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Obama’s “Official Business” Tour of the Battleground States! by The Elephant's Child

President Obama set out today on his “official business” Midwestern bus tour. The “official business” seems to be blasting Republicans at every stop, extolling the plans about how to create jobs that he was going to figure out just as soon as he got back to the White House. You know, the ones he hasn’t come up with in 2½ years.

White House officials (Jay Carney) have repeatedly insisted that Obama’s tour through the Midwest is “official business,” but it is fairly obviously a campaign tour that they are billing to the taxpayers. You can tell that it’s “official business” because the president has no tie on and has rolled up his sleeves — always a sign that someone means business.

He said that he hopes”when Congress gets back in September, they’re going to have a new attitude.”

He criticized gridlock and Republican intransigence and told the crowd that he was there “to enlist you in a fight.  We are fighting for the future of this country, and that’s a fight we are going to win.”

The White House was adamant in the days before the trip that the president was not campaigning, but doing his job by getting out into the country.  White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One that:

To suggest that any time the president leaves Washington it’s a political trip would mean that presidents could never leave unless they were physically campaigning on their own behalf, and he’s not; he’s out here doing his job and meeting with the American people.

Well, sure, that’s just the kind of bus that presidents always travel around in when conducting the official business of the United States of America. And celebrating yourself is not usually called “official business.” Though since it’s Obama, that’s probably how he thinks of it. I thought that the one billion dollars Obama was raising for campaign funds was supposed to pay for campaign events.

Obama said he was going to have a plan ready for Republicans when they got back from vacation on creating jobs and reducing the debt.  A good start, admittedly tiny in proportion to the massive debt Obama has created, would be to pay for his own campaign swing.

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