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The Great Issue is Debt, and Jobs, and Jobs and Jobs… by The Elephant's Child
March 15, 2010, 11:41 pm
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This image appeared with an article in the New York Times talking about the President’s drive to pass health care reform.  The over-the-top artwork is by Nola Lopez from a photo by Damon Winter.  The president is apparently quite comfortable with images that portray him as some kind of Messiah. I cannot imagine any other president in history who would have tolerated such excess.

Jonah Goldberg recently commented at National Review: “Since taking office, Obama has continued to see the presidency as the perfect perch from which to campaign for the job he already has.”

The President today went to Ohio to continue his permanent campaign on health care legislation.  His campaign events during the 2008 presidential race attracted thousands of Ohioans.  This time he managed a crowd of about 200 people.  He has negative approval numbers in Ohio ( 34 percent approve of the job he is doing, 58 percent disapprove).

Ohioans care about jobs and the economy.  They want the president to focus like a laser on jobs, as he promised in the State of the Union address.  But ObamaCare is a job-killing program.   The center of the Democrat plan is a promise to provide subsidized insurance coverage to some 35 to 40 million people. This will cost about $200 billion a year by 2019.   Despite all the talk about “bending the cost curve” the CBO says the price will grow by 8 percent a year every year after that — in the same way Medicare and Medicaid have grown over the last  four decades.  Another runaway entitlement program is piled on top of the unaffordable ones that are already bankrupting the country.  The bill is so poorly designed that its implications  for the economy could be huge, and disastrous.  The incentives in the bill are destructive.

Democrat party leaders honestly think enactment of ObamaCare will yield political dividends.  55 percent thought that passage would help their party a lot.  They seem to live in an alternate universe.  They hear every day from a far-left base, that they must support whatever Team Obama wants. They get cherry-picked poll results .  They watch MSNBC, read the liberal blogs and the New York Times editorial page, and they have faith that their charismatic president won’t let them down.  They probably believe firmly in President Obama’s description of what is in ObamaCare.

Republicans, on the other hand, cannot believe what Democrats are doing.  They are convinced that they are committing political suicide.  Obama’s descriptions of ObamaCare bear no relationship to what is actually in the bill. Nancy Pelosi’s description of the bill as a “jobs bill” that would create 400,000 jobs seems like a line from Alice in Wonderland.  What can they possibly be thinking?

The president says, as he did on the campaign trail, that which he believes people want to hear.  It’s far past time that he stopped campaigning, and started being president — the office that he campaigned for.

Second Verse? Same as the First! by American Elephant
January 21, 2010, 6:27 am
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Senate Democrats started the very first day of Obama’s second year in office, the day after Massachusetts delievered a stunning rebuke of their leadership,  by proposing a $1.9 TRILLION dollar increase in the federal debt limit. An increase that would permit Democrats to raise the National Debt to $14.3 TRILLION dollars. Because the $12.4 TRILLION that Democrats just raised the Debt Limit to just LAST MONTH just wasn’t enough.

It was less than a decade ago that $1.9 trillion dollars would have paid for the entire federal budget for a full year, plus change. Democrats now spend that in a month.

Democrats introduced the bill yesterday because they are afraid Republicans would filibuster the spending increase if they wait until after Scott Brown is seated.

Yeah. Sounds like they need another message. They didn’t get the one delivered by Brown.

What a Trillion Dollars Looks Like by American Elephant
March 12, 2009, 6:58 pm
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A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon we’re talking serious money.

But seriously. Barack Obama and Democrats have spent well over a trillion dollars in just 50 days, but the problem is very few people, yours truly included, can wrap their minds around how much money one trillion dollars even is.

Well, the folks over at PageTutor have tried to help. After discovering that a stack of a hundred $100 bills is just less than a half inch thick, they used 3D rendering software to extrapolate out illustrations for what a million, a hundred million, a billion, and one trillion dollars looks like.

The pic above is the result. (click to enlarge, or better yet, see all the illustrations here). Ten thousand pallets of $100 million dollars each… and the pallets are double-stacked. The tiny red dot in the lower left is an adult male.

Keep in mind this is using $100 bills — a trillion dollars in $1 bills would be 100 times as big.

And Democrats have already spent that much, and then some!

(Page Tutor via Gizmodo)

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