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Utah to US: Give us Back Our Land! by American Elephant
March 5, 2010, 9:01 am
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Lawmakers in Utah, where the federal government owns approximately 70% of the land, are using eminent domain laws to seize their land back from Uncle Sam.

They argue that states never ceded the powers of eminent domain to the federal government, it’s certainly nowhere to be found in the Constitution, and therefore states still retain sovereignty over all the lands within their borders. If that is the case, then the controversial Kelo decision by the Supreme Court should mean that a state can use eminent domain to take land back from the federal government for use for another purpose. The reasoning seems sound to me. Courts will be under tremendous pressure from the left to find otherwise. If states can take back land that the federal government now owns, then prepare for drilling at ANWR for one thing. If they cannot, then what really is the point of having states at all? Delegation? I rather think that’s how the left sees it.

A case we will all undoubtedly be hearing a great deal about in the future.

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Let’s get real. Drill. by The Elephant's Child

ANWR coastal plain

If you believe, as I do, that the price of gasoline at the pump is high largely because the Democrats in Congress have for decades refused to allow us to drill for our own oil reserves; you must let Congress know how you feel. A good percentage of members of Congress do not buy their own gas, or their own groceries, and have no appreciation for the pressures on the family budget.

Contact your representatives and senators by going to: or, click on representatives or senators, and you can find them by clicking on your state. Be polite, but firm. You have no idea how many excuses they can come up with. They need to hear from you. Write, call, e-mail. If you think that a congress that cannot even manage their own dining room can run refineries, you are really living in cloud cuckoo land.

The Democrats are deeply in debt to the environmental organizations, and pressured to do their bidding. There are no viable environmental ideas to avoid drilling. Rigs on the outer continental shelf cannot be seen from the beach. Fish love the drilling platforms as catch around the Louisiana rigs attests. The area of ANWR where they want to drill is not a “pristine wilderness”, but mosquito-laden mudflats. Go to Google Images, and enter ANWR coastal plain ( be sure to include “coastal plain” which is where they want to drill, not the beautiful part of the wildlife reserve) and investigate for yourself. The caribou love the pipeline from Prudhoe, for they can rub up against the supports and scratch. The drilling area is the size of an airport in an area the size of South Carolina, and would see activity only in the winter when wildlife is absent.

Above all, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is not the cause of global warming, and there isn’t really any reason to restrict it. If it increases, it makes plants grow faster, and is a good thing.

Remember that the planet has not warmed in the last decade — at all. In the past five years, it has cooled. Nobody knows what this means for the future, but if we are in for a real period of cooling, which is possible, we are going to need more energy, and not just for our SUVs.

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