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Wednesday Stack of Stuff by American Elephant

Part of the problem with blogging is that there are so many interesting storied to write about, and nowhere near enough time to write about them all. Here’s just some of the stories catching my attention:

How will Obama block it? — “New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US”

Heh heh — AOL Buys HuffPo, stock takes $315 million dive

Jennifer Rubin“Obamacare Support Melting Away”

iBubble? —¬† “Apple is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts”

First GOP Senate pick up?“Webb won’t seek re-election”

Gallup — Poll: Obama 68% disapproval on Defecit

Progressive Control Freaks¬† still controlling — Boston to ban smoking in parks?

Most corrupt administration ever #1 — Obama fired another investigator for doing his job.

Most corrupt administration ever #2 — Emanuel/Blagojevich phone calls conveniently go missing

NASA shock — New 3D photographs reveal Sun looks remarkably the same from all sides

Huffpo Pals Around With Terrorists by American Elephant

The new status symbol among freedom-loathing liberals everywhere? None other than Barack Obama’s own America-bombing, Stalinist mentor and partner in pro-communist education indoctrination reform, Bill Ayers.

The Huffpo’s got him! It’s the “in” thing.

He’s as lovely as ever. He says, were it up to him, he would have installed Noam Chomsky at State and his own murderous wife to head the Department of… wait for it… Justice! (But our “progressive” readers need not worry, he approves of Komrade Obama’s nominees just the same.)

His column is largely about education, and while he writes disarmingly of “democratic education” and teaching our children to “think for themselves,” his career teaching America’s educators how to teach proves he is interested in precisely the opposite: a radical all-encompassing propaganda campaign to brain-wash your children into believing that America and capitalism are evil and communism is good.

It’s no wonder the Huffpo wanted him!

A weekly column by Kim Jong Il is reportedly still in the works.

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