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Free Speech and the Courage to Dissent by The Elephant's Child

Steven Pinker is a Harvard¬† psychology professor and bestselling author. Dissent plays a crucial role in keeping society sane. We have pluralistic influence making society crazy. It’s not what people actually think, it’s what they believe everyone else thinks too. Here he talks about Taboos, Political Correctness, and Dissent. Few are willing to be the little boy who stands up and says that the King is naked, and that’s the problem.

When the Crazies are Demanding Censorship, Jonathan Rauch Speaks Out for Free Speech by The Elephant's Child

Most of the idiocy about anything Confederate, anything critical of gay marriage, unisex bathrooms, comes from the Universities. When the Humanities have turned to Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Diversity and microaggressions and triggering, and for the most part dumped Shakespeare as another dead white male, it’s getting really weird out there. Apple has dumped all their military games that include the Civil War, Amazon. Walmart, eBay and Sears have all dropped any reproduction of the battle flag like a hot potato. University buildings must be renamed, statues and memorials are being defaced.

Book-burning comes next. They have already announced that Gone With the Wind must go, but that’s probably the only Civil War book they know, clearly they haven’t read any history. When the current hysteria dies down, we need to speak out, as Jonathan Rauch has long done, and is doing now in recognition of its importance.

The gift shop at the Gettysburg memorial has just eliminated the Confederate Battle Flag from their merchandise. Apparently we were fooled all along, it was just a maneuver where the Yankees fought Yankees, for what reason I don’t know.

The Harvard Bait and Switch; Harvey Silverglate by The Elephant's Child

Harvey Silverglate is a Liberal, but the old-fashioned kind of Liberal. And he cares passionately about free speech. So passionately indeed, that he was a co-founder of the¬† Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), that admirable organization that fights speech codes and the growing tendency of colleges and universities to demand that “You Can’t Say That!” Our Citadels of Learning insist that they want to teach critical thinking, but you certainly aren’t entitled to disagree.


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