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Unveiling Presidential Portraits by The Elephant's Child

Today, the Obamas invited President George W. Bush and Laura Bush to the White House for the unveiling of the official presidential portraits.  The ceremony was warm and friendly, more so on the video, which is here, than in the transcript, which is here.  You will enjoy watching the video. George W. is charming, funny, and very gracious. I really miss that man.

The photos of the portraits below, are cropped, but you can get an idea. Mrs. Bush’s portrait is full length, and from the pictures, her dress may have been navy blue, or black, or possibly something else. The portraits are skilled, and it was charming of Mrs. Bush to thank the artist and mention his family.

These ceremonies are always more awkward when the portraits are of a previous president of a different party who you’ve just been blaming for everything for three years. But they mind their manners and do it nicely. Jonathan Horn at Ricochet dug up the speech that President Bush gave when unveiling the portraits of the Clintons. It’s short, but gracious, and a model to follow.

These portraits will be there for the ages, barring some awful incident, and Michelle has promised to save George W’s portrait, as Dolley Madison saved the other George W.’s.



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