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I Think I May Be Back in Business, My Fingers Are Crossed. by The Elephant's Child


Sorry! I have been having computer problems. They seem to be multiple and separate. Fix one, and there’s still another. Or multi-anothers. I’m not sure.

This is not me, but it captures the mood. Had a Doctors appointment this morning, I was on time, he was running an hour late. My coffee maker quit. My wireless mouse and keyboard weren’t connecting, or only after long waits between strokes. You have had similar experiences, I’m sure. Life is not designed to go smoothly every day. Then there was Mr. Obama’s unbelievable press conference.

Keyboard and mouse are working. The problems may be solved. I will not take anything for granted.


S-L-O-W Dismal Rainy Day. by The Elephant's Child
November 5, 2012, 12:13 am
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Sorry for the absence of posting today. Computer was S-l-o-w,  v–e–r–y  s—l—o—w. Could not find websites, videos would not open. I began to think that all servers were located in New York City. After a chat with the cable people, we’re back up, but it was an annoying day. Just as well.

When computers are implants, will they have problems as frequently? and will they have to wheel us into the shop? Just wondering.

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