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An “Oldie” Worth Remembering by The Elephant's Child

As long as I’m doing Constitutions and what people believe, here is an oldie but goodie, with the late Milton Friedman explaining the most basic facts of Capitalism to Phil Donahue, who, of course, doesn’t get it at all. Always worth a refresher on what is important.

I particularly like John Steele Gordon’s  An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power, which beautifully describes how Capitalism and a free people who can act on their ideas and dreams have brought forth a powerful and wealthy nation that is the envy of the world.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Rebuffs National Park Service Efforts to Close State Parks. by The Elephant's Child


The National Park Service ordered Wisconsin State officials to close the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake, and interstate parks and the state-owned portion of the Hirocon Marsh, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has officially rebuffed a federal order to close state parks.

The state Department of Natural Resources not only ignored the orders but also removed a barricade federal officials had put in front of a Mississippi boat launch. DNR officials said that the Park Service could not close the launch because the state had the authority or operate it under a 1961 agreement with the federal government.

“We respect the magnitude of the process the federal government has had to undertake to close its properties and certain activities on properties they own and manage,” Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp said. “However, after close review and legal consult, DNR has clarified areas where the federal procedures are over-reaching by ordering the closure of properties where the state has management authority through existing agreements.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has faced down the Democrats in the state legislature, who if you remember ran away to another state to avoid having to vote; the Unions; the States’ Teachers’ Union; mobs in the statehouse; and a recall election and won them all handily. He has repaired the budget, required photo ID for voters, and turned down federal government funds to set up an Affordable Care Act exchange.

I have had enough of Senators as president of the United States. I want a governor who has experience as an effective executive and has had to deal with big problems. Senators make speeches and vote. Governors do — or fail to do.

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