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Japan Dumps Kyoto Protocol. by The Elephant's Child

At the Cancún climate change summit: Japan has refused to extend the Kyoto protocol.  The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Japan in 1997 as a binding international treaty that requires most of the world’s riches countries to make binding cuts.

Jun Arima, an official in the government’s economics trade and industry department,  made a brief and strong statement.  He said “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.”

The U.S. Congress has refused to ratify it and remains outside the protocol.  The G77 countries, the group of developing nations who view the Kyoto protocol as a way to restrain the richer countries expressed dismay.

Diplomats were urgently trying to clarify the position, which seemed pretty clear.  They were hoping it was only a negotiating tactic,  which seems unlikely.


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