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Live Long and Prosper, and Drink Lots of Coffee. by The Elephant's Child
May 4, 2015, 7:34 pm
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For years, the food police have been trying to demonize anything that gives people pleasure to eat or drink. Think of the current state of fast food, the case a few days ago when a mother sent her 5 year-old little girl to school with a lunch that included some Oreos for desert. The teacher took the kid’s lunch away and sent it home with a nasty note to the mother about “healthy” lunches. The school later apologized for the teacher, but it is an all too common occurrence, and silly. Everyone is prepared to tell everyone else just what they may eat. I’m sure Michelle Obama meant well, but her school lunch program has been a disaster.

But returning to the food police: Coffee has been a particular goal as something to be eliminated. Several very large studies have determined that coffee is actually a healthy beverage. People who drink the most coffee live longer and have a reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Coffee seems to contain a lot of antioxidants, one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in the Western diet.

The sweet spot seems to be 4-5 cups a day. Both decaf and regular coffee had the same results. They found that coffee drinkers were less likely to die from infections, injuries, accidents, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. This is an observational study which cannot prove that coffee caused good results, but coffee isn’t the villain that the food police claimed. There are many other studies, and there is even a study from Harvard showing that coffee may make you happier, reducing the risk of depression by 20% and the risk of suicide by 53%. They might want to check with the Brits who are more inclined to drink tea. I’ve always been a big coffee drinker, so I’m glad that something I consume is on the favorable list.

So Take That, You Interfering Food Police! by The Elephant's Child
July 6, 2009, 8:44 pm
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For years, the Food Police have been trying desperately to find something wrong with coffee. If coffee gives many people pleasure, if they gather with friends to have a cup, if they open chain stores all over the world giving people a place to gather over coffee, and if they invent all sorts of special accouterments to help make a better cup, then there has to be something really, really wrong with it.

We’ve had the poor abused workers in coffee plantations, but it has turned out that they are better paid than their peers, and the coffee companies have even built schools for their children.  They tackled the milk used in lattés for the growth hormone given to cows, but that turned out to be junk science, for it is a scientific impossibility for the hormone to pass through into the milk.  They have tried to connect coffee to all sorts of diseases and unpleasant conditions and now, perhaps, they may be undone.

“Drinking five cups of coffee a day may reverse the memory problems seen in Alzheimers” reads the headline from the BBC.  The research carried out in Florida on mice also suggested that caffeine hampered the production of protein plaques that are characteristic of the disease.

This is all preliminary, of course, but it’s nice to know that you can head out for a latté with a clear conscience.

(h/t Dan @ GayPatriot)

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