veterinary care. And all sorts of treatment of trusting, helpless creatures that just breaks your heart—and if it doesn’t, something is wrong with you.

Something is apparently wrong with a great many of us. Now I am not putting the overfeeding of a pet on par with dog-fighting, violence, or even that kind of base neglect. But it is cruel. Many of these pets are so fat, they’re developing diabetes. It is neglect…neglect of the animals’ health and well-being. If you really want to show your dogs and cats how much you care for them, pay attention to their health, pay attention to their weight, talk to you vet about an appropriate amount of food, and play with your pet instead of giving it table scraps and fatty snacks. This cat doesn’t need a treat, it needs exercise! Tie a ball of paper to the end of a string and let it chase you around the house. Its good for your cat, its good for you, and it shows you respect your pet as more than an animated teddy bear—that you recognize a moral obligation to look out for your pets health and well being.

And if you can’t do those things, if you don’t have the time or inclination to make sure your pet is healthy and happy and loved, then you have no business having one. Try a nice silk plant. Valuing life is, after all, the most fundamental of conservative values.

As for the proliferation of dog and cock fighting, it is no coincidence that these fights are often associated with gang activity. Another sick symptom of some very deep ills that we must address and deal with.

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