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Where Is The Evidence That Obama Plans to Deport Them? by The Elephant's Child


The surge of “unaccompanied children” from Central America is based on a realistic assessment of their chances of remaining in the United States. The records from ICE show that very few of the thousands who have crossed the border from October 1. 2013 to the end of April 2014 have been sent home.

In that period ICE took into custody 141,525 migrants who were caught by the Border Patrol and CBP port of entry inspectors. Of those, 33,959 were convicted criminals and 107,566 had no criminal convictions. The non-criminals turned over to ICE tracks with the number of OTM (other than Mexican) apprehended by the Border Patrol so far in FY 2014. By early June the number had reached 126,374 just in the Rio Grande Valley sector in south Texas. By 2013, fewer than 3,000 were deported.

The efforts to label these immigrants ‘refugees’ depends on the stories they have rehearsed. They cite poverty, unemployment, gang violence, but these problems are not new, but longstanding throughout Central America, and do not account for the tremendous surge in illegal immigration.   Federal officials have noticed an increase in pregnant unaccompanied girls. Many illegal immigrants have said they traveled to American believing the Obama administration would never deport them if they made it across the Mexico-U.S. border.

The White House said on Monday that they intend to deport most of these unaccompanied minors, but once the immigrant has given a phone number of the ‘cousin’ or ‘family member,’ they are released and put on a bus. Agents are not allowed to check the phone numbers to see if they belong to an illegal or inquire as to who is at that location. The migrants are ordered to promise that they will return in 15 days for their hearing. Only 20 percent ever return. The rest have disappeared into the general population.

More than half of legal and illegal immigrant households from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are receiving one form or another of major public assistance.

Obama has asked for $3.8 billion to house, feed, clothe and care for almost 30,000 illegal aliens for a full year. According to Ernest Istook, we could fly all  of them home for one half of one percent of the $3.8 billion that Obama proposes. Major savings. The official term in federal statute is “undocumented alien children.” The combined airfare for 29,358 passengers would be $19.6 million from McAllen Texas to Guatemala City. There is no federal law that requires officials to drag their feet on deporting the thousands of adults newly arrived from Central America.

Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Meet the Press that the top priority is “doing right by the children.” The law actually states the top priority is to safely repatriate those children to their country of origin.

The White House may “intend” to deport most of these unaccompanied minors, but it sounds like when the hearings are held, few of them will turn up, and it will be a matter of an inability to find them. All this secrecy is clearly hiding something. The only way to dissuade potential illegal immigrants is with

We don’t know who has distributed these Obama shoes, but it’s clearly meant as a reminder of ?




The Words of Obama’s Mouth Don’t Match His Record! by The Elephant's Child

On December 7, 2009, the Office of Information Policy in the Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, convened a secret meeting on transparency in government.  The purpose of the meeting was to train Freedom of Information Act officers from federal agencies in how to respond to FOIA requests, including instructions on how to resolve disputes over what government documents can be made public.

Judicial Watch obtained a series of pre-conference emails in which Justice officials sought approval from White House media officials for closing the meeting to reporters.  OIP’s director said in one of the emails that she has “always held parallel meetings, one for agency’ees and then one that is open.”

Obama said on his first day in the Oval Office that he wanted people in the executive branch to respond to FOIA requests “with a clear presumption’ In the face of doubt, openness prevails.”

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton said:

Only in Washington would political appointees think it appropriate to keep secret a government workshop on transparency. 

Getting the records of the Solyndra scandal, finding out what happened and who knew what about the Fast and Furious debacle, has been a struggle.  Obama’s appointees have held back thousands of documents legitimately sought by congressional investigators.

Obama’s secretary of labor, Hilda Solis, has gutted the regulations that required labor unions to release information about the organization’s financial state, including the total compensation packages for union leaders.  The requirement that unions were required to report on positions for which the union is paid but nobody actually does the work are gone as well.  The biggest losers are union members.  Union members by very large majorities believe that union officials and executives should have to disclose their salaries and benefits as a way of making them accountable to their members.

Very big on openness until somebody wants information that you don’t want them to have.

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