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Did you hear about this? Of course not, the media did not report it. by The Elephant's Child

Omniclimate reports today on some important conclusions revealed at the Epica 2008 “Quaternary Climate scientific conference in Venice Italy, Nov. 10-13.  The data came from a two-mile deep ice core taken at Concordia Base in Antarctica.  This is the deepest ice core ever extracted.

Epica 2008 organizer Professor Carlo Barbante of University of Venice and Italian National Research Council’s Environmental Process Dynamics Institute said that the ice core was taken from “an area where snow accumulates…25 millimeters per year.”

According to the data, Earth has gone through 8 ice ages and 8 warm ages during the past 800,000 years.

  • “We are now in one of the warm phases.  It started 10,000 years ago and, comparing it to what there’s been [in the past] it can be seen that it’s anomalous, because it has been lasting a long time and temperatures have been very stable.”

Between 120,000 and 100,000 years ago, temperatures have been up to 5C warmer than today’s, at the upper end that is, of the IPCC’s more catastrophic scenarios (or predictions).  And just 20,000 years ago, the Earth was up to 10C colder.

  • The cyclical nature  [of temperatures] provides us with the right perspective concerning the climatic changes observed at the moment; if we don’t make the effort towards reaching a better understanding of the natural mechanisms [of climate change], it will be useless to keep trying to patch up predictions on what will happen in a century or two.”

There is more, including a graph (in Italian) for those who want their data in that form.  What this all tells us is that the climate alarmists who pay homage only to their computer models have been leading us astray for years.  And of course the media has shown no interest whatsoever.

And even more, if as we have been saying, warming and cooling of the Earth are a natural process that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, why are we trying to rearrange our whole economy and spend billions to prevent that natural warming? Do you suppose someone profits?

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