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A Summing-Up of the Occupy Movement from Fox News by The Elephant's Child

You almost have to feel a little sorry for the Occupy young people.  They are so young and stupid. They have no knowledge of history, or they would be aware that socialism has been a dreadful failure everywhere and every time it has been tried.

They rage against capitalism without any understanding of what ‘capitalism ‘ is — simply the name Karl Marx gave to the workings of the free market. They assume their own jobless state or the student loans they took out are the result of something other mean people have done to them rather than something that results from poor choices on their own part. Aside from lessons in history and economics, they seem to have missed some of the standard guardrails of life like “there’s no free lunch,” or “a penny saved is a penny earned” and “life isn’t fair.”

All the old socialists and communists  turned up to offer encouragement and pamphlets, but I notice that they are visibly absent when confrontations begin.  The idea of “revolution” has always been appealing to the young and idealistic when the hormones are raging.

Another clash on New Year’s Eve in Zuccotti park, when the Occupy bunch tried tear down the barriers and re-occupy the place. The Left clearly expected something a little — um, nobler, when expressing their support for the movement, but they can’t help themselves, they love the idea of revolution. The reality is something they only want to support from a distance.

I’m afraid that the interest in Occupy theatrics has waned, and they’ve become simply tiresome and rather pathetic. “Occupied Zuccotti Park” isn’t something I’d recommend putting on your resume. Irving Kristol once wrote something appropriate:

In every society the overwhelming majority of people live lives of considerable frustration and if society is to endure, it needs to rely on a goodly measure of stoical resignation.

That’s the problem. The Left has never understood human nature nor accepted the flawed nature of man. They go off dreaming of utopian solutions and try to fix the unfixable with ever more rules and regulations. Sorry, the rich are not going to pay your bills, nor will they offer you a job — they’ll applaud while you man the barricades, but don’t expect anything more.

New and Exciting or Just Plain Tiresome? by The Elephant's Child
October 17, 2011, 9:21 pm
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Here in Seattle, the “Occupy” people were rousted out of their tents and sleeping bags at 7:00 am, removed from Westlake Park, those resisting were arrested, and parks workers moved in to clean up. The assorted Occupy something-or-other protests continue to dominate the news, apparently largely because the mainstream media have been helping the Occupy movement all along.

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan has warned occupiers that they shouldn’t issue demands: “the focus on simple shared principle  and intent to align with all who agree with that principle is a unique strength” he advised.  The rest of the unbiased media has been helping as well. You will not find mainstream media accounts of incidents of anti-Semitism, verbal abuse of Jews and signs like the ones cited by Investors: “Google the following: Wall St. Jews, Jewish billionaires, Jews & Federal Reserve Bank.”The Press has been attempting to magnify their significance. Of course, demonstrations provide some excitement and something different, but emails advising them what to say, is perhaps a little questionable?

The celebrities who routinely turn up at any demonstration are out in force.  They apparently see the Occupy protests as a counter to the Tea Party protests. But the Tea Party protests had time limits because the participants had to get back to their jobs, so they cleaned up everything and left the venue as tidy as it was before they demonstrated.

The Occupy spokesmen selected to speak seem earnest, sincere and remarkably ill-informed. They emote Marxist propaganda, undoubtedly learned in their universities and bleat about the horrors of Capitalism, without any grasp of what Capitalism is — which is simply Karl Marx’s name for the natural workings of the free market. Communism has been tried in one country after another at a cost of way more than one hundred million of their own citizens, executed in an attempt to make their brave new world work by force.

It is always interesting when a protest starts with some angry young people with cardboard signs and drums, then the anarchists turn up, Michael Moore turns up, and Susan Sarandon, then the communists arrive — especially the old line true-believers, and eventually the Nazis, and the homeless, and it gradually becomes an incoherent mess, well equipped with computers, cell phones, expensive tents, cardboard signs and drugs — and they expect us to accept their ramblings as “significant.”

There are somewhere around 330 million people in this country, each pursuing their individual self interest. There are trillions of financial transactions taking place each day. None of those take place without a willing buyer and a willing seller. We put a government in place to try to keep all that reasonably honest, safe and fair, without infringing on anyone’s liberty. And a bunch of kids who have taken on too much in student loans, and have no jobs, want the economy fixed so the rich people have to give them their money, so things are fair.

Steve Jobs is supposed to have left a 7 billion fortune.  How is that fair? Well, other than helping his company to develop those ipads and iphones and laptops that the protesters are using, and making his company the most successful in the world, why is it not fair? His contributions were large. What are the contributions of the protesters? Each one of them has the same opportunity to get a job, work hard and try to make something of themselves. Why is that not fair?

Zuccotti Park has a media center, and a kitchen center. Last night’s dinner was prepared by a dumpster-diving group.  It is a tourist attraction. I wonder how long it will continue to be fun? Probably just till the weather turns.

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