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About Perfect Responses: by The Elephant's Child

On the Sunday shows, host Chris Wallace interviewed Obama health care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel. He asked about the oft noted Obama lie about “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.” and “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Emanuel responded that the promise was true enough — providing you’re willing to pay a lot more.

Lucianne Goldberg was, like many of us, disgusted, and today she delivered the killer response on Twitchy.


Lucianne Goldberg

Note to the Emanuels: If you like your brother you can keep your brother just get him off TV. He’s a disaster.

Jay Carney Speaks by The Elephant's Child


This one’s going to go in the record books of inane comments by a Press Secretary:

“When it comes to being a commander in chief, the American people, at least in my estimation,  appreciate a commander in chief who takes in new information and doesn’t celebrate decisiveness for the sake of decisiveness.”

Lets not have any decisiveness around here. Sheesh.

John Stossel Defends the Indefensible by The Elephant's Child

Here’s some food for thought.  Many economic ideas are not as simple as they seem.


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