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Step Right Up! Free Government Money! Come One, Come All! by The Elephant's Child

As long as we’re talking about government expertise in fostering jobs, trade, a better economy and all good things, we have another example.

Amonix, a designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic solar power systems, Amonix received $6 million in federal tax credits and a $15.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to build a plant in North Las Vegas.  Amonix has closed its 214,000 square foot facility 14 months after it opened.

Rene Kenerly, a former material and supply manager at Amonix, said the plant has been idle since May 1, when he was laid off. At its peak, the plant had ramped up to about 700 employees working three shifts a day to produce solar panels for a  utility customer in Amarosa, Colorado.

“I don’t think they had a lot of training,” Kenerly said. There were a lot of quality issues.  A lot  of stuff was coming back because it had some functionality issues. $20 million of taxpayer money to a green energy company that made poor product because of poor training.

Just another in a long line of people going for free government money.  Except it’s taxpayers’ hard-earned money, and it’s not free.

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