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Hearings in Retrospect, Vote Tomorrow. by The Elephant's Child

I have long had a feeling that the Democrats were somehow missing big chunks of history. They don’t seem to understand economics, in the sense of knowing what economics is. It’s simply the buying and selling and exchange of goods and services, and that information about what people are actually doing with their money and their trade gives us information unsullied by opinion and emotion and politics. In other words, it’s real information.

Democrats’ economics is all cluttered up with “feelings”. They are opposed to Big business, CEOs. the rich. They are sure that’s where all the conservative tax cuts go, because they didn’t quite grasp the percentages part of basic math. Nancy Pelosi has said so firmly. Trump’s tax cuts are bad because they all go to the rich and big business—and as soon as the Democrats get back in power, they will cancel all the tax cuts. Never mind that it has been thoroughly proven that cutting taxes allows people to keep more of their own money— and use it to create, invest, invent and expand. Most people don’t simply put the windfall in the bank, but use it to improve their lives.

Democrats operate on the premise that you can buy votes by giving people stuff. Health care, free college, guaranteed basic income, that sort of thing. The problem is that you are often crippling people by giving them free stuff. They cease trying to do for themselves, and wait for more government handouts. To save African-American citizens from the evils of racism, we have given them Affirmative Action, busing, welfare, food stamps, that sort of thing. It’s fine to help people in need, but the other side of it is killing the enterprise that really moves you up the ladder. So you have millionaire football players protesting the provably false notion that America’s police are so racist that they cannot properly protect black people.

The hearing today was contentious, and revealing. Christine Blasey Ford established that her “fear of flying” was merely an attempt to delay the vote, and that she had lied about it as she flies all over the world, but especially to Hawaii. She seemed sincere, and at least somewhat credible. Apparently two men had called the committee before the hearing, and claimed to be those who had actually sexually assaulted Ms. Blasey, with some confirmation, to inform the committee. Some of the questioning was beyond loony. Democrats attempted to make a very big deal of every word in Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks and the notes in his calendar from the time he was in high school. A Senate hearing and they get into flatulence

It’s worthwhile to take a look back to 1981 and the Clarence Thomas hearings, Senator Joe Biden presiding:

Justice Thomas was badly treated by Senate Democrats. Anita Hill went on to fame and fortune after her phony testimony.  But we have had the benefit of Justice Thomas’s Constitutional jurisprudence for 37 years, and  he’s been very, very good.

Listening to a Senate hearing is unfortunately very informative. So far the hearings have eliminated quite a few people from the list of Democrat potential candidates in 2020. We need to be a lot more careful about who we are sending back there. Trump was right about “draining the swamp.”

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