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Still Undecided? Fred Thompson Makes the Choice Crystal Clear by The Elephant's Child
October 25, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Fred Thompson has some important words for Americans.  Give him a few minutes:

The transcript of this video is here, should you want to keep it or share it. There is a button for emailing the video at the end.

Fred Drops Out by American Elephant
January 22, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson, whom I still think would make an excellent choice for vice-president (hint, hint, Rudy), has ended his campaign for president of the United States.

“Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort,” the former Tennessee senator said in a brief statement.

Thompson’s fate was sealed last Saturday in the South Carolina primary, when he finished third in a state that he had said he needed to win. [read more]

I’ve liked Thompson from the beginning; he was certainly the most reliably conservative of the lot. But, when it came right down to it, he never really seemed like he cared about winning that much. Kind of a disqualifier as far as presidential candidates go.

UPDATE:  I should also add that Fred Thompson’s mother has been very ill in the hospital for several days now, while all this was going on. I hope everyone will join me in  praying for Fred’s mother and the whole Thompson family.

LA Times Slams CNN as “Corrupt, Incompetent” by American Elephant


Harsh, and appropriate, criticism of CNN’s Republican YouTube debate shenannigans from the LA Times:

In fact, this most recent debacle masquerading as a presidential debate raises serious questions about whether CNN is ethically or professionally suitable to play the political role the Democratic and Republican parties recently have conceded it.

Selecting a president is, more than ever, a life and death business, and a news organization that consciously injects itself into the process, as CNN did by hosting Wednesday’s debate, incurs a special responsibility to conduct itself in a dispassionate and, most of all, disinterested fashion. When one considers CNN’s performance, however, the adjectives that leap to mind are corrupt and incompetent. [read more]

At last count, Michelle Malkin had SEVEN Democrat operative plants in the debate. But lest you worry CNN isn’t fair or balanced, the Democrat debate was also plagued by Democrat political plants.

The “mainstream” media has moved far beyond bias and well into blatant propaganda and advocacy. These truly are dark times in the news industry, and as such, dangerous times for the republic.

So Much for THAT Narrative! by American Elephant

Hillary Clinton

Those rascally reporters in the “mainstream” media have been working double-time to convince us for over a year now that ’08 is a lock — you may as well stay home, because Americans hate Republicans and will never, ever, ever elect one ever, ever again!

Many Republicans were even falling for it.

Not so fast.

Forget for a moment that the top Democrat candidates are all completely inexperienced, unqualified boobs. Forget also that their current front-runner has a track-record of corruption ten times the length of her resume. And remember that the media always tell us the election is the Democrat’s to lose. Both Al-Gore and John Heinz-Kerry were at one point or another inevitable victors according to the liberal media.

But wishful thinking is no substitute for factual reporting no matter how much the beltway propaganda-slingers wish it were so.

The conventional wisdom is horse-hockey.

The latest Zogby poll shows her thighness, Hillary Rodham, losing to all top 5 Republican contenders. Not just Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, but John McCain, Fred Thompson and even Nanny Huckabee.

The more Americans see the Democrat party, the less they like what they see.

I have been saying for some time now that Democrats will not nominate Hillary. I have suspected that they will panic, decide she is unelectable, and throw her under the proverbial, unionized, bus. This poll, I think, makes that possibility more likely.

Zzzzzzzzzz… by American Elephant
September 3, 2007, 7:10 am
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Fred Thompson to announce soon. v.794

So what? He’s been “about” to announce for 6 months or more. And I still know nothing about him other than he’s a former senator, he acts, and claims to be the real conservative in the race. I’m bored. I’m over Fred. I’m over the hype.

Wake me when he says or does something interesting.

Romney wins by American Elephant
August 12, 2007, 1:06 am
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The Iowa straw poll has concluded and the results are:

    Mitt Romney

  1. Mitt Romney 31.5%
  2. Mike Huckabee 18.1%
  3. Sam Brownback 15.3%
  4. Tom Tancredo 13.7%
  5. Ron Paul 9.1%
  6. Tommy Thompson 7.3%
  7. Fred Thompson
  8. Rudy Giuliani
  9. Duncan Hunter
  10. John McCain
  11. John Cox

I will say that I haven’t been following the races very closely—I deeply resent that this election season started before the last one had even finished. I think most Americans do. We don’t want perpetual campaigning. But I digress.

Here’s the skinny as I see it.

Romney was expected to win and he did. I should hope so, he spent millions, whereas no one else spent more than a few hundred thousand. So I guess he has “momentum” now. At least that’s the theory. I think in reality he has to get some “big wins” under his belt to even remain viable.

Other than that, the good news is that Tommy Thompson will now quit the race, as will, hopefully, Sam Brownback, who spent a significant amount of time and money in Iowa, and who should have done much better—he comes from next door in Kansas for crying out loud. Duncan Hunter may leave the race now as well, as was inevitable. A shame though, I liked what I saw.

The bad news is that Ron Paul will stick around. Who the hell is supporting this man? I mean, I’m very much in favor of limited government, but he thinks the war in Iraq is illegal! He’s nuttier than squirrel poo! He needs to go!

McCain’s campaign is beyond dead. Rigamortis set in long ago, and now the corpse is begininng to rot. He is spot-on on the war, and for that I thank him, but he’s so very wrong on almost everything else.

And just as a final testament to the need to weed this field down I leave you with this question…who the hell is John Cox???

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