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Smaller Government, Less Fraud. by The Elephant's Child

The IRS scandals consist of the agency’s attempts to deny targeted Tea Party groups and other identifiably conservative groups tax exempt 501(c)(3) and 501 (c)(4) status in advance of the 2012 election.

The new rules they are attempting to put in force are designed to redefine that which has been described as “tax exempt” so narrowly that no political speech can be defined as tax exempt.

Why is this a big deal? The Center for Responsive Politics’ Open website reports that conservative groups pumped nearly eight times the money through their 501 (c) groups than liberals did. CRP reported that conservatives spent $265.2 million through 501 (c) groups compared to $34.7 spent by liberal groups during the 2012 cycle.

Well, we certainly can’t have that. Something must be done. Are the Democrats unable to win elections honestly? That is entirely possible. Here in Washington State, we have had regular cases of stolen elections.

Did you  hear about the “Secretary of State Project”— that was a project to elect Democrats to the office of Secretary of State, because that office is in charge of elections. In 2012, the plane carrying military ballots supposedly crashed, making the ballots unavailable, except there were never any pictures or further information about those lost in the crash. Once the votes are in, they keep finding a bunch of “uncounted” ballots. Our elections have gone to all mail-in ballots, which we are told make electoral fraud much easier.

Early voting is another major problem. The Obama administration and Democratic organizations are pushing it hard— more convenience for voters, but voters fill out their ballots before the campaign is over, with incomplete information. Spreading it out enables a party to get the results they desire.

There are all sorts of ways to fraudulently change the results of an election. I suppose it is inevitable when there is so much power on offer. But I wish it were different and elections were honest, reflecting the true wishes of the public.

Silencing the Tea Party With New IRS Rules: by The Elephant's Child

During the long negotiations over the budget deal, Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal reports that Obama’s top priority was keeping the IRS clamp on Republican 501(c)(4) groups. The vehicle for that is the recently proposed IRS rule that redefines “educational activities” as excluding anything of a political nature that 501(c)(4) non-profits have routinely conducted.

This would be anything like moral opposition to ObamaCare’s contraception-coverage regulation. Or training poll-watchers, or other efforts to true the vote. This puts a muzzle on Tea Party groups who want to train their members in responding to political skullduggery, and intends to put them out of business. Democrats depend on fudging the vote with previously deceased voters, voting in more than one location, finding “extra” votes, and helping those who are not qualified voters — to vote, like illegals and felons.

Treasury is going to great lengths to keep the process behind the rule secret. The Obama supporter who was put in charge of the investigation of the IRS has unsurprisingly found no real fault, but only misunderstandings and a little mismanagement. The FBI could find no problem with the IRS, except careless mistakes and nothing that could be prosecuted. The 90-day comment period on the proposed IRS regulation ends on February 27.

Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who represents targeted tea party groups filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Treasury and the IRS in December, demanding documents or correspondence with the White House or outside groups in the formulation of this rule. By law, the government has 30 days to respond. Treasury sent a letter to Ms. Mitchell this week saying it wouldn’t have her documents until April — after the rule’s comment period closes. It added that if she didn’t like it, she can “file suit.” The IRS has not yet responded.


10,000 Protest in Moscow Over Electoral Fraud! by The Elephant's Child
December 6, 2011, 2:14 pm
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Anti-Kremlin demonstrations— discontent over oligarchical rule spilling into the open.  These are largely young people in their 20s and 30s. Russian youth want more democracy, more people power and more justice.  These are the largest protests seen in the Putin era.

(h/t: The Exiled)

Free and Fair Elections or Permanent Electoral Dominance? by The Elephant's Child

In 2009, Senator John Cornyn of Texas co-authored a law mandating that states mail absentee ballots to military voters at least 45 days before the election, to be sure that members of the military were able to get their ballots returned in time to be counted.

In 2008 more than 17,000 Americans serving overseas were denied the vote.  This has not been uncommon in previous elections.  Military personnel are thought to lean conservative, and Democrat election officials have often gone to unusual lengths to find reasons to reject their ballots.

Both parties have had their turn at gerrymandering districts to their tastes, but Democrats have been unusually vigorous in their quest for ways to tilt election results.  Just plain old raising funds and explaining what you stand for to attract the attention of voters is not enough. Democrats are seeking  permanent electoral dominance.

There is the “Secretary of State Project”, designed in the last election to put special effort towards electing Democrats to the state secretary of state office because that official is in charge of elections.  Usually a minor office that nobody pays much attention to, but now it is receiving extra interest.  ACORN electoral fraud is a matter of record in many states, and busing in students to vote is common, as is encouraging voting by illegal immigrants.  And now they are attempting to codify the right of felons to vote.

Electoral fraud is nothing new.  You only have to read a little history of elections to see that the clean and proper process we want is far removed from reality — but I for one value my vote and want it to count — in a free and fair election.

The Clinton administration put “motor voter” laws in place that allow anyone to register to vote when they get their license tabs, without showing any proof of citizenship or eligibility to vote.  Democrats in my state (WA) have changed all elections to entirely mail-in ballots — a situation ripe for fraud.  Entire boxes of votes are suddenly “found” or “lost” as the situation demands.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department official Rebecca Wertz told a Feb. 1 conference of the National Association of Secretaries of State that the new law’s requirements are somehow open to interpretation.  On July 28, an attendee at that conference told the Washington Times that:

Ms. Wertz’s message was “totally undermining” the law. The earlier reports actually underplayed the effect of Ms. Wertz’s comments. “It was even more pronounced at the meeting,” said the source. “She undermined [the law] right in front of everybody. When I heard what she was saying, I thought: ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’ … It was a clear reversal of roles for Justice to no longer be enforcing the law.”

Senator Cornyn has reacted forcefully.  He placed a hold on the nomination of  James M. Cole to be deputy attorney general until the attorney general ensures full protection for military voting rights, and associated civilian personnel stationed abroad. The senator wrote:

The statute does not create any discretion for the Executive Branch to decide whether or not to enforce its legal requirements.  Ms. Wertz’s comments fly in the face of the clear statutory language, undermine the provisions in question and jeopardize the voting rights of our men and women in uniform.

The senator presented four steps he wants Mr. Holder to take to ensure that states respect the 45-day deadline, including a demand that the Justice Department provide a state-by-state accounting of compliance efforts.  The hold on Mr. Cole, who is reportedly a personal friend of Mr. Holder is apt to grasp his attention.

Our troops deserve more respect, as does our electoral process.

How can we get fair and honest elections? The media could help. by The Elephant's Child

Electoral fraud? Let me count the ways.  How about the “grubby little racket” of Obama’s online credit fraud.  There are default security checks on the computers that accept donations that prevent basic fraud like fake addresses, names that don’t match.  Apparently all those checks have been intentionally disabled. Donations from Mr. A Hitler of Berlin Germany, names such as Es Esh or Doodad Pro.

Or there are the scores of small online donations Mary T. Biskup discovered that had been made to the Obama campaign in her name even though she had not given him a cent. They added up to $174,800, obviously more than a little over the $2,300 legal limit.

Or the Obama campaign that claims “no ties” to ACORN; but a former staffer testified today that ACORN was provided a “donor list” from the presidential campaign.  Obama contributors who had “maxed out” under federal limits could be targeted to give to ACORN’s Project Vote.

No home? There are ways around the rules.  ACORN and the ACLU are anxious to be sure that the homeless can vote.  Apparently all you need is a park bench and a cross street.

We are a little sensitive to this kind of thing here in Washington State. Our election four years ago put a Democrat governor into office through a highly questionable election that involved ACORN as well as improper actions by election officials.

American Elephant Adds: I happen to think the very reason we are seeing such widespread voter-registartion fraud by ACORN in all the battleground states this year is because it worked so well in Washington in 2004. Fake registrations is the first step, miraculously “finding” enough ballots on election day to overcome any lead the opponent may have is the second. Remember, ACORN was convicted here in WA, and the ballots that put Christine Gregoire in the governor’s office were unsecured, in violation of election law. Look for ballots to be “found” on election day if there is any crucial state where Obama is behind.

“The fix is in, and it’s working…” by The Elephant's Child

Confirmation that what you already knew is true, but you knew that. Glen Renyolds (Instapundit) had this from a media newsroom:

A READER AT A MAJOR NEWSROOM EMAILS: “Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true.  We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in Arizona.  Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae.  Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, other.  People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored.  The fix is in, and its working.” I asked permission to reprint without attribution and it was granted.

But you knew that.  The Anchoress adds: “I have a couple friends who work in the MSM, too, and one of them tells me the newsroom is (exact words) “unbelievably cavalier” about any complaints viewers register about their reports, what they ignore, their bias or the way they edit Republicans vs. the way they treat Dems.  “Cavalier” as in the fix is in and they don’t even have to pretend to care what half the country thinks or wants.

But you knew that, didn’t you.

Washington State Re-Match by American Elephant

Today is primary day here in Washington State. For those of you reading locally, remember to post-mark your ballots or get to the polls.

It is also the first time former Governor-elect, Dino Rossi, who won the Gubernatorial election here in 2004 on both the first and second counts, will face off against Christine Gregoire, who — by getting liberal courts to change the rules after the fact, over and over and over again — was able to steal the election from Dino Rossi, on the third re-count.

In other words, she accomplished exactly what the Supreme Court stopped Al Gore from doing in Florida.

Unlike the left, I don’t bandy about accusations of stolen elections lightly or without evidence. Every time it was clear Rossi still had enough votes to win, new batches of ballots would spring forth from the ground like weeds in the most heavily Democratic county in the state. The dead were casting ballots. Barack Obama’s “community activist” group ACORN (still funded to this day with your federal tax dollars) was found guilty in the biggest case of electoral fraud in state history.

It truly left a bad taste in your mouth it was so dirty. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal wrote about it fairly extensively, and his assessment was the same as mine.

I’m telling you this because Dino Rossi is a great candidate, a solid, common sense conservative, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-business, limited government fiscal conservative and he is a Republican who not only can win in a blue-state, but has. An entrepeneur, former member of the state senate Republican leadership, and twice certified as the winner of the gubernatorial election. He is one of the GOP’s real chances to take back a governor’s mansion this fall.

But I have absolutely zero doubt that if the election is close, Democrats will attempt to steal it again. That’s why I’d like to ask you to consider supporting Dino Rossi (no I don’t work for him or anything) if you are looking for good conservative candidates to support.

Radio host Kirby Wilbur, a good guy whom you may have heard filling in for Sean Hannity from time to time, thinks Rossi has such great potential that he could very well end up on a national ticket some day, and I am inclined to agree. But he has to take back the Governorship that was stolen from him first.

And in order to do that, he needs to have a larger margin of victory than he did last time. The polls are close again and his opponent is getting lots of contributions from out of state. Both Barack and Michelle Obama have been here helping her to raise funds, which means they are worried.

So, I thought I would suggest that if you are looking for solid conservatives to support, or if you want to stop Democrats’ electoral shenanigans, which will only spread the more they are allowed to get away with them, then you ought to consider looking over Dino Rossi’s site and perhaps giving him your support. He is just the kind of candidate the GOP needs.

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