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Everything Is Slowly Falling Apart! by The Elephant's Child

Democrats lost a special election in a congressional district that they have controlled since the 1920s, and which was framed as a referendum on the president’s economy.  Median household income has fallen for the third consecutive year.  A record number of Americans are struggling in poverty.

The administration’s attempt to shut down conventional power to boost the competitiveness of alternative energy is becoming increasingly questionable as more information is exposed about the crony capitalism that went into the administration support for solar power.  Government grants go to reward major financial supporters. Solyndra seems to be only the tip of the scandal.

Things are quietly coming apart, and Obama has established an “Attack Watch” website where supporters can post criticisms of Obama so they can be refuted, (to a great deal of humor on the internet).  Obama now claims that his tax hikes on big corporations and the wealthy would pay for most of his new Solyndra Bill.  A little strange in the wake of “All of this is paid for.” 

As Obama arranges more government support for the unions, who will reward him with funds and campaign workers, the unions are breaking out in new rounds  of thuggishness. The jobs in the American Jobs Bill are designed for the president’s union supporters. If you’re just unemployed, nevermind.

And at  a state university in North Carolina today, Obama spoke to students and begged them “If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill.”

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