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End all single-family zoning because of racism. by The Elephant's Child
April 10, 2021, 7:32 pm
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Did you know that President Biden’s big “Infrastructure” Bill is aimed at ending single-family zoning? Get rid of those “exclusionary” suburbs and get everybody into apartment living. Back in the 2020 presidential campaign this was brought up, and then Biden went silent on it and the Democrat press denied that he had any designs on single-family zoning at all. President Biden calls it “exclusionary zoning.” And , of course, assumes that it all has a racist basis.

How did “racism” come to be such a hot-button issue?

Joe Biden insisted that he was going to choose a black woman as his vice president, and chose Camilla Harris. He has also chosen his cabinet members and advisers not on what we would normally call their qualifications, but for some “inclusionary” goal. See, see, I am not prejudiced at all, see who I have appointed. There are some clearly selected for their “inclusionary” role, when one would feel more confident were they chosen for their skills.

A remarkable lot of silly stuff going on. The outrageous flap over Georgia’s voting regulations was ridiculous. The regulations were changed slightly to be more inclusive and responsive to voter needs, while demanding I.D. for simple identification. Most of those screeching about how biased the new regulations were, were completely unaware that they only called for I.D. for simple identification as someone who was entitled to vote in that precinct. Certainly nothing exclusionary at all. Those who got so indignant from Baseball management to Coca Cola and Delta Airlines, did not bother to look into the regulations enough to find out what they actually required, and made themselves look like fools.

There is, or should be, more emphasis in our schools on looking stuff up, just knowing what you are talking about. Or maybe kids do their homework in school and don’t get the lesson that you have to do your homework throughout life. Trying to make everyone equal in their lifestyles as well as their influence us the very definition of Socialism. And Socialism just doesn’t work either.

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