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Turning Lies Into Public Belief: It’s Easy! by The Elephant's Child

Here is a short but  fascinating article, just right for the campaign season. Why do some people repeat erroneous statistics over and over, even after the opposition has illustrated just how erroneous they are?

We’d all like to believe that facts trump falsehoods, but unfortunately this is often not the case. Misinformation is easy to believe, and even easier to spread. An untruth can be repeated into reality by simply bombarding the public via advertisements, news, and social media. It’s that easy.

Psychologists are demonstrating that repetition is the prime conduit for shaping beliefs. In the 1940s, Floyd Allport and Milton Lepkin conducted pioneering research demonstrating that newspapers could be used to boost morale for the war effort. By repeating positive headlines, even if they were misleading with the details, the public would believe that events are going smoothly, and would thus stand firmly behind the cause. The tactic worked to great effect.

Over time, studies have shown that repetition leads to familiarity, which is the key to fostering belief. Dr. Norbert Schwarz, of the University of Michigan said: ( I paraphrase)

Perceived familiarity exerts influence because frequent exposure to an opinion can be a clue that many people share the opinion, providing a social consensus. Daily conversational conduct is based on the assumption that communicated information is truthful and relevant, again influencing acceptance, especially when it seems that one has heard this repeatedly.

Once familiar misinformation is accepted and embedded, it can be difficult to dislodge. Research indicated that any repetition of misinformation, even if the purpose is to debunk, can serve to perpetuate.

The game is: If you want the public to believe something, just yell it louder, say it simpler, and repeat it more often than anybody else.

Closely related: New survey March 15, from Rasmussen Reports: 48% Blame Bad Economy on Bush Recession, 46% Blame Obama’s Policies. This is the highest number of those blaming Obama’s policies in three years. The recession did begin under the Bush administration, but Bush tried so hard and unsuccessfully to get the Democrat Congress to take the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac seriously, that it’s a little hard to “blame Bush.”

Our Demagogue-in-Chief has emphasized in nearly every speech that he was left “the worst economy since the Great Depression,” so don’t blame him. And that wasn’t true either.  It wasn’t the worst economy, and recovery could have come much faster. Instead we got ObamaCare, a wasted stimulus, an auto industry bailout (and no, the taxpayers haven’t been paid back) that rewarded the UAW, and simply gave Chrysler to Fiat.  “An untruth can be repeated into reality.

[American Elephant adds: I think even more important than that it wasn’t the worst economy, is that Obama didn’t inherit it from Bush, he inherited it from Democrats, including himself.

First of all, he and the Democrat party took control of both houses of Congress on January 3, 2007. When they took over, Republicans left them with a growing economy, and an unemployment rate of 4.6%. It wasn’t until after Democrats had been in control for a full year that the recession even began (Jan 2007). And it began not because of Bush’s policies. Remember, Bush was the outgoing president, and it was the incoming Democrat policies that the markets were reacting to. Bush’s policies had been very successful, bringing us out of the dot-com bubble-burst recession, averting a second recession after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and building a robust, growing economy with 52 consecutive months of job growth.

The recession began because Democrats won office promising to repeal the Bush tax cuts, and promising massive new spending and regulation.  And by the end of 2007, beginning of 2008, with Bush very unpopular, and Democrats successfully blaming the new downturn in the economy on him instead of themselves, it looked almost certain that Democrats would win the White House, guaranteeing that they would implement these economy killing policies.

Secondly, the housing/financial crisis didn’t happen until TWO years after Democrats took control of congress — as a result, not cause, of the recession. The recession began, millions of people started losing their jobs, and millions of bad credit-risks, whom the government forced banks to loan to, could no longer afford their homes.

Lastly, it is essential to remember that Obama didn’t even inherit a budget from Bush, he inherited, and signed, a budget written by his party. The budget of FY 2009 was written by the Democrat congress, which quadrupled the deficit, and they WITHHELD it from Bush, in an unprecedented move,  so he could not veto it, and held it over until after Obama was inaugurated, and HE, not Bush, signed it into law.

Obama inherited the “worst recession” from no one but himself and his own party.]

Budgets and Energy, Dishonesty and Demagoguery. by The Elephant's Child

The 2011 Budget to keep the government running was supposed to have been passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress by October 2010.  They couldn’t be bothered, or they thought all the big spending they were planning to do would make them look bad, or they were too busy with ObamaCare.  The leadership expected from President Obama also did not appear.  He spoke out about the budget for the first time on Monday, April 5, 2011.

It’s pretty clear that they wanted the Republicans to go first, so they could lie and demagogue. President Obama has done his usual passive bit, waiting for others to argue and debate, so he could pop up at the last-minute appearing decisive and controlling the situation.  He spoke again Tuesday, promising hard work trying to reach a budget compromise and hightailed it out-of-town to speak at a wind turbine factory. But he wasn’t through talking about the 2011 budget.  He said:

So I asked Congress to send me a budget that makes some serious spending cuts but still invests in things like clean energy; still invests in research; still invests in infrastructure; still invests in education — investments that are critical for us to be able to compete with any country in the world.  That’s what I asked for.  I asked for it several months ago.

In other words, he’s fine with “serious spending cuts,”  but he still plans to keep right on spending on everything he’s been squandering money on in the last two years.

The lies and demagoguery started right on schedule, from all the usual suspects.  And the president did his share:

We’re not going to always agree with each other on everything.  We live in a big country.  We’ve got a robust democracy, and that’s fine.  But we should agree on some basic things.  We should be able to agree on developing clean energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  We should be able to agree that we need to invest in things like our roads and our bridges and our infrastructure — because we used to have the best infrastructure in the world, and we don’t right now; other countries have gone past us.  And if we were investing in our infrastructure we’d be putting more people to work.

You know, I don’t expect everybody to always agree with me.  But coming here today, I was reminded of what I said right here three years ago, back when it wasn’t sure that I was going to win the election.  I mean, you guys couldn’t pronounce my name.  (Laughter.)  But here’s what I said.  I said, “I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president.  But I can promise you this:  I will always tell you where I stand.  I will be honest with you about the challenges we face and how we can solve these problems.  And I will take what I hear from you — your voices, your struggles, your hopes, your dreams — that’s what I’m going to be thinking about every single day when I’m in the White House.”  And I have kept that promise.  (Applause.)  I have kept that promise.  I’m thinking about you guys every single day when I’m in the White House.  And I’m going to keep pushing, and I’m going to keep fighting for you.

I find this shocking. He has not learned a thing. This is what he said he was going to spend the stimulus on when he promised that was the way to provide all those “shovel-ready” jobs on our roads and bridges, that he admitted didn’t exist.  That’s where all those jobs created and saved were going to come from, except that there were no jobs created and no jobs saved, except in the federal government.

“Reducing our dependence on foreign oil” is nonsense that every president since Nixon has claimed.  Oil is an international commodity, and we are a major exporter as well as importer.   “We don’t have the ‘best infrastructure’ any more, other countries have gone past us.” What on earth is he talking about? He doesn’t know, it just sounds good.

“I will be honest with you about the challenges we face and how we can solve those problems.” The words from this president’s mouth are designed to sound good to his audience.  They have no relation to his actions or to his decisions.  This president has whined for 2½ years about the debt left to him by George W. Bush, which he promptly tripled, and put us in this terrible position.

The speech that prevented President Obama from carrying on with the budget discussions was at a town hall discussion on clean energy while visiting Gamesa Technology Corporation in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania on April 6.

The reason Mr. Obama was speaking at the turbine manufacturing company was because it was bailed out with stimulus cash before it went under.  The company is being bailed out again so it can bring back the workers it laid off last November and hire 50 more people, with a handout from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The Spanish owned company is to receive $22.8 million in grants from the stimulus program.  The funding will pay for wind turbines for three large wind projects in the state.

A  John Muir Trust study, reported by the BBC concluded that wind turbines cannot be relied upon to produce significant levels of power generation. They are much less efficient than claimed, producing below 10% of capacity for more than a third of the time.  The average frequency and duration of a “low wind event” was once every 6.38 days for 4.93 hours. The study concluded that wind behaves in a “quite different manner” from that suggested by average output figures or wind speed records. “There is an urgent need to re-evaluate the implications of reliance on wind for any significant proportion of our energy requirements.”

Tell Democrats Enough is Enough! by American Elephant

American Solutions has started a petition drive demanding that congress start drilling for oil. They have collected over half a million signatures so far, but their goal is 7 million. Are you tired of paying $4/gallon and more for gas?

As we’ve illustrated before, Republicans have been warning America that supply wasn’t keeping up with demand for decades. Republicans have been trying to increase oil exploration, increase refining capacity, and improve infrastructure for decades. And for decades, Democrats have vetoed and blocked and filibustered Republicans at every turn. For decades Democrats have been lying and demagoguing and demonizing Republicans for “not caring” about the environment, and being in corrupt cahoots with big oil. All of which is a lie. And now Americans are paying the price.

The truth is Republicans are mostly business people — small and large — and other average Americans who know the lifeblood of the world’s economy is energy — especially oil. Without oil, people don’t travel, goods don’t get to market, people don’t work, and people don’t eat. Poor people suffer most, by far!

Barack Obama likes to talk on the stump about a man in Pennsylvania who lost his job and can’t afford the gas to look for a job. (No one seems to have asked him why he didnt give the man some gas money, but that’s another story), but he and the Democrats in congress haven’t done or proposed one thing that would lower the price of gas for that man or the millions like him. In fact, for over a decade they have been blocking every attempt to increase supply and improve infrastructure. The only thing they have done is to increase the price of oil by taxing and regulating oil companies to death.

If I sound like I’m pissed, it’s because I am. These high gas and food prices are hurting millions of Americans, and they wouldn’t be anywhere near as high if it weren’t for Democrats lies and demagoguery.

The fact is, Democrats want high gas prices. Oh, yes, they have the gall to drag oil executives in and demonize them for taking a measly 8 cents on the dollar, knowing all the while that government is taking 47 cents for every 8 cents the oil companies take. But they won’t allow anything that will bring down the price of gas, because they want to make you stop using it.

There is no technology that will replace gasoline right now. And there is nothing that even comes close to replacing gas in the near future. Biofuel costs more, is worse for the environment, produces less energy, and along with gas prices, is driving up the cost of food all over the world.

Electricity? We don’t have enough of that either. And Democrats are blocking that too! It’s not just oil production, but nuclear, hydro, hydrothermal, clean coal, natural gas, you name it. If it isn’t solar and sometimes wind, Democrats are blocking it. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have been blocking windmills in their state for years because the proposed mills would sully the view of their Cape Cod mansions.

The fact is, Democrats don’t want to bring down the price of oil, or energy, because they want you to use less of it. They don’t want you to drive, they want you to live in dense urban areas and ride mass transit. And they intend to force you to, whether you want to or not. They think you, living your life, is bad for the environment. Unfortunately, it’s not just your gasoline, it’s your light bulbs, your toilets, your showers, your cars, your thermostats, your fireplaces, your grocery bags. Democrats want to tell you how to live, where to live, how, when and where you will travel. And they will be doing it, as they are doing now, by regulating and taxing, ensuring you can’t afford to do anything they don’t want you to..,

Naturally the super rich like Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Howard Dean, John Edwards, and well, most Democrat elites, can afford all the energy they want. And as they’ve shown, they have no intention of doing without. It’s the people in the world who can least afford to do without cheap energy that they want to force to stop using it.

Sign the petition! America can produce oil cleaner than any other country on Earth, and leave hardly any footprint at all. Contrary to what you’ve been told, there is no shortage of it. Sure, the Earth may run out some day, but that day is hundreds, if not thousands of years from now. And there is no technology that will replace the internal combustion engine any time soon.

We have over a trillion barrels of oil that we know exists and we know we can recover. Democrats are blocking us from drilling off our own coasts, while China and Cuba are already recovering oil just 50 miles off the Eastern seaboard. Think they’re doing it as cleanly as we would?

If we had started when Republicans first passed legislation in the 1990’s, which Bill Clinton vetoed, that oil would be online and at gas stations right now. Refineries would have been built, infrastructure improved, and we wouldn’t be paying anything near what we are now, and we would be much more energy independent. Experts estimate the cost of a gallon of gas would be around 2 dollars. Do you want to find out just how much your life, and the economy can change in another decade without affordable energy?

Tell congress you’ve had enough! Sign the petition! And then forward it to your friends. Drill here! Drill now! Pay less!

An Inconvienent Scam by The Elephant's Child

Al Gore Man Bear Pig

Al Gore has upped the ante. His Alliance for Climate Protection is now planning to spend $300,000,000 over three years to convince you and your government that you must settle for a lower standard of living so that Al and his friends can enrich themselves further.

I don’t know Al Gore. Perhaps he truly believes that climate catastrophe is real and imminent. Enough respected climate scientists have said that his movie is full of errors that some caution is required.

Al Gore is not a scientist: he is a politician, an environmental activist, and now a venture capitalist hoping to make money from investing in environmental start-ups. Three years ago Mr. Gore started the $1 billion investment company Generation Investment Management in London, with the former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, to analyze and invest in publicly traded “sustainable” companies.

In Silicon Valley, Gore has joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm, that has raised $600 milion to invest in technologies that aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. The two firms have begun to pool information.

They argue that to halt global warming, nothing less will be required than a makeover of the $6 trillion global energy business. Coal plants, gas stations, the internal-combustion engine, petrochemicals, plastic bags, even bottled water will have to give way to clean, green, sustainable technologies. “What we are going to have to put into place is a combination of the Manhattan Project, the Apollo project, and the Marshall Plan, and scale it globally,” Gore continues. “It’d be promising too much to say we can do it on our own, but we intend to do our part.” [Read the whole article]

What we know about the science of climate change is changing. According to climate scientist Roy Spencer, “there is no solid published evidence that has ruled out a natural cause for most of our recent warmth — not one peer-reviewed paper. The reason: our measurements of global weather on decadal time scales are insufficient to reject such a possibility. For instance, the last 30 years of the strongest warming could have been caused by a very slight change in cloudiness.”

Twenty-two of the climate models upon which the UN’s IPCC reports depend have been tested by asking them to predict today’s climate. They failed. The evidence for human-caused global warming was always thin, it is now in tatters.

Al Gore, Nobel laureate (Peace prize), who has warned us of catastrophically rising sea levels, has purchased a waterfront condominium in San Francisco. He has warned of our need to cut our carbon footprint and reduce our energy use, yet his monthly bill for heating his pool house in Tennessee is over $500. He jets across the world from meeting to fund-raising to speaking engagement without regard for his own carbon footprint. There’s something rotten in this scenario.

For further information:
“The Sloppy Science of Global Warming”, a guest post by Roy W. Spencer
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“Idiot media don’t see Al & the carbon scammers are trying to buy energy control”

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