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CPAC: Debate and Dissension Are Desirable Attributes. by The Elephant's Child


The great get-together of Conservatives — CPAC — is going on at the Gaylord Convention Center in Maryland, where Conservatives are engaged in arguing, as they always do when Conservatives get together, about who is conservative and who is not conservative enough, who is too liberal to be properly conservative, and what it means to be conservative, and who is just a  RHINO, Libertarians in General and where do you stand on abortion, the Second Amendment, Spending, the Budget, Defense, the Military, the Constitution, ObamaCare and how do we save the country from economic collapse. Or something like that.

Democrats are inclined to believe that all this dissension is a sure sign that the Republican party is writhing in its final death throes; but that is merely the triumph of hope over common sense.

Democrats agree with each other, or if they don’t agree, they keep quiet about it, so they won’t  be drummed out of serious consideration for any kind of a good job. Democrats not only don’t like disagreement, dissension, or anyone who disapproves of them, they enforce it.  Blacks, Hispanics, gays, LGBT, union members and Professors are expected to be loyal Democrats, and if they change their voter registration, will be demonized, fired, receive death threats and be ill-treated if mentioned in the media.

Democrats expect, every time they win an election, that it’s all over for the Republicans and the Republican party will blessedly die, and Democrats will be left in complete control, which is only right and just.

Moderate Republicans, who are usually called RHINOs (Republicans in name only) or “Country-Club Republicans” find  Tea Party members radical and alarming. Republicans have never been given to massive protests with signs and flags, and the Gadsden flag (the one with the rattlesnake) smacks of rebellion. Scary. Tea Party members are apt to think of Moderates as doormats who don’t stand up for good government. Catholic Republicans are especially concerned about Roe v. Wade, but so are Evangelical Republicans. Home-Schoolers are a little scary to those who aren’t ready to give up on the public schools. And so it goes.

What Democrats, Liberals, Progressives. Socialists, Union Members, the Left and all the victim people don’t get, is that you don’t learn anything without putting your ideas out there to be shot down and/or defended. There is no progress in the Progressive Party by just adopting old tired ideas and insisting that everyone march in lockstep to the drumbeat. The Left has been pursuing social justice and equality and the collective ever since the French Revolution, and it’s never worked out, and has always failed, and they are sure that this time, this time, it will succeed, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Rush Limbaugh Brings Down the House at CPAC by American Elephant

An excellent speech, in case you missed it. And not a teleprompter in sight. *cough* Obama *cough*.

Rush defines and defends conservatism as all Republicans should be doing (but haven’t and aren’t) — as the fundamental principles upon which this nation is founded. He relates conservatism to the Constitution and the Declaration, he speaks passionately about the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and how it is all under assault by Democrat authoritarians pushing big-government.

Every Republican in office should be chained down and forced to watch this video. This is how you define the differences between conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats:

(h/t Hot Air)

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