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Welcome Back, Carter by American Elephant

It’s no longer just Republicans comparing Obama to the nation’s erstwhile worst president ever; while conservatives have been warning of that dangerous similarity since the 2008 campaign, Democrats are just now beginning to admit similarities as well.

Indeed, it seems clear to this humble elephant that the past four years of disastrous Democrat congressional control, especially the last two years under Obama, have been nothing more than a devastating attempt  by narcissistic, so-called “progressive” ideologues to repudiate what they see as one of the greatest wrongs in American history — the golden age of freedom, opportunity and prosperity ushered in by Ronald Reagan’s sweeping victory over that most miserable failure, Jimmy Carter — and return America to what they believe are the good old days of limitless, centralized, top-down “progressive” command and control government.

Unfortunately, as always, so-called “progressives” refuse to see that it’s these very policies that have failed yet again, refuse to admit that 300 million people making individual choices (otherwise known as the free market) cannot be simultaneously controlled from Washington and prosper. Freedom, they can’t seem to understand, requires actual freedom in order to succeed — and the American people stubbornly insist that it must. No, while Democrats are finally beginning to see similarities between Obama and Carter, they believe now, as they did then, that the policies aren’t the problem — the problem is only with the messenger.

One would think that after so many failed messengers, they would begin to get a clue. Alas, they do not. They don’t change their policies when they have clearly failed — they simply change the name, get a new spokesman, or slap a new logo on them.

Yet more conclusive proof that “progressives” not only must be thoroughly routed from office this November, and again in 2012, because they haven’t learned a damn thing,  but as such that they will be back to destroy the country, yet again, if ever we let them.

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