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CNN Poll: 52% Say Obama a One-Term BLUNDER! by American Elephant

You know I couldn’t pass this up!

52 percent of Americans said President Barack Obama doesn’t deserve reelection in 2012, according to a new poll.

Show your support for change! (in 2012) Show your support for capitalism! Get the gear here!

One Term Blunder Bumper Sticker
One Term Blunder ShirtObama Blunder Button

The Bumper Sticker to Unite America by American Elephant

One Term Blunder Bumper Sticker

It’s hardly news that Barack Obama is deeply unpopular with conservatives, independents and all constitution-loving, liberty-loving patriots everywhere.  But now even the liberal left, impatient to have their minority, dictatorial will shoved down Americans’ unwilling throats, is grumbling about running a candidate against Obama in the Democratic primary.

Finally! Something we can all agree on: Obama has GOT to GO!

Most Americans disapprove of him because he is too dictatorial, nationalizing private industry like Hugo Chavez on crack, liberals are angry because he isn’t dictatorial enough. I say, why quibble over details!? Let’s unite behind the bigger idea and kick this incompetent commie to the curb!

Electing Obama to the presidency was an enormous, catastrophic BLUNDER that we and our posterity will be paying for for generations to come. You know it, I know it, heck, even he knows it — he just doesn’t care. So, be the first on your block to get the bumper sticker! (Also available in t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, bags, yard signs, protest signs, coffee mugs, doggy t’s and more!)

One Term Blunder ShirtObama Blunder Button

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