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Obama Offers Welfare to the Miners and Power Plant Workers He Threw Out of Work With His EPA Regulations by The Elephant's Child
May 15, 2015, 10:19 pm
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Ever wonder why the economy isn’t improving and columnists are wondering if we are entering another recession? Obama’s plans to create jobs don’t measure up to his efforts to throw people out of work. Agencies churn out regulations to better control the economy, without any realization that there is a cost for every regulation, either in lost jobs or in higher prices. The U.S. economy reported a 1.9% drop in productivity in the first quarter of the year.

Money that might have contributed to wealth-creating innovations has gone instead to financial deal-making. With fewer opportunities for growth, but plenty of available credit, mergers are often the most sensible way for a company to expand.

The Kauffman Foundation tracks new businesses, and its data show that 2013 was the second consecutive year to show an entrepreneurial activity decline in the United States. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a special kind of courage. It takes even more during an administration that has twice set a record by turning out more than 81,000 pages of regulations.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and others on the left want to blame this on corporations, but it is a perfectly rational response to the heavy burden of the Obama regulatory machine.The Left would like to demand that business make more investments, but when there is opportunity people are ready to exploit it. Even near-zero interest rates which make borrowing easy have not been able to offset ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, the EPA, and the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.

Thousands of coal miners and coal-fired power plant workers have been laid off since Obama took office, due to federal regulations. Kentucky has lost 644 power plant jobs from 2008 to 2013. More to come with the “Clean Power Plan.”

Now the Obama administration is happy to announce $35 million in grants:to help workers and communities to successfully adapt to changes in the coal industry and power sector.” The Power+Plan is to develop truly cohesive relationships at the federal level to create real economic opportunities for families throughout the region: In other words now that our dumb regulations have put you out of work, you can go on welfare.

The government is far more careful with their language. They will “take a comprehensive approach towards economic diversification and worker advancement in implementing their economic development strategic plans. Experience shows that projects which integrate both economic development and workforce development solutions with broad community partnerships are more successful than when independent solutions are pursued.”

There you go. Sounds better in bureaucratese. How about green energy jobs, or teaching people how to insulate houses? But that didn’t work last time either, did it? Infrastructure, that’s it. Those crumbling roads and bridges.

The Nature of Government — Unfortunately by American Elephant
September 17, 2013, 10:37 pm
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An excellent quote on the nature of government from John Steele Gordon’s An Empire of Wealth:

People in government will always try to help those who are powerful at the expense of those who might become so. What–is  can always yield influence that what–might–be cannot match, regardless of any campaign finance laws that may be in place. The power of what–is made the abolition of slavery—by the 1780’s widely seen as immoral and inefficient—politically impossible. Indeed, what–is was able to force a provision in the new Constitution that counted the disenfranchised and powerless slaves at three–fifths their actual numbers for determining the distribution of seats in Congress, greatly increasing the political power of the states with large slave populations.

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