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Obama’s Top Priorities are Pure Hooey! by The Elephant's Child

According to “the Energy Daily” President Obama said this week that “one of his top priorities for 2011 would be getting Congress to pass legislation to reduce on fossil fuels.”

“Obama also contended that while energy legislation has not moved this year, his administration still had made significant progress on key efficiency and renewable energy objectives, including higher automobile fuel economy standards and major federal investments in the expansion of U.S. wind, solar and other clean energy sectors.”

Those “top priorities” are all about reducing a trace gas, amounting to less than 1/400th part of a single percentage point by volume of the atmosphere which is branded  by some as the “great Satan.” Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars  in consequence continue to be squandered uselessly.

Higher fuel economy standards (CAFE standards) force automobile companies to make and sell small “fuel efficient” cars at a loss, so that they can make and sell the cars that Americans want to buy.  Congressional lack of understanding of the basic laws of supply and demand have sent the car companies into bankruptcy, and promise to keep GM as a governmental owned basket case for the foreseeable future.

Major federal investments in the expansion of U.S. wind, solar and other “clean energy” sectors ignore the fact that there is no net energy produced by wind nor solar. America requires power that goes on when you turn a switch.

Wind operates only when the wind blows at the right speed — not too softly, not too strong — which happens less than 1/3 of the time, and may not happen for days.  The sun, of course, goes down at night — but here in Seattle we are accustomed to seeing it only occasionally. Not a lot of big solar arrays around here.   To produce dependable power, either wind or solar depends on having full-time backup from a regular (coal or natural gas fired) power plant.

Lobbyists and promoters talk about “capacity” which means how much power the turbine or array would produce if the wind were blowing at just the right speed or the sun were shining brightly all the time.  So, naturally the government is planning a mandate to force you to buy wind power.

I don’t know if the President is a true-believer in “clean energy,” or if this is just payback to Big Green for their campaign support.  He presents himself as a true-believer.  But it would be a start if he could just get it through his head that “foreign oil” powers our transportation sector, not our electric sector.  We are not short of fuels for our electric power plants. We have something like a 300 year supply of coal, and new methods of extracting shale gas have transformed both our natural gas supply but Canada’s as well. And “foreign oil” is a commodity that is traded internationally.  We export some of our oil.

This is the ultimate “the emperor has no clothes” story.  Imagine the reverberations were governments to admit that they have been patsies,  gullible fools, and disastrously careless with taxpayer funds.  They have wasted billions, hundreds of billions, in pursuit of goals that are only fantasy.  Do you think the U.S. Congress is going to say “Ooops, sorry, we bankrupted the car industry with the environmentalist movement’s demands for CAFE standards,” and it didn’t keep one bit of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and if it had entered the atmosphere — it wouldn’t have made any difference.  You think Obama will apologize for all the funding of wind farms and electric cars?

Have you heard the government or the EPA apologize for the cost of banning DDT— estimated at three billion lives, and counting?

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