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Imagine There’s No YouTube by The Elephant's Child

So the President contacted Google and tried to get the YouTube video that supposedly offended Muslims removed? And they want the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision overturned because corporations shouldn’t have a voice in elections, though it’s fine for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). There seems to be something about the idea of free speech that they don’t quite get.

For a Feckless Foreign Policy: Rules Clarify. by The Elephant's Child

The conversation, plentiful, about the events in Egypt and Libya today, was mostly around Governor Romney’s very appropriate remarks — which the media was very anxious to turn into an undeserved and uncalled for attack on Obama, politicizing an unfortunate event… blah, blah, blah.  In the general comments sections, liberals attempted to brand Republicans with the term “war-mongers,” and I heard the term “neo-cons” bandied about for the first time in ages.

It is important for foreign policy to be decisive. Firm lines must be drawn — you may go this far and no further, for a reason. Not to be a bully, but to establish what the rules are. That’s why games have rules, otherwise you’d have all these men running around a football field in big shoulder pads and helmets randomly tackling each other with no purpose. No touchdowns and not very interesting. Rules clarify. And they don’t always stay the same. Football is no longer played with the 1920 rules. Foreign policy could be described as a big clumsy game with nations pushing and shoving each other and posing and pretending. The rules keep changing, but they really need rules.

Liberals are very confused about rules. They want lots of them for other people, but for themselves, not so much. Yet when it comes to a squalling child in the grocery store who is grabbing things off the shelves — if you give said child a smack on the behind, they may well call child protective services. The child may learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Nobody is advocating beating a child.

The Obama government has set records for issuing regulations, yet no administration in the nation’s history has been so lawless — simply choosing which  of the nation’s laws they will obey and which they will ignore, in spite of any annoyances like oaths. Overregulation can lead to contempt for rules. So when it comes to drawing firm lines for other nations, this administration is feckless. I looked it up: feckless, adj. – lacking purpose or vitality, feeble, ineffective, careless, irresponsible. (from the Scottish feck, short for effect). Sounds about right.

Libya is a mess, with essentially no government, and everybody running around causing trouble: that game with no rules. Egypt is a different deal. They are the most populous of Arab nations, and desperately poor. Some people exist solely on government handouts of bread. The U.S. sends around $1 billion in aid each year. The new Muslim Brotherhood  president, Mohamed Morsi, had been invited to the White House. He is reportedly seeking a reduction or cancellation of Egypt’s debt to the U.S. He also wants the release of the blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahmani, who was behind the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, a variety of other offenses, and was a deputy of Osama bin Laden. That seems to be a wealth of material for drawing firm lines, but I don’t expect much.

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