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NOMINATE: Where should Keith Olbermann go next? by American Elephant
January 22, 2011, 2:41 pm
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Unbeknowst to 99.63% of Americans, there apparently exists an obscure little cable network called MSNBC; and on this quaint little Mom and Pop, “Public-Access” type outfit there exists, we are told, a most unfortunate talk show host by the Name of Keith Odorpants, who was apparently, just prior to airtime last night, summarily sacked for being an insufferable, arrogant prig.

These are hard times…hard times.

Now, we here at American Elephants hate to see people lose their jobs, especially the mentally handicapped, so we are asking you, our compassionate readers, where you would suggest the newly unemployed Mr. Odorpants might have the best chances of finding new employment that is appropriate for his special talents?

Help us help Keith. Leave your suggestions in the comments. We’ll get the ball rolling:

1. White House Civility Czar (shamelessly stolen from a commenter at GayPatriot)

2. Insufferable power-crazed authoritarian elementary school hall monitor.

3. Mouth of Sauron.


Look For The Union Label, It’s Plastered in The Most Unlikely Places! by The Elephant's Child

Since 1955, the share of workers who belong to a union has dropped from 33 percent to about 11 percent.  Though unions have become increasingly unpopular, they managed to scrape together $52 millions of member dues to donate to Democrat political campaigns this last year.   The unions have helped to wreck two major industries, automobiles and steel.

Democrats are not ungrateful.  The Unions have been rewarded  with shares of GM and Chrysler that should belong  to the taxpayers.  Now, Denis Hughes, president of the AFL-CIO in New York, who has been interim head of the New York board of the Federal Reserve since May, when Stephen Friedman stepped down, is expected to become permanent head.  So now this union activist has been elevated to one of the most important financial posts in the country, a troubling sign of the Obama administration’s over-reliance on organized labor.

Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke has been nominated to a second term,  no surprise, as this is a time of unusual financial crisis.  The naming of Denis Hughes is the surprising news, of the ‘what could they be thinking’ kind.

Hughes has no significant financial experience.  He is not an economist, and his educational background does not inspire confidence.  He has a B.S. degree from the Harry Van Arsdale School of Labor Studies at Empire State College.  His experience has been as a union official and political operative.  His entire career has been spent strong-arming and fighting the very people he will now be regulating.  He may be more expert at extracting concessios from corporate America than in the complications of high finance.

As Investors Business Daily asks:

More to the point, can those on Wall Street who come before him in routine regulatory matters expect fair treatment?  Will union issues become part of the New York Fed’s agenda?  Will banks find requests to expand or merge stymied  because unions fear a loss of jobs somewhere?

Elevating a person to the most important of the Fed Banks, whose experience would suggest an inbred hostility to capitalism and free markets, seems dangerous.  Yet the White House has also named former United Steelworkers adviser Ron Bloom from head of the auto task force to “industrial policy czar” in charge of manufacturing.  Itself an astounding nomination.  Where does this government find the authority for an “industrial policy czar?”  And since when does America have an industrial policy?

Unions have consistently been hostile to capitalism and the free market.  They are opposed to free trade, and favor restrictions.  They are inclined towards protectionism in the contrary belief that imports will damage their own opportunity.  They favor minimum wage laws which harm beginning workers.

Unions are being rewarded with huge chunks of stimulus funds for construction and infrastructure projects that are restricted to union labor.  Stimulus funds will also go to rescue union pension funds which are in financial trouble, since they spent their union dues on politics.

Policies always have consequences, and Democrats have little interest in consequences, only in their good intentions.  High labor costs and hostility to the free market will drive  business and investment overseas.  Unemployment will continue to rise— including union jobs—  and  economic recovery will be long, long  delayed.

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