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Lalalala, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you… by The Elephant's Child

In June 2001, seven years ago, President Bush said, in proposing his energy plan: “Energy has enormous implications for our economy, our environment and our national security.” “We cannot let another year go by without addressing these issues together in a comprehensive and balanced package.” The plan included, among other things:

♦ New drilling for oil and gas, and new refineries.

♦ Building nuclear power plants.

♦ Revamping the U.S. electricity grid.

♦$10 billion in tax breaks to push energy efficiency and alternative energy.

Just what economists, oil experts and energy experts say needs to be done to alleviate the current crisis. To devise the plan, Vice President Cheney met with industry executives to find out what was needed and what could be done. Mr. Cheney, as former CEO of an oilfield services company had some familiarity with the oil industry. And do you remember what happened?

Democrats in Congress had a hissy fit.

They demanded to know just who was invited to these meetings. They demanded minutes of the meetings. What was he doing meeting with oil executives? Outrage!

The administration gently pointed out the Constitutional separation of powers, the fact that the administration does not report to Congress, and that the powers of each branch of government are delineated in the Constitution to which they swore allegiance. And besides, it was none of their business. Many Democrats are still simmering over what they conceive, in their delusion, to be some vast conspiracy.

Energy bill didn’t pass.

Didn’t pass in 2001,

Didn’t pass in 2002, nor in 2003.

And Nancy Pelosi is trying to blame “a failed energy policy by the Bush/Cheney, two oilmen in the White House.” She called activities in Congress “the dance of the hand-maidens of the oil companies”. She said “Free our oil.” meaning open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which contains a 33 day supply of oil in case of real national emergency.”

She said “But while we’re spending all of this time on a parliamentary tactic when nothing less is at stake than the planet, the air we breathe, our children breathe.”

Then she went on a book tour.

JAMES EARL OBAMA: 30 Years of Democrat Energy Obstruction by The Elephant's Child

April 18, 1977 • President Jimmy Carter made energy policy the centerpiece of his administration. He declared that achieving energy independence was the “Moral equivalent of war”. Later that year he signed the law creating the United States Department of Energy to manage America’s energy crisis.

1978 • The Iranian revolution caused a shortfall in oil exports and prices doubled over the next couple of years. Carter, wearing a sweater on national television, urged Americans to turn down their thermostats.

July 15, 1979 • “Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977 — never”, Carter declared. He put solar panels on the White House and proposed a $142 billion energy plan which would achieve energy independence by 1990. This plan included a solar bank to achieve the goal of 20% of our energy coming from solar power by the year 2000, created a $20 billion Synfuels program. And he even began to cut back on Richard Nixon’s price controls on oil.

January, 1981 • Ronald Reagan, on the day be became president ended the remaining federal regulations on domestic oil supplies and prices, allowing oil prices for the first time since 1971 to fall and rise with world market levels. He removed Carter’s solar panels and in December 1985, he dismantled the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corp. What happened when all the governmental attempts to manage the energy supply ended? Oil prices dropped from their peak at the time of $37 per barrel in 1981 to $14 per barrel in 1986.

1991 • President George H.W. Bush ‘s strategy was “reducing our dependence on foreign oil.” This included a U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium in cooperation with the Big Three automakers to develop a lightweight battery system for electric vehicles, with a fuel efficient prototype car by 2004.

1992 • President Bill Clinton proposed a BTU tax on fossil fuels, creating a tax on natural gas, coal and nuclear power and a two times higher tax on crude oil, which would have cost the average family between $300 – $400 a year, and a plan to produce a prototype car that was 3X more fuel efficient by 2004.

2001 • George W. Bush introduced a comprehensive energy plan that allowed more drilling for oil and gas, new refineries, building nuclear power plants, revamping the U.S. electricity grid, and asked for $10 billion in tax breaks to encourage energy efficiency and alternative energy. Perhaps you remember the outrage of the Democrats in Congress about Cheney’s Energy Committee because the Vice President met with oil company executives to talk about energy. Congress rejected the energy plan.

2002 • Rejected.

2003 • Rejected.

August 10, 2005 • The Onion does an article: “Bush Vows to Eliminate U.S. Dependence on Oil By 4920″

July 31, 2008 • Barack Obama advises Americans that they can improve their gas mileage by keeping their tires properly inflated: “We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups.” PowerLine’s John Hinderaker ran the numbers and suggested it would take about 11,308 years of proper inflation to equal all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling.

August 1, 2008 • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, claiming that “I’m trying to save the planet”, again blocked, not only a vote on offshore drilling, but any debate on offshore drilling. She knows that if the issue is brought to the floor, it would pass, for many Democrats have started to shift their views. She quickly gavelled the session to an end and shut the chamber down as the Democrats departed for a five week vacation. Republicans turned the lights back on, and proceeded to attack the Democrats for leaving town without doing anything about lowering gas prices.

Republicans got the sound system working, and invited tourists in to watch the debate. They had flip charts and ordered in pizza. The talk-in was spontaneous. Mike Pence, R-Ind, said that as the House’s regular session neared it’s end, he and Tom Price, R-Ga, were talking about staging more than 100 5-minute speeches, when Price said if the House adjourned, “We should Just stay.” So they did.

The gallery closed on schedule at 4:30, and Representative Price finally called an end to the demonstration and led the group in an a capella rendition of “God Bless America”.

In Chapter 2, I will explain the Democrats’ position. In the meantime, consider just who it is that has blocked increasing our domestic energy supply for over 30 years. Just as they continue to do to this very day:

A very strange lack of enthusiasm… by The Elephant's Child

You would think that the news that global warming does not seem to be a real or significant problem would elicit excitement, or enthusiasm or at least a big sigh of relief. All those terrible events that Al Gore warned about, the increasing hurricanes, the sweltering temperatures, the droughts, and desertification we don’t have to worry about. Obama’s going to take care of the rising seas. So where is the collective joy?

If all our worry was only caused by the predictions of flawed computer models, then we don’t have to worry about carbon footprints. We can collectively stop holding our breath and allow carbon dioxide to go back to doing what it normally does, helping plants to grow. Billions of dollars don’t have to be spent. Your taxes don’t have to soar. There is no longer a reason to oppose drilling for oil,

Dr. Roy Spencer testified last week to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. He introduced himself by noting his PhD in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his twenty years of research in global warming and climate change, his multitude of peer reviewed scientific articles and his current position as U.S. Science Team Leader for the AMSR-E instrument flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He said:

Regarding the currently popular theory that mankind is responsible for global warming, I am very pleased to deliver good news from the front lines of climate change research. Our latest research results, which I am about to describe, could have an enormous impact on policy decisions regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite decades of persistent uncertainity over how sensitive the climatre system is to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, we now have new satellite evidence which strongly suggests that the climate system is much less sensitive than is claimed by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

…If true, an insensitive climate system would mean that we have little to worry about in the way of manmade global warming and associated climate change. And…It would also mean that the warming we have experienced in the last 100 years is mostly natural. Of course, if climate change is mostly natural then it is largely out of our control, and is likely to end — if it has not ended already, since satellite-measured global temperatures have not warmed for at least seven years now.

Did the attendant Senators leap out of their chairs glorying in the news that they could stop trying to save the earth and could just get back to battling over insignificant problems? Not on your life. Barbara Boxer managed to insult Dr. Spencer before she turned back to seeking testimony that agreed with her preconceptions.

Dr. Spencer’s testimony confirmed the research of Lord Monckton’s paper at APS. John McLean’s new paper at the Science & Public Policy Institute also confirmed the problems with the IPCC reports. It’s a strange, strange government when good news is rejected in favor of more same old, same old.

Hey America! How much more convincing do you need? by Emerald City Elephant

Democrats WON’T ALLOW more drilling

…because they DON’T WANT you to be able to afford gas!!!

If you want affordable transportation any time this decade, or next — if you want electricity to remain affordable — you damn well better vote Republican this fall. They are the only party that is in favor of increasing all our domestic energy supplies.

YES WE CAN Drill our way out of high gas prices! by American Elephant

Contrary to Barack Obama’s and Democrats’ mantra that “we can’t drill our way out” of high gas prices, one day after President Bush announced that he was rescinding the executive order that prohibited drilling off America’s coasts, the price of oil experienced its biggest decline in 17 years, at one point plummeting more than $10 off the day’s high to settle $6.44 lower.

And that’s with the full knowledge that no drilling can begin until congress also lifts restrictions. Imagine how much the price will decline when that happens, let alone when oil starts flowing.

Nancy Pelosi accidentally conceded last week that Republicans have been right all along when she demanded the president open the strategic oil reserves to reduce the price of oil. An unwitting admission that increasing supply lowers cost.

Democrats: wrong on oil, wrong on energy, wrong on the economy. Pay close enough attention and you’ll soon discover that Democrats are wrong on almost everything.

Pelosi Betrays Democrats Lies on Gas by American Elephant

I wasn’t even aware of Pelosi’s call to open up the Strategic Oil Reserves for political expediency until I read it on Significant Pursuit. But I wanted to point out that Renaissance Guy has it exactly right — Pelosi’s call for the President to open the reserves because the extra oil will reduce gas prices, while intended to shift blame to Bush and the Republicans, directly refutes the entire Democrat argument that more oil won’t bring prices down. You can read his post here.

The truth is that Democrats have had their way on energy, whether in the majority or the minority, since at least the Carter administration. For most of that time, they have controlled at least one, if not both, chambers of congress and have been able to block more domestic energy production that way. When Republicans took control in 1994, Clinton blocked it with his veto pen. Republicans have pressed the issue every year since Bush has been in office only to be blocked by Democrat filibusters in congress and their demonizing and demagoguery to the public. Remember how they smeared Vice President Cheney for daring to consult the people who produce the nation’s energy when devising a national energy policy? Democrats would have us meet only with Greenpeace and the Earth Liberation Front.

As a result, while the population and energy needs of America have increased dramatically, our domestic energy supply has remained virtually unchanged for decades. THAT is entirely why we are now, “dependent on foreign oil.” The saying has become so cliche, I worry that people forget the reasons.

I heard Bill O’Reilly the other day claim that Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame in his his sanctimonious, “look how independent I am” tone. I wanted to reach through the radio and throttle him. But at least I remembered why I don’t listen to his show.

The fact is Republicans have supported alternative energy, they have supported wind, biofuel (ugh), and solar — they have even supported conservation efforts — but they also understand that none of those are capable, nor will they be capable any time even relatively soon of meeting our energy needs. They recognize that we need to increase oil production, increase refinery capacity, reduce “boutique” fuels and standardize the gasoline blends, increase clean coal, natural gas and especially nuclear energy.

Democrats on the other hand, have blocked virtually everything BUT wind, solar and conservation. They won’t allow new refineries, they block nuclear plants, they block oil production and even want to tear down the hydro-electric dams that power most of the Northwest to “save” the same salmon they eat probably at least once a week. The same salmon undoubtedly served in the congressional lunchroom alder-smoked or herb crusted with fresh lemon and capers. They filibustered the Republican energy bill when they were in the minority, and their so-called “energy” bill passed now that they are in the minority. You will notice prices have continued to increase — more rapidly if anything — not decreased since.

No, contrary to Bill O’Reilly’s claims, our increased dependence on foreign energy is entirely and solely the Democrats fault. One need look no further than the congressional record for the proof.

So, it is very welcome indeed that Nancy Pelosi is finally admitting that her party has been lying to the people all these years, and admitting that increasing the oil supply will lower prices. Just think of all the damage to the economy and to people that could have been avoided if they hadn’t been lying all this time.

(chart h/t: Michelle Malkin)

Poof! Nancy Pelosi solves the oil crisis! by The Elephant's Child
June 20, 2008, 6:34 pm
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Nancy Pelosi

Democrats are at it again, trying to trick you with fast action. Nancy Pelosi decides to stick it to the oil companies because they aren’t producing oil from the 68 million acres they already have. Why should Congress give them more land to do nothing with. (See, it is now not Congress’ fault for irresponsibly refusing to open onshore and offshore lands to exploration.We gave them 68 million acres and WHERE IS THE OIL?)

Well, Congress will fix that!

Congress will just compel them to produce oil. So there!

Red Cavaney, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, responds in today’s Wall Street Journal:

If only it were that easy to find and produce oil. Imagine, an act of Congress that could do what geology could not.

These lawmakers ask why oil and gas companies want more access to federal lands to drill if they aren’t using all of the 68 million acres they already have? Anyone with even the most basic understanding of how oil and natural gas are produced — and this should include many members of Congress — knows that claims of “idle” leases are a diversionary feint.

A company bids for and buys a lease because it believes there is a possibility that it may yield enough oil or natural gas to make the cost of the lease, and the costs of exploration and production, commercially viable. The U.S. government received $3.7 billion from company bids in a single lease sale in March 2008.

Pelosi is getting so silly that she just makes me laugh. YOU — Produce oil now!!! That’ll do it. Our gas crisis is solved.

It is always fascinating when Congress takes on business and industry. It is such unfamiliar territory for members of congress, and they know so little, yet are so completely condescending. Businessmen are so polite and so knowledgeable that it never reflects well on their inquisitors. But nobody ever watches committee meetings anyway, and far too often, never reads the response of industry to unfortunate lawmaking.

Myth, confusion and consequences… by The Elephant's Child

Many politicians depend on uninformed voters. People are worried about gas prices and the accompanying rise in the cost of food. People who buy their own groceries and pay for their own gas at the pump have a slightly different outlook than those who live in San Francisco mansions and whose drivers take care of the petrol problem.

When people are deeply worried, politicians want to DO SOMETHING. If they do something promptly, people will know how much they care. People will then return them to office, because politicians care for the ‘little people’.

Poorly informed voters have been fed myths for years, that serve only to confuse the issue. Why do you think that almost every country in the world is drilling and buying leases in the search for oil? Brazil has just discovered vast oil fields off their coast. Our own oil companies are drilling all over the world.  But we cannot drill off our own coast. How did we get here? Here are some of the myths that have stood in the way.

1. Big Oil makes too much profit. Did you see how much profit Exxon Mobil made this year? The profits that Exxon Mobil earned, eight cents per gallon, are dwarfed by the amount the government takes in taxes per gallon. That, in turn, is vastly less than the profits earned by the huge foreign state-owned oil companies who control 94% of current oil production. Have you heard Congress demanding a tax on windfall taxes?

2. Oil is a pollutant. It is dirty. Petroleum, when it is burned, produces carbon dioxide. You, when you breathe out, produce carbon dioxide. CO2 is a colorless, harmless gas that is essential to life. It acts as a fertilizer to plant life which takes in CO2 and produces oxygen. This is good. CO2 is not a pollutant, and not a cause of global warming. Everything you eat, wear or use is transported by petroleum power. At present there are no viable alternatives.

3. We can’t drill our way out of this. Yes we can. The Thunder Horse platform in the Gulf of Mexico is pumping oil and natural gas again. The platform will eventually produce the 250,000 barrels per day that we have been begging our Saudi friends to increase pumping. When running at full tilt, Thunder Horse alone will increase U.S. oil and natural gas production by 3.6 percent. Way to go, Big Oil.

4. We need to shift to alternative renewable fuels. Biofuels, like ethanol, use land that is needed for crops and redirect it to our fuel tanks. The amount of land we have devoted to fuel is already causing food riots and hunger in the developing world. Let’s see, you take in windfall taxes, excessively high, and use the excess money to subsidize the production of ethanol which not only produces less energy per gallon than gasoline, but starves people as well, while raising the price of food. This is all too complicated for me.

5. Nuclear? Chernobyl killed millions. Well, no it didn’t. I think the accurate number was 49. Greenpeace disagrees. Greenpeace is the “environmental” organization that coined the term ‘frankenfood’ in an attempt to drive consumers away from genetically improved food, such as “golden rice” that will save millions of children from blindness and death. Patrick Moore described the group he helped to found as “anti-human, anti-technology and anti-science”, and “basically anti-civilization.” The last nuclear reactor in the U.S. was built in 1977. France generates 79% of its electricity from nuclear plants. Safely and cheaply.

6. Someone else is to blame. The left has been anxious to blame: oil company executives; Big Oil in general; oil industry profits; oil executive salaries; alleged links to President Bush or Dick Cheney; and unnamed speculators. Not to blame: congressional action to prevent drilling; post-Enron Sarbanes-Oxley overkill; price controls; windfall profits taxes; or regulatory attacks on business. Not to be mentioned: the laws of supply and demand.

7. Speculators are the culprit. Institutional investors have been urged by academic advisers to diversify into ‘hard assets’ which includes oil. A lot of institutional investors got involved in oil speculation. We don’t know how many or how much. Futures trading allows producers of commodities to even out their risk in perfectly legal transactions. Transparency should help, but the worry is over-regulation by congressional busy bodies, who are not known for wisdom when meddling in American business.

8. We are running out of oil. This is an old, old story. There is supposed to be a point — peak oil — when it is all gone. 76% of Americans believe that we are running out. Fortunately, they are wrong. There is plenty. We just have to recover our sanity.

9. We need to achieve energy independence. Well, not likely. But allowing the laws of supply and demand to work would help, and it would be nice if we were enriching ourselves instead of foreign conglomerates.

10. Energy firms are “sitting on 68 million acres of federal lands they’ve already leased”, or so says Nancy Pelosi, and they aren’t producing any oil. Well, they are drilling, exploring, building facilities and spending billions to do so, but before they can produce oil, they have to find just where in the 68 million acres it is. It may officially be classified as “nonproducing”, but it is hardly idle. 94% of federal onshore lands remain off limits and 97% of offshore lands are off-limits to exploration. Nothing is preventing Congress from opening those lands except sheer irresponsibility.

But do you remember that in 2001 President Bush had an energy plan? It involved new oil and gas drilling, building new nuclear plants and improving the pipelines and electricity grid. The administration published the report of an energy task force containing scores of proposals for finding new sources of power and encouraging a range of new technologies. It included proposals for vetting locations of plants, streamlining or eliminating environmental reviews to help industry find and produce more energy.

Do you remember what happened? The left attacked. The Energy Task Force was illegal, how dare Vice President Cheney consult with energy company executives to devise a plan for producing more energy? They should be required to give us the minutes of every meeting. What could be more suspect or conspiratorial than talking to people actually connected to Big Oil or Big Energy? Evil, Bad, Wrong.

So the oil can has been kicked 8 years further down the road.

Let’s get real. Drill. by The Elephant's Child

ANWR coastal plain

If you believe, as I do, that the price of gasoline at the pump is high largely because the Democrats in Congress have for decades refused to allow us to drill for our own oil reserves; you must let Congress know how you feel. A good percentage of members of Congress do not buy their own gas, or their own groceries, and have no appreciation for the pressures on the family budget.

Contact your representatives and senators by going to: or, click on representatives or senators, and you can find them by clicking on your state. Be polite, but firm. You have no idea how many excuses they can come up with. They need to hear from you. Write, call, e-mail. If you think that a congress that cannot even manage their own dining room can run refineries, you are really living in cloud cuckoo land.

The Democrats are deeply in debt to the environmental organizations, and pressured to do their bidding. There are no viable environmental ideas to avoid drilling. Rigs on the outer continental shelf cannot be seen from the beach. Fish love the drilling platforms as catch around the Louisiana rigs attests. The area of ANWR where they want to drill is not a “pristine wilderness”, but mosquito-laden mudflats. Go to Google Images, and enter ANWR coastal plain ( be sure to include “coastal plain” which is where they want to drill, not the beautiful part of the wildlife reserve) and investigate for yourself. The caribou love the pipeline from Prudhoe, for they can rub up against the supports and scratch. The drilling area is the size of an airport in an area the size of South Carolina, and would see activity only in the winter when wildlife is absent.

Above all, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is not the cause of global warming, and there isn’t really any reason to restrict it. If it increases, it makes plants grow faster, and is a good thing.

Remember that the planet has not warmed in the last decade — at all. In the past five years, it has cooled. Nobody knows what this means for the future, but if we are in for a real period of cooling, which is possible, we are going to need more energy, and not just for our SUVs.

Democrat Party Calls for Seizing Refining Industry by American Elephant

New Democrat Party Logo Donkey

House Democrats have called for the nationalization of oil refineries.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Maxine Waters is not alone — not that I ever thought she was. While lambasting and demonizing oil executives in committee a few weeks back, the Democrat congresswoman from Los Angeles accidentally let slip that she wants to seize control of the oil industry. It was frightening enough when she was a lone voice.

Today, House Democrats responded to President Bush’s call to increase American energy supply, by openly calling for the government seizure of the refining industry:

“We (the government) should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market,” said Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), member of the House Appropriations Committee and one of the most-ardent opponents of off-shore drilling.

This move comes on the heels of a poll revealing a plurality of Democrat voters, like Maxine Waters, support government seizure of the entire oil industry.

The survey found that a plurality of Democrats (37%) believe the oil industry should be nationalized. Just 32% of voters in Barack Obama’s party disagree with that approach. Republicans oppose nationalizing the oil industry by a 66% to 16% margin. Unaffiliated voters are opposed by a 47% to 33% margin…[read more]

All because they don’t understand the basic laws of supply and demand, and in the name of environmentalism. As President Václav Klaus of the Czech Republic, a former soviet satelite, has warned, when your goal is “saving the world,” there really is nothing you can’t justify.

Environmentalism truly is the new communism.

“Government is not the solution to our problem.
Government is the problem”
~ Ronald Wilson Reagan

Scared enough to contribute to and volunteer for your Republican candidates yet? I hope so. You should be. They’re the only thing standing between you and these fascist policies.

UPDATE: Here’s the video. This one is unbelievable! Starts with the Democrat press conference and follows up with a Democrat strategist calling to seize the entire oil industry and set prices! Perhaps Obama could pick Hugo Chavez as his running mate.

Obama’s “Bump” Already Gone by American Elephant

From Gallup:

Obama-McCain Race Reverts to Virtual Tie

Voters are closely divided between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, with 44% of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42% backing McCain.

Obama had led by as many as seven percentage points in the first few days following Hillary Clinton’s departure from the race…Although the margin between Obama and McCain is now similar to what it was in the last few weeks of the Democratic primary race, the structure of the race looks slightly different than at any other time this year as a result of the relatively high percentage of voters — 15% — not favoring either major-party candidate.

This election will be decided by those “none of the above” voters, and that is good news for John McCain. There is no question the left is very happy with their candidate. Why shouldn’t they be? He is easily the most radical liberal to win the Democrat nomination since at least George McGovern.

So who, then, are these “none of the above” voters? Easy. Moderates of both parties, and conservative Republicans. And while McCain and Obama will split the former — Obama will get none of the latter, they will either vote for McCain, a third party, or no one.

And it looks as though McCain may finally be learning that the way to win is to move right and distinguish himself from Obama rather than trying to move towards the center and out-liberal him. In just one week McCain has done just that on two important issues, first condemning the deplorable Boumediene decision in no uncertain terms, and calling for an end to the moratorium on coastal drilling. Both issues that will go over very well with everyone but the far left.

I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain overtakes Obama in the next round of polling.

Tell Democrats Enough is Enough! by American Elephant

American Solutions has started a petition drive demanding that congress start drilling for oil. They have collected over half a million signatures so far, but their goal is 7 million. Are you tired of paying $4/gallon and more for gas?

As we’ve illustrated before, Republicans have been warning America that supply wasn’t keeping up with demand for decades. Republicans have been trying to increase oil exploration, increase refining capacity, and improve infrastructure for decades. And for decades, Democrats have vetoed and blocked and filibustered Republicans at every turn. For decades Democrats have been lying and demagoguing and demonizing Republicans for “not caring” about the environment, and being in corrupt cahoots with big oil. All of which is a lie. And now Americans are paying the price.

The truth is Republicans are mostly business people — small and large — and other average Americans who know the lifeblood of the world’s economy is energy — especially oil. Without oil, people don’t travel, goods don’t get to market, people don’t work, and people don’t eat. Poor people suffer most, by far!

Barack Obama likes to talk on the stump about a man in Pennsylvania who lost his job and can’t afford the gas to look for a job. (No one seems to have asked him why he didnt give the man some gas money, but that’s another story), but he and the Democrats in congress haven’t done or proposed one thing that would lower the price of gas for that man or the millions like him. In fact, for over a decade they have been blocking every attempt to increase supply and improve infrastructure. The only thing they have done is to increase the price of oil by taxing and regulating oil companies to death.

If I sound like I’m pissed, it’s because I am. These high gas and food prices are hurting millions of Americans, and they wouldn’t be anywhere near as high if it weren’t for Democrats lies and demagoguery.

The fact is, Democrats want high gas prices. Oh, yes, they have the gall to drag oil executives in and demonize them for taking a measly 8 cents on the dollar, knowing all the while that government is taking 47 cents for every 8 cents the oil companies take. But they won’t allow anything that will bring down the price of gas, because they want to make you stop using it.

There is no technology that will replace gasoline right now. And there is nothing that even comes close to replacing gas in the near future. Biofuel costs more, is worse for the environment, produces less energy, and along with gas prices, is driving up the cost of food all over the world.

Electricity? We don’t have enough of that either. And Democrats are blocking that too! It’s not just oil production, but nuclear, hydro, hydrothermal, clean coal, natural gas, you name it. If it isn’t solar and sometimes wind, Democrats are blocking it. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have been blocking windmills in their state for years because the proposed mills would sully the view of their Cape Cod mansions.

The fact is, Democrats don’t want to bring down the price of oil, or energy, because they want you to use less of it. They don’t want you to drive, they want you to live in dense urban areas and ride mass transit. And they intend to force you to, whether you want to or not. They think you, living your life, is bad for the environment. Unfortunately, it’s not just your gasoline, it’s your light bulbs, your toilets, your showers, your cars, your thermostats, your fireplaces, your grocery bags. Democrats want to tell you how to live, where to live, how, when and where you will travel. And they will be doing it, as they are doing now, by regulating and taxing, ensuring you can’t afford to do anything they don’t want you to..,

Naturally the super rich like Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Howard Dean, John Edwards, and well, most Democrat elites, can afford all the energy they want. And as they’ve shown, they have no intention of doing without. It’s the people in the world who can least afford to do without cheap energy that they want to force to stop using it.

Sign the petition! America can produce oil cleaner than any other country on Earth, and leave hardly any footprint at all. Contrary to what you’ve been told, there is no shortage of it. Sure, the Earth may run out some day, but that day is hundreds, if not thousands of years from now. And there is no technology that will replace the internal combustion engine any time soon.

We have over a trillion barrels of oil that we know exists and we know we can recover. Democrats are blocking us from drilling off our own coasts, while China and Cuba are already recovering oil just 50 miles off the Eastern seaboard. Think they’re doing it as cleanly as we would?

If we had started when Republicans first passed legislation in the 1990′s, which Bill Clinton vetoed, that oil would be online and at gas stations right now. Refineries would have been built, infrastructure improved, and we wouldn’t be paying anything near what we are now, and we would be much more energy independent. Experts estimate the cost of a gallon of gas would be around 2 dollars. Do you want to find out just how much your life, and the economy can change in another decade without affordable energy?

Tell congress you’ve had enough! Sign the petition! And then forward it to your friends. Drill here! Drill now! Pay less!


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