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Goodbye California. by The Elephant's Child

California.  They used to talk about separating it at the San Andreas Fault and letting the coastal section float away.

Someone I knew spoke of the time many years ago when he was driving through the redwoods in Northern California, being held up on a narrow road by a vastly overloaded car ahead.  It looked as if they had loaded every last one of their possessions stuffed in the car, and what wouldn’t fit inside was tied on top. When they got close, there was a crudely hand-lettered sign in the back window of the car: “Goodbye, California, and all your God Damned Geraniums.”

Michelle Malkin noted that: Governor-elect Jerry Brown extolled renewable energy as the route to salvation, and said he is “full of energy, full of creativity, and ready to serve you, the people of California.”  He also said that he’ll make a better executive this time around because he’s married now.

He added “I still carry this missionary zeal to transform the world.”

Maggie’s Farm said is it “Any Wonder why California is Going Broke?  And offered the proof of decline with a list of California state agencies.  If you were unsure of what is meant by “Big Government” don’t miss this.

Victor Davis Hanson, a fifth-generation Californian, offers his take on the election in California.

In California, there is some irony: The philosophy that led the state to the highest tax rates in the country, along with the near-worst schools, largest deficits, and most crumbling infrastructure, was reaffirmed. Now California’s state government will have to deal with the reality that if the highest-tax state in the union raises taxes still higher, it will lose even more high earners than the current 3,000 who leave each week.

I lived in California, Northern and Southern, San Francisco and East Bay, Los Angeles and Orange County. Never been back.  Hated the place.

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