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Last minute guidance for voters. by The Elephant's Child

Most websites that include politics have last minute advice, but it is noticeable.  Everybody’s exhausted.  Too many polls, too many ads, too many mailers, too much spin, too many lies and too much emotion.

Voting is far too serious a matter to be done on the basis of emotion. This is not a popularity contest, or it shouldn’t be.  There is a lot of trouble on the horizon, and we are electing people to deal with it as our representatives.  To be our servants.  They are going to work for us. Have you considered their applications carefully?  Have you studied their resumés and looked for the real meaning behind the carefully chosen words?

Here is the best Election ’08 Backgrounder I have seen, from Investors Business Daily.  A checklist, if you will, of things you should consider before you go to the polls.  And there are links to further information if you want it.  I hope this helps.

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