American Elephants

Something’s Rotten in Denmark—U.S. Foreign Affairs by The Elephant's Child

An oldie that’s been around, but a worthwhile reminder that people notice your carelessness.


“Call Me Senator” by The Elephant's Child

From Director David Zucker of “Airplane ” fame.  There are so many funny videos coming out.  Enlarge it to full-screen to enjoy the video to the utmost.

David Zucker watched the news reports of Barbara Boxer’s Senate hearing and was offended at the way Senator Boxer treated an Officer in  the United States Military, who deserves all our respect.  He sat down immediately and wrote this skit.  The world has changed.  Barney Frank can claim all he wants that he “always thought that low-income people should be encouraged to rent”, but his long and vigorous support for getting more people into their own houses is recorded on You Tube videos for all time.  You just can’t get away with as much as you used to.

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