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Washington State Turned Out to Vote on Saturday. by The Elephant's Child

Today is Super Tuesday for Republicans.  A large number of states are either voting in primaries or caucusing.  Results to be seen. Here in Washington state, we had our Republican caucuses on Saturday. The media has been emphasizing the lack of interest, disappointment in candidates, way too many debates (most of  us would agree), and general boredom among Republicans and Conservatives.

Washington is a funny state. You have the left coast which contains the large cities and dominates the state. The (very left) coast is divided  from the rest of the state by a range of significant mountains including an assortment of (currently) dormant volcanoes, but many will remember the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. The left coast has long been home to loggers, fishermen and Utopian experiments which have an unrivaled record of failure. The left  simply does not understand human nature.

Over the mountains is a different country, a vast plain which was once home to the Yakima, Spokane, Shoshone, Palouse, Kootenai, Cayuse, Flathead and Walla Walla, and bisected by the great Columbia River, and is now home to their reservations, wheat fields, wine country, apple orchards and a Columbia river tamed with hydroelectric dams. Not so Left.

On Saturday the disinterested Republicans turned out for the caucuses. Four years ago, 12,000 people turned out. Saturday, there were 51,000, a 400% increase. What everyone saw was interest and enthusiasm. So much for the media.

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